Venusian Astrology Book

You can build Dynamic Business Teams or a Happy Partnership. How to live and work with friends, lovers, and associates

Studying Astrology opens many paths to new adventures and new people, with different ways of looking at the world. There is no one right way and one wrong way. But for anyone thinking that Astrology will justify extreme relativity or harm to others you will be disappointed. Astrology’s greatest gift is the gift of compassion, for yourself (usually most needed) and for others (only possible after you care about yourself).

Most importantly, Astrology will help you get through the hard times by showing you that there is a reason in the universe and things aren’t just by chance, that you are involved in co-creating your reality along with the rest of us. Any system needs people to create it and run it. Without people you have no system. Everyone of us are responsible for ourselves and for others. We aren’t supposed to be all the same, living up to the expectations of a dominant group (they themselves playing out only one part of themselves).

Astrology Book

“Every human being contains every sign and every planet.”

Our values dictate what we think about and how we think about our world. Venusian Astrology is practical and workable because it is not just descriptive of but applicable to our human processes. Your dominant value system is recognizable in your birth chart. Yes it is. However, if you think that’s all you are then forget about humanity and peace. It will never happen while we run around being only part of ourselves, not ‘knowing ourselves’ in our fullest potential. Every human being contains every sign and every planet.

Since Pre-Socratic Greece Astrology’s use has been to ‘Know Thyself’. It is a tool – a really useful tool.

Venusian Astrology – Really Useful Astrology Series shows you – step by step, through information, tables and exercises – how you can use Astrology to know yourself and others better, so you can build better teams and partnerships.

Astrology is not a religion, nor is it a forgone conclusion, any more than your hair colour or body weight is. However, like these two its impact unchecked can be enormous on your life.

I hope that you enjoy Astrology and that it is as REALLY USEFUL for you as it has been for me.

How to step by step

Right from the first pages you will be using astrology. This series is set up so that you can get plenty out of even the first exercise – even if you never read more!

But if you do go all the way with this – to keep you on track I have included DATASHEET templates for you to build your own profiles .


Chart or Ephemeris?

If you have already had a reliable chart constructed then take it out of your cupboard – you are going to learn how to make it work for you. If you haven’t then please take a moment to visit to have a free one erected and print it out.

This book, and my site – Astro Services . Com – are about doing it yourself. It is the practical side of Astrology. For those who want it done for them, readings from cost very little and are available for any area of your life you are interested in understanding better.

If you don’t have birth times

You need to work with a birth chart in order to understand how Astrology works. To have a chart erected you need a time and place and date of birth. If you don’t have one for yourself then find someone who does and work your way through this course with theirs first. You will learn a lot about yourself by learning about this person. Afterwards you will be ready to learn how you can estimate time with some surprising accuracy to construct your own. But this comes much later.

If you don’t know anyone’s time of birth then make one up and use this chart.

Once you have worked through this initial course

When working with teams and partners it is unlikely that you will have precise details of birth times. Once you are happy that you understand enough about astrology and want to start exploring how you can use it for team building you can. An introduction to using Venusian Astrology for Team Building is given in the final chapters.

You can download an Ephemeris to find out the position of the planets on the date of birth. You can obtain an ephemeris on-line via another great astrology site You can purchase readings from this site too. Astrologer Liz Green is a renowned Psychological Astrologer who has devoted much of her life to furthering the combined practices of psychology and astrology. She is a leading figure in setting high standards for psychologist/astrologer practitioners. An academic institution focusing on the two disciplines now operates.

How to use an ephemeris

  • Find the date of birth table by selecting the year, then the month then look at the left hand column to find the date.
  • Make a note of each planet’s sign and degree by working across the row where the date falls. If you have a birth chart drawn you will already have this information written on your wheel in the correct position. This is only for those who do not have a wheel to work with.

Note: When you are feeling confident you can look at some ways to work out the ascendant of those for whom you do not have accurate birth times. This can be done by checking things that can be correlated with looks and personality as well as by calculating the times of major events. An understanding of how transits and progressions operate is introduced in this course. There are also some guidelines on Rising Signs that reveal physical attributes such as body shape, facial contours etc that will be of some help to those who wish to pursue this area. Alternatively, you may find a practicing astrologer to help you in this area.

Now you are ready to begin – enjoy!

Just follow the steps at the right hand side of the page.