1. Quadruplicities & Elements

Are you stubborn, adaptable, or eager for action? And what do you do when others aren’t?

Your Sun sign is one of the most significant placements in your chart. However, it may not always be obvious. You may be a Leo, fixed fire, but your rising sign may be the adaptable water of Pisces. Or maybe a friend of yours is the moving fire of Aries but doesn’t act anything like a fast moving, action man or woman. As you work your way through this book you will be working with a more comprehensive astrology than you may be used to.

You will discover that rather than one sign, people tend to portray the strong ‘themes’ of their charts in the areas of their lives where these themes occur (understood by the placement of planets, houses, aspects, progressions and transits). However, don’t get impatient with the basics. Your Sun sign is the most important focus of your chart.

Sign Dates Quadruplicity Element
Aries 21 March to 20 April Moving Fire
Taurus 21 April to 21 May Fixed Earth
Gemini 22 May to 21 June Adaptable Air
Cancer 22 June to 23 July Moving Water
Leo 24 July to 23 August Fixed Fire
Virgo 24 August to 23 September Adaptable Earth
Libra 24 September to 23 October Moving Air
Scorpio 24 October to 22 November Fixed Water
Sagittarius 23 November to 21 December Adaptable Fire
Capricorn 22 December to 20 January Moving Earth
Aquarius 21 January to 19 February Fixed Air
Pisces 20 February to 20 March Adaptable Water

Astrology Example

Different Sun Signs Quadruplicities and Elements Working Together in Teams

Sarah is a Virgo – adaptable Earth (analytical and discerning – can be task oriented and non-emotional). Karen is an Aries – moving Fire (energetic and swift – not always able to stop and evaluate mid stream). James is a Scorpio – Fixed Water (investigative, strategic, firm once decision made, can be amoral and invest self in outcome). And Tony is Libran – moving Air (can get the work done in a logical manner. May seek harmony at all costs).

As a Virgo Sarah likes to pull everything apart and throw out the waste. Usually, Karen (Aries) doesn’t even get interested until Sarah hands her a much reduced version to start running with (moving fire). James (Scorpio) and Sarah (Virgo) usually work pretty well together – he’s usually the one that understands the importance of what Virgo does (Scorpio’s ability to appreciate underlying structures).

Both Tony (Libra) and Karen (Aries) wonder if so much preliminary work was necessary, when the time might be used to gain other accounts (there’s a limit to perfectionism after all Virgo). And, under pressure, Karen verbalises this opinion. When this happens Sarah thinks Karen is inept (slovenly and lacking in enough intellectual capacity to realise that time spent early on better systems can save time and money later). Tony (Libran) doesn’t like arguments. He isn’t much for words at all. He keeps working hoping arguments will stop and everyone will get back to the task at hand.

If Sarah maintains the balance between input and output productivity Tony (Libran) will intervene and be the one to pull Karen away from a battle and redirect her (Venus acting on Mars). Karen’s input isn’t just about the end product and neither is Sarah’s about the set up only. These group dynamics carry on throughout all projects, although usually on a more friendly basis. We need Karen to take our work out into the world – loudly and confidently making things happen.

Meanwhile, James will ensure that she is briefed on her delivery, and he’ll deal with any competition, brutally if necessary – Karen won’t see the back-stabbers coming at us, James will be one step ahead of them. James has eyes all over his head for that sort of thing. If we decide to play dirty he’d be our choice as strategist.

When we work well, we really work well. What a team!

When we focus only on our own contributions, no matter how vital these are, and spend our energy trying to prove that our contribution to the team is worth more than the others’ contributions, we have no team.

Now let’s take a look at each sign and quadruplicity one by one, starting with the fire signs for a basic look at yourself, your friends and your colleagues.

People often ask: “What happens when there are no planets in houses?” Well we are starting without planets so you will never be one of these people. To help you enjoy your chart right away we are going to make it come alive in all areas of your life. You have every sign just like you have every area of your life – just like every one of us does. You may focus on your work for most of the week, but you still have a home life (even if you don’t live in a house). You still form partnerships (even if you refuse to do so temporarily). You are still a part of a larger group – even if you speak to no-one as you go about your own business.

You have your own ideas about what a home needs to be to make you happy; what a relationship is; what kind of work will satisfy; and what kind of culture you prefer. You have your own deep caverns you may or may not share with others. Bit by bit you can start to build your chart, starting with the quadruplicities and elements that influence each area of your life and those close to you.

Have a quick look at your format now. It will make sense as you start to use it.