1.2 Air Signs and their Quadruplicities

Air Signs and their Quadruplicities

Air elements are based in logic: Libran Venusian logic, Aquarian Uranus logic and Geminian Mercurial logic. Libra says “I have an idea and I shall pursue this. Of course everyone will love this. I don’t see why everything can’t run really smoothly. Let’s just get the job done shall we? That’s why we’re here after all.” Aquarius disagrees: “An idea is much more important than the task it seeks to do. The idea itself has power. I have an idea and I am right. This is the only idea. I know that it sounds crazy to you because you can’t possibly understand the insight involved in reaching this idea. Why don’t you all just realise that my idea is the idea and it will, in the end, make you all happy. My idea is for you all. Back me on this!” “Get a life!” says Gemini, (behind the others’ backs of course), but then Gemini proceeds to bring both Libra’s and Aquarius’ ideas to fruition with such mental dexterity and lack of allegiance that no-one knows exactly what happened, and how come everyone has come out of this happy? Did Libra compromise or did Aquarius? I missed something here didn’t I? So did everyone else. And did Gemini have their own idea too? Gemini did you? Gemini? Where did Gemini go? Oh busy with something else. Oh o.k. well everyone seems to be happy. No-one is emotional that’s for sure! Who can argue with good reason? The scales of justice are based on logic and cogent argument. The Greeks gave us reason and it is nothing personal.

So what’s the difference between moving air, fixed air and adaptable air?


Moving Air Libra

Moving Air Librans, ruled by Venus, don’t like to tally or to fight. A job is a job is a job and we all need just to get done what needs to be done and the more laughter we can share whilst doing so the better. All things being equal let’s make sure we forget about barbaric tendencies and bring beauty and harmony into whatever we do shall we? I’ll agree with anything you say (who cares really?) as long as you keep moving with me on this. I want ideas to get accomplished as we go, so that I can go home and see my girlfriend/ boyfriend. Where Libra is in your chart you won’t like confrontations. Why must people be aggressive with each other anyway? Let’s get some harmony happening here, in any way possible. But what happens when someone else’s same house of employment contains an aggressive Aries or critical analytical Virgo energy? Can you see how frustrating it can be for others to deal with all your harmonising which can appear shallow or incapable rather than the Venusian beauty you are pursuing? Don’t give up on this though – your bounty is needed. Just allow a little of your logical thought to consider others in your own zest for harmony. After all, harmony is temporary if undercurrents are ignored.

Fixed Air Aquarius

Fixed Air Aquarians stand firm in their reasoning. Sometimes, especially to water types, Aquarian reasoning, no matter how socialising it may be, seems rather humanly detached. Fixed air is an inventor, who steadfastly backs his or her own idea until it is realised. This stubborn water-bearer pours out the water of emotion which has no place here, revealing the intuitive, higher logic of Uranus. It is almost prophetic in its “ideas”. However, without gauging these against something or ensuring that people can accommodate these ideas a lot of damage can be done to humans with ideas.

Where is Aquarius in your chart? What ideologies surround your thoughts about this house? Fixed ideologies can become the prisons that the Aquarian cry for liberty and freedom fight against in the first place! As in many things, the poison and the cure come from the same jug. Fix your ideas, carry them out, but remember to pour them out when they are no longer useful. Aquarius needs to remember that human beings are not as fixed as our logic might lead us to believe. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, represents active intellect – a higher logic. It rules Astrology itself. But it does not gel easily with humanity, even though, paradoxically, it is the foundation of what it is to be humane. Heads without hearts belong to artificial intelligence not to human beings. Working within the fixed air houses of your chart can reveal where you might be detached, but think yourself more attached than in any other house because you think for the greater good. Remember you too are only human and liable to be mixing pure intellect with your own biases.

Adaptable Air Gemini

Adaptable Air Gemini zip here and zip there and zip everywhere! Not like Sagittarians roaming the earth, more like mothers on tuck-shop duty and their normal three places to be at once lifestyle. Where is Gemini on your chart? You will be completely fickle here. So much to think about in Gemini’s house. Nothing too deep because it gets a little boring. Nothing too far away because you know the trip back can be so long – and did we mention boring? Couldn’t we just take the motorbike please? It’s so much faster than the bicycle and the car always seems to break down lately. What? We can use the phone? What a great idea! I can get heaps done on the phone. I can talk my way all the way to the bank! I can even get my hobby on track while I’m doing my day work, and I can fax off those forms for the kids at the same time, as long as I’m near the kitchen anyway, where I keep my fax machine which is handy at breakfast time – well I have to eat sometime you know. Oh don’t be silly. Of course I take time out to relax. I play badminton twice a week with the girls and afterwards we meet to organise our political lobbying for the following week. I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do! Did you hear about Molly? She left her husband, or was it her boyfriend? … Darling don’t touch me while I’m completing our tax returns for the next 30 years. It’s just something I want to get done while I have free time on my hands while the kids are at camp for the weekend. Let Gemini solve your problems, save you from your life of hell, and get you out of the house and into some fun times. Don’t feel bad that you weren’t, after years of self-analysis, able to do what these folk can do in five minutes of knowing you. Just be grateful they came into your life at all. Oh, but don’t feel bad when they leave you faster than anyone else too. It’s nothing personal. They’ll most probably keep coming back as long as you can keep up.

So where’s your Gemini house?

Before you start thinking of all the harmony at any cost Librans, crazy genius Aquarians and gossiping Gemini’s you love to hate be warned that your own chart contains at least three houses (areas in your life) where you yourself relate in these airy ways.

Take a look at the signs on the cusps of all of your 12 houses. Find the air houses. If you can, compare your air houses with the same houses on someone else’s chart. Where is your Libra? In your 11th you’ll seek pleasant social times without conflict. In your 6th you’ll want a workplace full of harmony. Aquarius in your 11th fares well for public relations work. In the 6th you may be successful working with computers. In the 12th you may receive flashes of intuition that are spot on even though you don’t know how you know such things! Whatever house Aquarius falls you will be convinced, (by such deep intuitive insight) that you must be right. The strong gut feelings about this house will make others’ ideas difficult for you to waste your time with. Wherever your Gemini falls you will be very active and curious about everything and you will amaze yourself even (if you stop and think about it). In this house you will be forever young. When they talk about common sense no-one does it better than Gemini. And Gemini’s are fun! They may disrupt Libra’s harmony but once everyone is laughing Libra will be too! If you respect air for what it is and not expect it to be water (feeling); or earth (sensual touch); or any strong flaming passion of fire then you can truly enjoy air. Aquarian logic is a higher logic than Gemini but both work from the same principles. Where Gemini is common sense and mental dexterity for instant understanding and sizing up, Aquarius’ flash of genius is logical – just a logic that can’t be understood by Gemini’s. But Gemini doesn’t have to understand everything to accept it. It may gossip but paradoxically it never judges. And Libran harmony, balance, is logical – the saviour of tortured emotions. The pink quartz of the crystal world. You need to calm your mind before you can truly meet another person. Without Libra there would be no relationships – we would have no lasting union of opposites.


: Find the houses that begin (or contain) Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Ignore the planets and read from the outside of the circle only for now.

Next, check the list below to understand the areas affected by each of the 12 houses. Take a few moments to comprehend how these earth signs work in those areas of your life where they are placed in your chart, or the person’s chart you are working with. Remember, air is logic. Harmony forms part of the logical argument that you cannot work with another person if you do not first approach them in the spirit of harmony and pleasantness. And you logically have to maintain this throughout your interactions with each other. Love/Hate relationships may be fun for Aries and Scorpio but at the end of the day mud does stick if not tempered with Libran harmony and respect for each other. How can you really understand and appreciate another person if you are constantly fighting with them, hearing your own point of view, pushing for its value above theirs? Libran air ‘thinks’ harmony – it isn’t a feeling it is a cognizant state of being. For Aquarius intuition is logical. You might describe it as “a gut feeling” if you are otherwise predominantly a water or earth type but if it is about your Aquarius house (area of your life) then it will be coming from a higher logical base. Prophetic knowledge is not spiritual fire but Aquarian higher logic if it proves itself correct. Where Aquarius is you will be stubbornly right and/or very individual about your ideology of this area of your life. The logic of Gemini, fast Gemini, is the reason of the Greeks – fast cogency of facts and figures and people, slotted into functions if necessary.

In the following chart

Libra (Moving air) is on the “Descendant” or 7th House cusp

Aquarius (Fixed Air) is on the 11th House cusp

Gemini (Adaptable Air) is on the 3rd House cusp

Therefore, Houses 3, 7, & 11 are the air houses for the owner of this chart.




Personality / Self to the World / Initiating Projects.

Natural ruler Mars/Aires


Material possessions / Money earned / Value of Matter.

Natural ruler Venus/Taurus


Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.

Natural ruler Mercury/Gemini


Roots / Home / Foundations / Father / Real Estate / Mining, i.e. of earth as foundation environment.

Natural ruler Moon/Cancer


Creativity / Romance / Children / Play.

Natural ruler Sun/Leo


Health / Service (employment) / Consolidating You – Becoming Self, ready to move to 7th house of Relating / Magick performed.

Natural ruler Mercury/Virgo


Marriage / Relating to Partners, to anOther / Value of anOther.

Natural ruler Venus/Libra


Birth/Death/Sexuality/In-laws/Consolidation or Ending of Relationships formed in the 7th house.

Natural ruler Pluto/Scorpio


Higher Education / Philosophy / Religion / Long Distance Travel / Publishing / Public Relations


10th HOUSE

Public persona / Honour / Reputation / Mother / Business / Authority.

Natural ruler Saturn/Capricorn

11th HOUSE

Social life / Part of a larger group / Relating to Others / Hopes and Wishes.

Natural ruler Uranus/Aquarius

12th HOUSE

All as One / Subconscious / Institutions / Occult (meaning hidden) / Consolidation into Groups emanating from 11th house preceding.

Natural ruler Neptune/Pisces

The above list is reproduced from Step 4. Any time you need to refer to what each HOUSE covers you can select Step 4 – Houses from the index or click where you see this link


If you already have your chart (or the charts of others) go to your datasheet 1 now and fill in the houses of your chart that are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. You will also find it helpful to write a few key words that remind you what these placements mean. For example, if your third house of expression and short journeys has Libra on its cusp you will write next to House 3:


Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.



: With Libra on this house an entirely different attitude to the moving fire of Aries 3rd or the moving earth of Capricorn prevails. Moving air Libra here will enjoy congenial relations with brothers and sisters, even urging them to be congenial with each other. Libra will not tolerate conflict and will deal with it in whatever way other areas of their chart gives them the propensity to do so. A 3rd house Libran bus-driver might make everyone feel welcome as they enter the bus and if there is any trouble on the bus they will demand it stops and finish with a little bringing back of the harmony by perhaps telling a joke. A Libran 3rd house will choose their words carefully, harmony is more important here than honesty. Take some time to think about your air houses and how they manifest in your life. Are there some choices you might like to make about these houses? As you begin to comprehend the other quadruplicities and elements and how they work in your life you can come back to your air houses with more appreciation for them. You will see the positives of your input for others as you infuse harmony, or invent the solution, or quickly rush through all the paperwork before lunchtime. And you can appreciate other people’s air houses rather than let them annoy you, when you realise that you behave this way in yours. REMEMBER Always approach Venusian Astrology from its principal value system – the value of human beings (with all our foibles and miraculous abilities).