1.1 Earth Signs and their Quadruplicities

There are three ‘earth’ signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Capricorn ‘moves’, Taurus ‘fixes’ and Virgo ‘adapts’. This time in earthy, material, pragmatic ways. For example, Capricorn actively seeks (moving) material recognition in the material world of ‘status’ and respect by climbing the ladder of success (the mountain goat). Taurus seeks material possessions as fixed evidence of their own worth. And Virgo adapts to the material craft of life, the harvesting of alchemical processes with real substances.

So what’s the difference between moving earth, fixed earth and adaptable earth?


Moving Earth Capricorn

What about Moving Earth Capricorn?

Capricorn – money, status, position – looks a lot like Taurus doesn’t it? Consider the large bull versus the mountain goat. Capricorn is nothing like Taurus. Capricorn – moving earth – has learnt to master weathering the storms, adapting to the elements, living through earthquakes rather than causing them. All earth is physically robust. For moving earth Capricorns, a long long life endures. For Taurus, robust strength (fixed and unmovable). For Virgo adaptable earth the suppleness of Mercury’s youth. For the moving earth of Capricorn it isn’t enough to own, one must be seen to own, to be at the pinnacle of the Earth’s systems. Systems are strong structures that can be made visible but are always a force to be reckoned with for those who live within them. If the ‘system’ suits you then it aids your progression (to the top of the mountain of society). But if the system is one you do not ‘fit with’ then its gravity will feel painful (the painful lessons of Saturn).

Earth herself is ruled by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn.

In what house are you systematic? In what house are you able to endure and move slowly but surely to the top of the Earth so that everyone can see your accomplishments? And when you check and find that this is the house that frustrates you the most, remember, this is how it should be – the mountain goat takes each shaky rocky step at a time, patiently balancing without falling. Of course if afflicted there may be several falls on your way to the top – but you won’t give up – you can’t in this house.

Fixed Earth Taurus

Taurus is possessive, sensual, and dependable. What house does Taurus fall in your chart? Who do you know who is a Taurus? Stubborn earth has the presence of a bull, there is nothing esoteric about fixed earth. We are dealing with what we can see and what we can make here. To a fixed fire Leo the dream is of itself important but to the Taurean until it becomes a reality it is nothing. A work of art (many Taureans are artists) must be able to be seen and touched. Taureans are found to be writers, sculptures, builders etc – people who make things that can be touched (manifest). It may seem incongruent that Taurus is ruled by Venus but Venus (or Aphrodite) had no time for ideas – she demanded the jewelry be very real to adorn her beauty, and that the love be bestowed upon her in a very real demonstrative manner.

A touch of Venus in earthly manifestation, the house where your Taurus falls, will illustrate to you your pragmatism within a paradigm where BEAUTY is created from those very earthly virtues of dependability, and strength.

Moving from the idea to the realm of real matter takes bullish determination that can only come about when the goal fills the desire nature to the extent that only Venus can. To create something manifest in Venus’ honour sometimes means fighting possessively for your craft, or even appearing dull or dumb because of your fixed focus on the slab of clay before it becomes what others can appreciate as a thing of beauty. Bulls can see ‘red’ if others get in the way of this important work.

Taureans can make your home a work of art, with everything needed plus a little taste of luxury attached to each thing, and more. Wonderful present givers, Taurus believes things are never just things, they fix meanings to things and sometimes things can be people too, part of their repertoire. Taurus knows how to build matter, one brick two bricks, three bricks, pretty soon you have a whole house, to own, to possess, to represent your worth. They appreciate, and may be good at, both architecture and interior design. In your own chart, where are you ‘bullishly’ creating something of worth?

Adaptable Earth Virgo

Adaptable Earth Virgo – almost a contradiction in terms. When is earth adaptable? Answer: When it is Virgo earth of course. Adaptable earth is enigmatic for most people. This is because most people (non-earth types of course) don’t really consider earth to be anything more than the least evolved element. However, Virgo earth realises that earth is no different from air, water and fire, that it is, in fact comprised of all of these and these of it – in a fashion. Virgo is an intellectual earth sign – the purist Mercury. Virgo is about INTEGRITY.

Virgo rules the sixth house of health. The human body, to a Virgo reflects the integrity of life on our planet itself. Sometimes fastidiously clean some Virgos themselves find it hard to recognize their own motivations in regard to their health and that of others. Until they are able to identify the essence through their process of discernment these adaptable earth types will, just like the adaptable fire type roaming everywhere, push and pull and criticise and frustrate themselves with everything about themselves and about other people, and about the earth itself, until they realise their task is integration through efficiency, not hypochondria, nor obsessive compulsive hygiene. Adaptable earth can, as long as their nerves allow (Mercury ruling the nerves of the body – the source many say of all life) adapt to anything life can throw at them. Physically youthful, adaptable earth is able to manipulate its body and adjust to conditions that others may buckle under.

Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin. The Virgins of old were the temple harlots whose integrity came from being their own person – not owned (married) to the authority of one male (husband). Virgo’s are enigmatic contradictions to most non-Virgo’s yet in every one of our charts Virgo has an impact in at least one area of our lives. How can you be ‘intellectual’ and ‘earthly sensual’ without combining ‘air’ (mental thinking)? Like the Taurean who creates beauty through its own means, Virgo’s intellectualism is pragmatic – realised through the integrity or combination of all things. Like Sagittarius, the other adaptable sign that is ‘wholistic’ in its enterprise, Virgo’s earth contains all things manifest. Virgo’s ‘service’ comes about because Virgo must make its integrity useful. Where Virgo falls in your chart it will not be enough to be considered good at something because it is trendy at the moment – you must know yourself to be truly serving a purpose – being useful – and Virgo’s only judge (and harshest critic) is Virgo. No amount of complements will make the slightest bit of difference if you don’t believe (in this house) that you have got it right – to very high standards.

Before you start thinking of all the ambitious Capricorns, bullish Taureans and drive you nuts critical analytical Virgo’s you love to hate be warned that your own chart contains at least three houses (areas in your life) where you yourself relate in these earthy ways.

Take a look at the signs on the cusps of all of your 12 houses. Find the earth houses. If you can, compare your earth houses with the same houses on someone else’s chart. Where is your Virgo? If it is in your 6th house of work and service (Virgo’s natural house) then your employer will love you if they need a meticulous discerning analyst, or if you work in health then this placement will be ideal. If Capricorn is your Rising Sign (first house cusp) then you may never have a weight problem because tending to leanness is common for this sign. Taurus in your fifth house may make you artistic with your hands (creativity and ‘things’) while in the 7th it may mean that you consider your partner an emblem of your worth in the world.

If you respect earth as the manifestation of all the elements then you will think first before condemning yourself or others for being overly materialistic or even vain in your earth houses. Taurus is ruled by Venus – is it any wonder then that Taureans love things of beauty? Venus knows that you cannot be beautiful without thinking (air) yourself beautiful; feeling (water) yourself beautiful; and having the creative spark (fire) to build the momentum to make and keep yourself beautiful. The result is the manifestation (earth) of beauty and the constant tending to it. Without getting too esoteric, Kabbalistically energy moves from top to bottom and bottom to top, with every element necessary to bring together the ‘whole’ (understood by Virgo’s “integrity” of being whole). So not only is Earth the manifestation of other elements as planet earth and human beings comprise fire water and air, it is also a changing part of itself. When you go beyond the culturally obvious you can begin to understand the true qualities available to you in your earth houses.

Venusian Astrology recognises the Earthly element as just as important as all other elements, not merely a cloak we wear for a short time. You can go to Step 8 anytime to read more about this.

Exercise 2

Find the houses that begin (or contain) Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Ignore the planets and read from the outside of the circle only for now.

Next, check the list below to understand the areas affected by each of the 12 houses.

Take a few moments to comprehend how these earth signs work in those areas of your life where they are placed in your chart, or the person’s chart you are working with.

Remember, earth is practical and sensual. Here you are dealing with things, including health and respected position and systems that can be identified. We are not dealing with fantasy but real knowable recognizable even obvious things. A faulty kidney may be hidden at first but it will eventually manifest into something that can be known in a very material way.

In the following chart

Capricorn (Moving Earth) is on the “Midheaven” or 10th House cusp
Taurus (Fixed Earth) is on the 2nd House cusp
Virgo (Adaptable Earth) is on the 6th House cusp

Therefore, Houses 2, 6 & 10 are the earth houses for the owner of this chart.



1st House

  • Personality / Self to the World / Initiating Projects.
  • Natural ruler Mars/Aires

2nd House

  • Material possessions / Money earned / Value of Matter.
  • Natural ruler Venus/Taurus

3rd House

  • Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.
  • Natural ruler Mercury/Gemini

4th House

  • Roots / Home / Foundations / Father / Real Estate / Mining, i.e. of earth as foundation environment.
  • Natural ruler Moon/Cancer

5th House

  • Creativity / Romance / Children / Play.
  • Natural ruler Sun/Leo

6th House

  • Health / Service (employment) / Consolidating You – Becoming Self, ready to move to 7th house of Relating / Magick performed.
  • Natural ruler Mercury/Virgo

7th House

  • Marriage / Relating to Partners, to another / Value of another.
  • Natural ruler Venus/Libra

8th House

  • Birth/Death/Sexuality/In-laws/Consolidation or Ending of Relationships formed in the 7th house.
  • Natural ruler Pluto/Scorpio

9th House

  • Higher Education / Philosophy / Religion / Long Distance Travel / Publishing / Public Relations
  • Jupiter/Sagittarius

10th House

  • Public persona / Honour / Reputation / Mother / Business / Authority.
  • Natural ruler Saturn/Capricorn

11th House

  • Social life / Part of a larger group / Relating to Others / Hopes and Wishes.
  • Natural ruler Uranus/Aquarius

12th House

  • All as One / Subconscious / Institutions / Occult (meaning hidden) / Consolidation into Groups emanating from 11th house preceding.
  • Natural ruler Neptune/Pisces

The above list is reproduced from Step 4. Any time you need to refer to what each HOUSE covers you can select Step 4 – Houses from the index or click where you see this link


If you already have your chart (or the charts of others) go to your datasheet 1 now and fill in the houses of your chart that are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. You will also find it helpful to write a few key words that remind you what these placements mean. For example, if your third house of expression and short journeys has Capricorn on its cusp you will write next to House 3:


Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.








With Capricorn on the 3rd house an entirely different attitude to the Aries 3rd house in the previous section will manifest. Because it is material it will be obvious. Are all your short trips planned to assist you to build your reputation or career prospects? Perhaps your siblings will tell you that you are ambitious to the point of sacrificing their needs? Do you have a knack for attracting journalists’ favourable pieces to help you reach the top? Or maybe all these things cause great frustration for you? Whichever way it pans out you can’t give up in this house and you will persist, one rocky step at a time, to reach the pinnacle you seek. Consider your focus where Capricorn falls in your chart. There may very well be pain and sacrifice along the way as you struggle with the ‘systems’ that are very real for you here. Take some time to think about your earth houses and how they manifest in your life. Are there some choices you might like to make about these houses? As you begin to comprehend the other quadruplicities and elements and how they work in your life you can come back to your earth houses with more appreciation for them. You will see the positives of your input for others as your earthly practical input succeeds in making things real while others get stuck in inspirational phases of projects. You will appreciate others for being able to assist you where their earth houses help your fiery dreams become reality. REMEMBER Always approach Venusian Astrology from its principal value system – the value of human beings (with all our foibles and miraculous abilities).