1.3 Water Signs and their Quadruplicities

Now that we’ve left the heady airy places of the air houses we begin to swim in the emotional waters of the watery elements: Moving Water Cancer, the nurturer of the zodiac – mother earth – supporting humanity – in soulful interaction sometimes painful sometimes glorious, like nature herself; Fixed Water Scorpio, the deepest penetration of feeling that may rip apart your soul until you reach the lowest depths of hell, only to find the nougat you need was sitting in hell all the time and the greatest gift of renewal you could ever have hoped for is yours – so yes – it was worth the trip to hell and back; and Adaptable Water Pisces – where all souls merge together in perfect oneness where Neptune will use the calls of alcohol, drugs, art and religion if you don’t come willingly aware to lose your boundaries of I am to become We are.

So what’s the difference between moving water, fixed water and adaptable water?


Moving Water Cancer

What about moving water? Cancers can move oceans with enormous power, yet the Moon, responsible for the tidal flows, appears only to be nurturing and comforting. A maternal thrust, at home with its power, moving water can overwhelm other elements with its emotions. How can someone be this emotional and yet so strong? What’s going on here? Look to the Moon, its changing faces, visible at night, eclipsing the sun sometimes, close to the earth, moving water nourishes and can even destroy to nourish. Understanding emotions is not a logical thing, yet a mother’s rhythm with her child holds more truth than logic holds. Where are you most emotional and maternal? Cancer naturally rules the fourth house, mother, home, and Cancers, we are told, are natural nurturers, nationalistic in their outlook towards their birth country, and fearlessly defensive about their families. But sometimes we don’t have Cancer on our fourth house cusp and we aren’t all Cancers ourselves. So where are we affected by Cancer if we are an air person? Next time you accuse someone of being “over-emotional”, or “illogical”, consider your own needs for emotion. Are these suppressed? Awaiting a tidal wave to clear the debris of your heartless wasteland so you can emote again?

Fixed Water Scorpio

Fixed water Scorpio. The deepest, calmest still section of an ocean, trapped on the planet, appears black because it is so very very deep. Long after others know the relationship is over Scorpio still mourns the emotional pain of death. When the giant fish creature lives at the bottom of the deepest ocean nothing on earth will ever reach it. It will be safe. Secure. Nothing can hurt it. No diver can reach it. But sometimes even giants need other creatures, to survive. Where is Scorpio on your chart? This will be an area in your life where you feel so sensitive that you might even fear death to yourself if you allow this area out into the open. Ruling the eighth house of sex and death, Scorpio knows that to open up is to change and to change, to transmutate, is to die from what you were and metamorposize into what you will become. Sexually, two people become a couple. In death you are transformed into whatever follows – the spirit world confirming that life does not end with death. (The eighth house usually reveals psychic spiritual experiences.) Fixed Emotion. Powerful urges to transform, through the fear of death. From a caterpillar into a butterfly, through the process of total breakdown into a cocoon, and from Scorpion, Snake into Phoenix Rising. This is a Soulful sign. Transformations will occur in the house where Scorpio cusps your chart, regardless of your sun sign. No use in running from it fearfully, it is extremely empowering. That monster you worried about in your sleep? It turned out he had a present for you. He wasn’t aggressive he was just excited to give it to you! Grit your teeth and jump!

Adaptable Water Pisces

Adaptable water – Pisces. Lovely flowing water. A pleasure to paddle your feet in this flowing water. Crystal clear and full of romance – Pisces. Massaging your feelings with prowess – Pisces. Understanding that we are all a part of each other and therefore feeling for all human beings, and animals, and birds, and insects, and…..Pisces. Sing to your heart’s content. Music, Art, Gambling, Speculating on the stock market even. Pisces has a vision of flowing content, which baths all worries away. And if you wake up to reality take a drink and forget about it until it goes away. The fish can feed you or poison and delude you. Like Sagittarius’ fiery inspiration opening pathways for all of us, and Virgo’s adaptable earth expanding earth into all other realms, and Gemini’s adaptable air mentally exercising our brains until we become contortionists of thought forms, watery Pisces stretches our feelings and our very souls until we expand ourselves into realms of poetry and unconditional love for every human being. God or madman. Angel or addict. Vital. Where is Pisces in your chart? How do you feel about this house? It cannot be pinned down because it is everything.

Before you start thinking of all the moody pushy Cancerians forcing their nurturing moony ways on you, or the cruel sneaky Scorpio who just pulled your heart out without an apology, or the lying illusive Pisces who can’t logically explain their ways be warned that your own chart contains at least three houses (areas in your life) where you yourself relate in these watery ways.

Take a look at the signs on the cusps of all of your 12 houses. Find the water houses. If you can, compare your water houses with the same houses on someone else’s chart. Where is your Cancer? This is the house or area that you seek and find nurturing in. Is it in your 4th house of home? Or are you more nurtured through creativity and play of your 5th house? Or through the 9th house of beliefs, religion, inspired public speaking? Or is it your 7th house partnership that is your source of the nurturing we all need? Where are you willing to delve deeply in your life? Check your Scorpio cusp. There will be a lot of difference between you and others in this house because they will wince and run from the hell you walk freely through. Your power here is ferocious emotion, unchartered territory by non-Scorpions. Be kind to those who never want this – remember they have Scorpio somewhere else – somewhere you’d be afraid to go! And Pisces? If your partner has Pisces in a house where you have a fixed quadruplicity they may drive you nuts, unless you get them to follow you. But don’t depend on them. Likewise, you’ll seem very limited to them in this house because they are everywhere and everyone here in this house.

If you respect water for what it is and understand that our emotional bodies are our filters to our earth, our celestial moon, ever changing, ebb and flowing who we are, knowable only through longer term forecasts but giddy to us as the moon moves hourly, playing on our hormones as she plays on our oceans – you can begin to understand that emotions cannot be ignored by relying on air, but can be known in and of themselves through their own medium – a medium we all have access to – in some houses more than others.


Find the houses that begin (or contain) Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Ignore the planets and read from the outside of the circle only for now.

Next, check the list below to understand the areas affected by each of the 12 houses.

Take a few moments to comprehend how these water signs work in those areas of your life where they are placed in your chart, or the person’s chart you are working with.

Remember, water is of the emotional realm, where feelings and ghosts merge. Cancers may feel comfortable in this heady realm but for most mortals it represents the greatest challenges we can face because it is chthonic, not logical. It appears hazy, like moonlight not sunlight. It is as difficult to filter through emotions as it is to differentiate between one wave and the next on the oceans of emotion. Yet for those Scorpios who dare to do so (or you in your Scorpio house) the rewards are incomprehensible and vast. Magicians work on the emotional, or astral plane and many have been doomed to insanity as they have tried to identify a logic on this plane, foolishly believing that one can pay a visit without being lapped over by the waves of others present. Like sex (Scorpio style) the ocean cannot be controlled or pigeonholed – it has to be revered and met on its own terms. Nature will not bow down to commerce no matter how nurturing commerce might seem to us at times but will be cruel to be kind to us when necessary.

In the following chart

Cancer (Moving water) is on the 4th House cusp
Scorpio (Fixed Water) is on the 8th House cusp
Pisces (Adaptable Water) is on the 12th House cusp

Therefore, Houses 4, 8 and 12 are the water houses for the owner of this chart.




Personality / Self to the World / Initiating Projects.
Natural ruler Mars/Aires


Material possessions / Money earned / Value of Matter.
Natural ruler Venus/Taurus


Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.
Natural ruler Mercury/Gemini


Roots / Home / Foundations / Father / Real Estate / Mining, i.e. of earth as foundation environment.
Natural ruler Moon/Cancer


Creativity / Romance / Children / Play.
Natural ruler Sun/Leo


Health / Service (employment) / Consolidating You – Becoming Self, ready to move to 7th house of Relating / Magick performed.
Natural ruler Mercury/Virgo


Marriage / Relating to Partners, to another / Value of anOther.
Natural ruler Venus/Libra


Birth/Death/Sexuality/In-laws/Consolidation or Ending of Relationships formed in the 7th house.
Natural ruler Pluto/Scorpio


Higher Education / Philosophy / Religion / Long Distance Travel / Publishing / Public Relations Jupiter/Sagittarius

10th HOUSE

Public persona / Honour / Reputation / Mother / Business / Authority.
Natural ruler Saturn/Capricorn

11th HOUSE

Social life / Part of a larger group / Relating to Others / Hopes and Wishes.
Natural ruler Uranus/Aquarius

12th HOUSE

All as One / Subconscious / Institutions / Occult (meaning hidden) / Consolidation into Groups emanating from 11th house preceding.
Natural ruler Neptune/Pisces

The above list is reproduced from Step 4. Any time you need to refer to what each HOUSE covers you can select Step 4 – Houses from the index or click where you see this link


If you already have your chart (or the charts of others) go to your datasheet 1 now and fill in the houses of your chart that are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. You will also find it helpful to write a few key words that remind you what these placements mean. For example, if your third house of expression and short journeys has Cancer on its cusp you will write next to House 3:


Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.





With Cancer on this house an entirely different attitude to the moving fire of Aries 3rd or the moving earth of Capricorn, or the moving air of Libra prevails. Moving water Cancer here may be the older child having to ‘mother’ their siblings, or it may be that you are ‘mothered’ by your siblings, or at least you feel nurtured more here in this house than any other. Your partnership may be primary in your life but you may not be able to imagine getting through your days without that telephone call to your sister! Maybe doing short courses or taking short get-always (a bus across town to drink a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe) is what nurtures you, making you feel secure that life is okay for you. Take some time to think about your water houses and how they manifest in your life. Are there some choices you might like to make about these houses? As you begin to comprehend the other quadruplicities and elements and how they work in your life you can come back to your water houses with more appreciation for them. You will see the positives of your input for others as you are the one to bravely go into the gunk of human emotion, bringing out the treasures for all to share, or care when others give you no logical reason to. And you can appreciate other people’s water houses rather than let them annoy you, when you realise that you behave this way in yours. REMEMBER Always approach Venusian Astrology from its principal value system – the value of human beings (with all our foibles and miraculous abilities).