2. Planets

Planets – Keys

We have looked at how we are all the same, that is, how we all own the characteristics that others own even though these may occur in different areas of our lives. Now we are going to start looking at how our themes or focuses push our basic sameness out of the picture. We are going to do this by looking at how our chart is weighted.

Imagine someone you know whose stubbornness overrides every other attitude they may possess. No matter how hard you seek to look beyond this, it is as if this one quadruplicity overshadows every area of their life! You know enough now to know that they can’t be stubborn and overbearing in every area of their life – yet try as you may that is the way it seems. Such a person, astrologically, will be found to be weighted in fixed (hold fast, stubborn, focused) signs.

They may be so weighted that they themselves become used to behaving in such a manner because it is in these houses that they focus so much of their energy. The workaholic for whom providing for the family, or seeking social recognition, or eager to serve in a useful capacity is so pronounced in their chart that they may never feel they have achieved enough in this area to give energy to any other. It is of little use going to such a person in the middle of a work day and criticising them for their stubbornness and focus. To do this you actually attack them at the core of their value system. It isn’t the stubbornness or the focus that is causing the conflict here so much as it is the non-realisation that such focus and stubbornness is not being used in the most helpful way. Everything about ourselves is a positive. There is no such thing as negative energy. There is only energy – always positive – always a gift – sometimes requiring redirection.

We’ll explore this and some other basic premises of Venusian Astrology as we come across their practical applications. For now, it might help you to write it down. You’ve already begun to empathise with the energy of each quadruplicity and element by looking at how they work in yourself, so you are ready to start to deal with them in lighter and heavier loads.

Working out weightings

To work out the weightings of quadruplicities and elements we look to the planets and angles of the chart. At this point we are not going to look at what each planet means. That comes next. For now we are just looking at numbers – one planet (whatever planet it is) = +1.

We are not going to go into detail here about the houses themselves in terms of their angular energy but we are going to include two important angles – the Ascendant (or cusp of the your first house) and the Midheaven (or cusp of your tenth house). Each of these will be weighted +2.

We are not going to include the Moon’s Nodes, that is your North Node and South Node.

Take a look at our example chart. To make things just a little difficult for you, and to introduce you to the symbols, I have left in the symbols for several asteroids that you may choose never to work with. But if you have something that you need to look at to leave out, this helps you notice what you need to leave in.

☉ Sun
☽ Moon
☿ Mercury
♀ Venus
♂ Mars
♃ Jupiter
♄ Saturn
♅ Uranus
♆ Neptune
♇ Pluto

Ë Ascendant Ì Midheaven

Find these symbols in our example chart below. Start from the left – the Ascendant. Notice this chart does not actually say Asc, but has an arrow pointing to the left to indicate it as the Ascendant. The ascendant for this chart is ^Aries 14 degrees 36 minutes (moving fire).


You’ll see quite a few symbols (or ‘sigils’) that you don’t need for this exercise.

Let’s work around this chart together, step by step, so you are never daunted by a busy chart.

You can go to your datasheet now and have a look at the format we are going to use to make this easy or you can take a pen and paper and copy it from here first as we go.

We are looking for planets in signs primarily now rather than signs on house cusps, as we did in the previous section. Don’t worry yet if you don’t understand. You will find it easier as you do it.

Remember the weightings – The Ascendant and the Midheaven = +2. The planets = +1.

And remember our table from Step 1? Here it is again.

Sign Dates Quadruplicity Element
Aries 21 March to 20 April Moving Fire
Taurus 21 April to 21 May Fixed Earth
Gemini 22 May to 21 June Adaptable Air
Cancer 22 June to 23 July Moving Water
Leo 24 July to 23 August Fixed Fire
Virgo 24 August to 23 September Adaptable Earth
Libra 24 September to 23 October Moving Air
Scorpio 24 October to 22 November Fixed Water
Sagittarius 23 November to 21 December Adaptable Fire
Capricorn 22 December to 20 January Moving Earth
Aquarius 21 January to 19 February Fixed Air
Pisces 20 February to 20 March Adaptable Water

From the table you can see that Aries has a quadruplicity of “Moving” and an element of “Fire”. With Aries on the Ascendant a weighting of +2 for “moving” and a weighting of +2 for “fire” will be attributed.


Moving: +2


Fire: +2




If the Ascendant was at 14 degrees of _Taurus you would enter fixed = +2 and earth = +2. If the Ascendant was at 5 degrees of h Aquarius you would enter fixed = +2; air = +2, etc.

Moving counter clockwise around our chart, and the symbols shown that we are taking into account, we come to

☿ Mercury in _Taurus, so we weight +1 to both Fixed and Earth.

Fixed: +1

Moving: +2


Fire: +2

Earth: +1



And so we build our weightings formula until we complete arrive anti-clockwise back to our Ascendant. Here are the remaining planets and their weights followed by what your datasheet should look like when you have finished.

Sun in Gemini = Adaptable = +1 Air = +1

♀ Venus in Gemini = Adaptable = +1 Air = +1

☽ Moon in Gemini = Adaptable = +1 Air = +1

♂ Mars in Cancer = Moving = +1 Water = +1

♄ Saturn in Cancer = Moving = +1 Water = +1

♃ Jupiter in Virgo = Adaptable = +1 Earth = +1

♇ Pluto in Sagittarius = Adaptable = +1 Fire = +1

Ì Midheaven in Capricorn = Moving = +2 Earth = +2 (remember +2 for Asc and Mc)

Chiron in Capricorn = Moving = +1 Earth = +1

♆ Neptune in Aquarius = Fixed = +1 Air = +1

♅ Uranus in Pisces = Adaptable = +1 Water = +1

Fixed: +1 +1 = 2

Moving: +2 +1 +1 +2 +1 = 7

Adaptable: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 6

Fire: +2 +1 = 3

Earth: +1 +1 +1 +2 = 5

Air: +1 +1 +1 +1 = 4

Water: +1 +1 +1 = 3

This chart would be considered ‘balanced’ in elements but a person with this chart would be more moving and adaptable than fixed. Although there is more ‘earth’ than the other elements, the weightings are fairly close, with every quadruplicity and element noted. Many charts are not so ‘balanced’. Remember, everything is positive so a lack of one element or quadruplicity, for example, no earth in someone’s chart, is not a bad thing – it is a positive thing in their life – an aid towards something. Everything is a positive, or, if you find it difficult to feel quite so optimistic about things you can consider everything neutral with a purpose if this works better for you. Eventually you will appreciate the positive in this statement! We are in Venus’ domain here when we work with Venusian Astrology and this deity demands beauty and satisfaction – there is no toil here. Even Saturn’s systems that might seem painful are beautiful ways of making life easier! You’ll get the hang of this. It might help to dress up in your favourite outfit for your next lesson to get you in the mood.

How does knowing the weighting of our own and others’ charts help us?

In order to keep things beautiful (harmonious for all you Librans and real and manifest beauty for all you Taureans) you need to ‘know’ it or ‘understand’ it. We fear or dislike what /who we don’t understand. You cannot appreciate beauty unless you ‘know’ what beauty is. What is beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me – does this mean it is not ‘beautiful’?

Is birth beautiful? Any woman who has experienced it (or any man who has watched) will know that there are many reasons for thinking it anything but beautiful – yet what could be more beautiful?

Let’s leave the heady Venusian waters of esoteric Venus alone for now and come back to practicalities.

If you are trying to inspire a nation surely an overabundance of the Fire element will be more useful to you than too much emotion, which might otherwise arose self pity in the masses, or prevent you from being able to overcome your own sadness long enough to believe the impossible is possible – in order to make it be?

When we first meet people we don’t know them. We know only the context within which we meet. In these contexts, or areas of our own lives, some people ‘fit’ while others do anything but ‘fit’, driving us nuts with their ways that have no place where we are – as far as we can tell. Life is about choices. Not everything ‘fits’ and not every place we find ourselves is appropriate for us to be located in.

Sometimes knowing our ‘composition’ – or our ‘weightings’ of different attributes we can love ourselves for who we are rather than for what others (or we ourselves) expect from us. The ‘weightings’ of the charts of cultures, may also be dominated by one or two quadruplicities or elements above the others. Too esoteric? Let’s get to basic psychology. Most people have heard of the Myers Briggs personality test and many will have actually used these tests to understand where to place people in employment situations. This test evolved from Carl Jung’s work in archetypal (or “Jungian” – named after him) psychology and forms the basis of much of our usage of psychology in practical ways today. Jung was an Astrologer. Anyone interested in understanding Astrology’s applications through Psychology will benefit from studying Liz Greene (astro.com).

The main point here in Venusian Astrology is understanding that Limits are directional signposts towards our unique unlimited possibilities. Picture this: You have been running a maze race – the biggest maze you can envisage. Your own run has taken you through pit-stops that others have not tread. But you are nearly at the end of your race. You just need to turn left and then you are there. Once you complete this race you know that the rewards will be so amazing that you will have everything you need to go to the next level – to race in the most prestigious maze races imaginable (or not quite imaginable until that final turn). But now you are close you hear someone in an adjacent cell to where you are. This person need only turn right to get to the finish. There is a wall between you both. You look at your left door and they look at their right door. If you both take these doors respectively you will both meet at the same place – the prize. But instead of doing so, you both start to doubt your own steps and try to retrace the steps of the other person. Instead of realising that your lack of a right doorway and their lack of a left doorway is a positive limit, preventing you both from going backwards, you start to ponder and weep your lack of right and left doors respectively. You both stop and sit for ages, wondering where you went wrong, why you are so stupid because you don’t have that door at all. When all you need do is take the easy route through the door you do have. Life is pleasurable and beautiful. Venus makes things easy for you. Saturn’s restricted use of doors has not caused you pain but allowed you the pleasure of attaining your goal.

There is another Venusian lesson here to heed however. Venus makes up her own rules and so do you. She does not follow others’ rules unless they comply with her own. What this means is that although today your left door is what you need this does not mean that in future you won’t find that it is a hatch through the ceiling or a loose floorboard that will lead you to the prize. If you start to use Astrology to define people into strict pigeonholes then you will not see its real value and its use therefore will not be available to you. Every person is beautiful to Venus. The essence, or value of being human is not in our limits or our attributes, or even in the paths we take.

We are each of value – we need do nothing to become ‘valuable’.

Venus makes up her own rules and so do you.

Limits are directional signposts towards our unique unlimited possibilities.

Once upon a time it was brute strength that was thought to be the best attribute to have. In another time and place it was Statesmanship and diplomacy that was revered. Somewhere else insightfulness into the feelings of the masses enabled people to lead. Yet Venus will always tame the fiercest warrior and tempt the head of State, and this is wonderful because she will again and again make the mighty fall so that they understand that even after their fall they are valuable. There are no excuses or apologies in Venus’ domain. There is no right and wrong. No punishment and no adoration. In Venusian style everyone has a right to demand that they be known as valuable and beautiful without ever having to adhere to anything or anyone outside themselves to be this. There is no guilt in Venus’ domain. There is no play of opposites. There is desire to be Self. Any perverted permutations highlight the debris that can be done away with.

When considering the different weightings of the quadruplicities and elements consider them always in a positive light. Where can this door (quadruplicity or element) lead me? What is beautiful about having this weighting in my own chart? What is beautiful and valuable about having it in someone else’s?

A = B but A is not the same as B

Coming from the right cell via the left door to reach the end of the maze is equal to coming from the left cell through the right door, but they are different cells and each person has arrived through pathways that have sometimes overlapped and sometimes been very different. When they meet and become the end cell imagine the stories they can share? Who knows what parts of each person’s experience might be needed in future for both to navigate – perhaps together as partners – the next maze? Venus does, after all rule Libra’s 7th house of partnership (marriage or business).

Because you are working mostly with planets in signs to work out weightings you can do this exercise with just a date of birth. You won’t have the +2 weightings for the ascendant or Midheaven but you will have the others and these will provide you with a great deal of things to understand about yourself and others. You can work with an ephemeris to do this.

You can access an online ephemeris at astro.com.

HOW TO USE AN EPHEMERIS : Go to the date of birth on the left column of the ephemeris. Move across the line and plot the points as follows: Sun = e.g.. 10° Aries. Since the Sun moves only 1° per day this will be the correct degree for the Sun’s position for everyone born on this day. Moon = e.g.. 20° Cancer. The Moon moves 1° every 2 hours therefore, without the correct time and place of birth you will not be able to plot the moon’s position from an ephemeris for this person. All other planets move slower than the Sun and therefore you can use these degrees.

When you have finished we’ll move on to look at the planets individually.

There is so much to know about ourselves and others. How could anyone ever reduce themselves or another human being to just one of 12 options?


If you haven’t already filled out your weightings on your datasheet do so now. If you are only working with an ephemeris then make sure you make a note that you have left out the Asc and MC.

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