2.30 Chiron in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose. A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Chiron Chiron is at 25° degrees 53′ minutes Retrograde of ‰Capricorn in House 10.

“…see me feel me touch me HEAL ME…” “…wo wo wo It’s magic you know, never believe it’s not so…” “There’s always something magic there’s always something new and when you really really need it the most that’s when rock and roll dreams come true for you…”

Remembering that the planets take action coloured by the ways (or adjectives) of the signs in the areas of life (houses) of the chart, then what action in what way might Chiron take here in the different signs? Chiron is subtle, probably feminine yin, with a capacity to find new ways of looking at old situations. Unlike Saturn that restricts, or Jupiter that expands, or Uranus that intuits or Pluto that destroys in order to create, Chiron partakes of a different activity. It teaches in a guiding manner yet through experience rather than the mental gymnastics that Mercury might force upon us as he drops a book on our heads for us to read.

Some people believe that Chiron is the rightful ruler of Virgo and if we think about Virgo as experiential in nature (an earth sign), yet complex in that the integration of body/mind/soul/spirit is required by all those born under this sign, then maybe an inkling of the kinds of ways that Chiron acts will start to emerge for us.

Most religions or cultural philosophies do not have much time for the body, casting it off at the first opportunity in favour of the mind or the spirit, yet we know that the food we eat and the air we breath can have a dramatic effect on the visions or the meeting with the Divine that we experience. Psychology of Religion is a discipline that has gathered much data relating to the physical correlation of many Religious Experiences.

Some say that Magick occurs when Chiron is around because the unseen becomes visible to the naked eye – a matter of reality is apparent where none went before, all because of a change of perspective on any matter. And Magicians will tell you that this is what Magick is all about anyway, the exercising of the Will, above all else, in order to be free to manipulate your universe so that new ways or better ways of doing things can be sought out and performed.

So Chiron’s actions are all to do with the above, but what verbs might we use to pull this unusually orbiting planet into our current cognition that operates so closely with the language we speak and know? Do we need to make up new verbs? Perhaps, but this is not the place to do it so let’s do our best.

“Heal” may be the main verb that concerns us but we might not understand what this means to us within a context of the ‘whole’ body/mind/soul/spirit entity that we are. Just as for Saturn it is not enough to say “Restrict” without understanding that the order created through limiting variables enables structural growth rather than random chaos. So “Heal” likewise cannot be considered without understanding the dynamics involved in “healing”.

All the planets act together in different areas so it is unlikely that Chiron has any Over-Lord status on any of the others, but maybe Chiron “elucidates” the activities of the other planets and signs it aspects, in order to experientially make available what might not otherwise be obvious because of the usual thought patterns involved in our ways of seeing our world. Post-modernism came after Chiron and perhaps this planet was involved in the birth of this theory that itself elucidates the mechanisms that are in place that create what we accepted before more as static reality. We now know more about how we quite regularly believe lies in order to maintain our biological balance via our nervous system.

So how are we doing with the verbs then? “Heal”, “elucidate”, “experience”, in order to make possible different perspectives and views on what we consider “reality”. We need to add “subtle” to these words because the process by which this healing, elucidating and experiencing occurs itself is more akin to a woman’s intuition than to any logical parts that make them happen. Like nature herself it is as if things come in to be with the first principles not understood until long after the reality is felt. In this manner Chiron works with Pluto too, and perhaps the myth of the indirect relationship between the Hydra’s poison enabling Chiron to make the choice to become mortal. In becoming human Chiron grounded her/his Divinity (God status). There is certainly a timing correlation between Chiron’s discovery and alternative medicine, which often works on the metaphysical levels first, grounding into the material manifestation of our biology.

Chiron places experiences in our paths that niggle at us because we cannot logify them out of existence yet we cannot fully understand them either – bringing our bodies in line with our minds and spirits so that they can change and live on too. Anything is possible when Chiron is around.

Consider all these things in your heart rather than your mind when evaluating Chiron in your own and others’ charts and tangible material mortal things will be present to elucidate the meanings particular to you. Look for these and forget the old philosophies that worship the limited cognition of our generations. The esoteric detached spiritual philosophies that have served their purpose are now outdated, and are on their way to becoming integrated. The integration of body/mind/soul/spirit – aligning with your own True Will – is possible and knowable through Chiron.

Remember, the poison you are looking for in your chart is a subtle niggle that never goes away, even if the poison is as deadly as the Hydra.

Chiron in Aries

Healing and experiencing through a very personal way. Perhaps an old leg wound that doesn’t annoy you for ages but you know it is there and it seems incredible that nothing seems to be able to be done about it. Or maybe feelings regularly elucidate what’s really going on in situations and you know the clarity of the situation even though you can’t put it into words. The experiences are all within you – your own body/mind/soul/spirit – and may seem to defy logic or group thinking.

Chiron in Taurus

Taurus does everything in an earthy manner so the nature of Chiron here will be welcomed because the tangibility of things for Taurus are infused with more than a base animal, vegetable or mineral – they are in themselves more than the sum of their parts. The Taurean way or environment will lend itself to a Chironic approach to things. A tuning rod might be an instrument of Chiron in Taurus if we consider that that the sound it makes is tangible and has clearer meaning and usefulness than a musical note itself and it is a crafted in a base metal. Whatever house your Chiron in Taurus falls will reveal things that mean something to you – even if they don’t mean the same to others – and through these things you will learn. Possessions for Taurus can also be people and it may be that a Chiron in your 7th House in Taurus might be a partner who has the Magickal qualities of Chiron or maybe they work as a healing practitioner in alternative therapy.

Chiron in Gemini

Chiron here teaches the brainy kid that there is more to life and even though its good to be confident in your ability to think and move around fast there will be other traits that need developing or other uses for your talents. Its easy for Gemini to accommodate new ideas and ways of seeing the world because this sign is adaptable air (adaptable changeable logic) and Gemini loves nothing more than changing its mind to suit itself. Chiron here provides the magical ingredient that gives Gemini an even broader universe to traverse in new ways even they had not thought possible.

Chiron in Cancer

Chiron in Cancer is with the Moon, the other feminine feeling planet that moves around the universe in its ever changing motions, playing on the emotional realm and the astral with seeming illogic. Yet it gives sustenance and light. Chiron here might seem more astral than earthly yet it is perhaps able to act in a more profound manner here aided by more of a similar bolder mother. We feel nothing more than our emotions and these can overcome us with enormous power. What happens when these are grounded in real events? We have the opportunity to make our emotions mortal and viewable.

Chiron in Leo

Experiences through children, through playtime, through love affairs and through hobbies are where you will find Chiron in Leo. The Sun shines and perhaps here in the Sun’s sign Chiron can elucidate the heart of any matter. It can manifest experiences that will lead straight to your Sun’s Will and intention. It can heal at the source and perhaps you yourself will become a healer, a Punch who heals with humour as he doctors his patients.

Chiron in Virgo

If Chiron is the rightful ruler of Virgo then surely here is its best placement because who could ever understand Chiron’s energies better than a Virgo? The subtle nature of the activities may not seem so subtle but more of a God send to a Virgo grappling for the answers to the question of how best to integrate all things into one efficient system without waste!

Chiron in Libra

Healing through a partner, either business or personal is possible. Maybe there is an illness in the partnership or perhaps an ill partner teaches (Chiron) you much about what is important in life. A friend of mine was put in a wheelchair as an adult after a car accident and she told me that it was the best thing that ever happened to her because after the accident a whole new world she never knew existed opened up to her and the power and passion of the people who inhabit this new world regularly leave her breathless with a zest for life. She went on to become very active in para-sports and community participation at very involved levels.

Chiron in Scorpio

One imagines that being allowed to be mortal once in a while might provide a welcome reprieve in Scorpio’s house where delving deep and being superhuman is regularly required and compulsively carried out. The Plutonic power that is active in Scorpio’s house is such that real healing on large scales is very possible and Chiron here can help to direct the activities of this house towards real ends. Even in fields outside psychology, science or politics Chiron might provide ways where investigations and the chthonic experiences of this house become elucidated for what they are worth so that real healing is possible for all concerned. For example, a private investigator may find the right words to put to a client who might otherwise be hell-bent on destroying those they feel have done them wrong.

Chiron in Sagittarius

The female archer flying alongside the male archer but instead of all the arrows being justified this female makes every arrow accountable. This can be frustrating for the Sagittarian who has no malice in arrow throwing to find that they are the perpetrators of pain to others.

Chiron in Capricorn

A welcomed position for politicians who can bring some clarity and healing to world affairs. In the public sign of Capricorn Saturn works with Chiron to make systems that can include the reality of the physical and the soul as well as the mind and spirit. This is two teachers working together to create systems not yet thought of today because they are not considered possible yet. Palden talks about Chiron and Saturn as “finding needles in haystacks” so that there are ways in and ways out of what at first seemed very rigid or massively networked without allowing for meaningful penetration.

Chiron in Aquarius

The subtle experiential here mixes with the insightful intuitive and produces not a small amount of electrical static. Aquarius is about the rebellious, revolutionary, group need while Chiron is about elucidating the healing and learning while we do. Any house where Aquarius is contains a paradox because it is a Fixed Air sign, which means that it can be very stubborn in its own eccentricity, even while it rebels against what is fixed. It may, with Chiron here revolt regularly against its own ways of systemising your reality and bring in the new, through the niggles of discomfort with the old. With Chiron here maybe the nervous system has to be thrown out of wack a few more times before it is allowed to feel so stubbornly arrogant about its expanded viewpoint.

The nervous system is prone to onslaught when Chiron is allowing Uranus clarity of consciousness when in this sign so balance is important. Relaxing in a hot bath will help balance the energy flow.

Chiron in Pisces

Nowhere else do you need clarity more than here in Pisces. Here Chiron can temper religious fanaticism better than any other planet might. It can also allow for the magick to occur within the religious process, grounding the divine in ritual that works well. Pisces’ house is linked to more moving feeling and spiritual experience than most so Chiron here can ground in ways that might be quite painful for some proponents.