2.29 Chiron Intro

Chiron, the Wounded Healer of mythology, is a planet that orbits differently to the others. Said to be the ‘real’ ruler of Virgo because of it’s healing and Magickal properties, Chiron is also considered the feminine Centaur and so affiliated with Sagittarius. Chiron is subtle and experiential in its vibration and ‘niggling’ in its house placement. It is like the wound of the immortal God, unhealed, always there. This constant subtle pain is thought to produce some dynamic tendencies in individuals to come to terms with what is represented by this vibration in the area concerned. A skeleton in your closet not discussed too often but ever present subtly affects your attitude and pulls your focus in a certain direction. It may be suppressed but the pain will be real and on-going.

The Wounded Healer was a teacher and it is thought that the lessons of this planet will be paramount for our growth in this Age. It is referred to by Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow as ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ between ignorance and accomplishment, linking Saturn and Uranus, which co-rule in the paradox of Aquarius. Chiron is said to rule over Magick and if an understanding of magick can heal then perhaps Chiron’s vibrations at this point will resonate enough for science to and Magick to meet as allies.

Chiron’s myth is interesting, as all myths are. Hercules had returned from battling the Hydra and still had the poison on the tips of his arrows, not having cleaned it off in true Arian thoughtlessness. He was sitting on a hill with Chiron – eating lunch. Clumsily, Hercules leaned over and unfortunately pierced Chiron with the poisoned arrow. Aries/Hercules fought the Hydra but it was Chiron that copped the wound. Because Chiron was immortal he (or she) could not die, but would feel the pain of the poison forever. Chiron decided to give up immortality instead.

If we are all a part of the healing process of others then we are not immune to the antagonisms they face. If all is energy then I wonder if Chiron’s taking on the pain that Hercules escaped is analogous to how we take on the pain others escape. For example, the wife of an alcoholic or gambler feels pain most days, even during those times when the person themselves may feel their fight is over. They clumsily, like Hercules, who thought their battle was over and past – forget the poison lives on – harming others. I imagine that an 8th house Chiron might be the medium who gets too close to her communicators and is accidentally harmed. But we can get hurt, just sharing lunch, with a friend who brings their world to the table with them.

They say that in the challenge lies the cure and this would be in true Chiron style. Chiron is a centaur and is therefore a composite figure in myth, having the body of a horse and the head and shoulders of a human. If Zeus remains masculine ruler with man’s head and torso and the body of a horse then Chiron’s entry in the 1970’s may have finally brought a feminine centaur, a Yin to the unbalanced male Yang period. This is speculation of course but is worth considering, especially since the battle of the sexes is far from over. Interesting in this regard is that in the Greek legends Chiron was no female at all for this was a male domain where females had little or no input into affairs of state but were more child bearers as homosexuality ran rampant as men took boys to mentor in matters of state and relationships. Chiron was a teacher, which meant much more then than it does now because Chiron gave guidance that was respected in a sanctioned way.

We have a lot to learn about Chiron and perhaps more will come to light as this planet whose orbit is nothing like others grows in our psyche. In Living In Time Astrologer Palden Jenkins describes Chiron as having a sense of the different perspective about it. For example, an aspect with Saturn allows for “…finding needles in haystacks…” as ways around rigid systems become magickally possible when Chiron is around. Chiron can bend and stretch the usual perspectives of whatever happens in the house where it is located. This allows us to come at things from a different perspective, even as futility and lost hope have long taken hold in our consciousness. This is important for our future, a better future.

Lets look at the possible ways that Chiron, as a planet, acts in different signs and houses of our charts and enjoy the magick.