2.14 Introducing Mars

Kabbalistic Astrologer Will Parfitt wrote: “Mars / Geburah : Discovering the mysteries of power and the use of Martian energies; purposeful change; awakening inner and outer strength.”

“…[Here is] … the basic dilemma of Mars and Aries: how to say “I” , how to express one’s own will, how to be yourself in this world without losing track of the fact that many more people inhabit this planet who also have a will of their own, which doesn’t necessarily conform to yours. (Mars & The Reckeweg Model – Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S- This article was first written for and published in the Russian magazine URANIA early 1997. )

Mars acts – “I am” – “Here I am” – “I act therefore I am” … “Why wait?” etc. All these things Mars will say when he speaks to us or for us.

Mars does not think, Mars just propels you wherever you decide you want to go at any time. A good analogy might be a racing car. Do you get into a racing car and say “Go Car” or do you learn how to drive it and direct it where you want to go? Do you trade the Martian racing car for a Martian Jaguar? Or do you move around on a Martian motorcycle to zip in and out of traffic Mercurially? Get it? Mars needs something besides itself to direct it, to mould it, to strategise its potent forceful energy. When you lose your temper don’t blame Mars. It is doing the job it is meant to be doing. It is the energy – an excellent energy which is life supporting – firing on all cylinders. Understand your power and be empowered – it tells you. We are using transport analogies here but we are not dealing with Mercury’s communication – this is shear force. There is pressure that needs to go somewhere. Sometimes it is funneled through but it cannot be pent up without a valve for long.

Mars rules Aries and initiates action. It co-rules Scorpio, with Pluto and here we may find its more willful applications. Pluto provides the impetus for a deep reservoir of Will which jumps in the racing car, or perhaps the space shuttle, and bursts through to the beyond. The space shuttle is Mars energy, the initial boost from below is Plutonian.

Mars feels like it is able to act alone because it is always there, doing the job for your Sun sign. It is a racing car that cannot be turned off entirely, or else you simply do not move at all and therefore you just don’t really survive. To assess where your motorcar, motorcycle, or space shuttle is aimed, and who’s manning it (or womaning it) you need to know all the other planets that are aspecting it and how they are doing so. You need to be aware of the sign it is in that kind of selects what mode of energy it might be at any given time. You need also, whether aspected or not, to understand your Sun sign to ascertain Mars’ objective in your chart.

Hermetic astrologers accord Mars 1/4 of the discord encountered in life and Mars is astrologically considered antagonistic because of this. Well, it isn’t hard to conclude that a racing car out of control leaves a lot of carnage. But is it the car’s fault that it sped off and ran into the spectators? Think about it. And take hold of your power.

Mars is the symbol used for Man, where Venus is the symbol used for Woman. Mars’ energy is male energy, warrior, initiating, active. The God Aries learned to dance before he learned to fight, and dancing is a Martian pursuit. Martial Arts also vibrate to Mars energy but tempers this with thoughtful Mercury, and hopefully a little Venusian value. Mars relates to the ego and the Individual without an ‘ego’ cannot hope to begin to realise their Sun centre and may wander endlessly in Neptunian vagueness of being. This is not good for them nor for the rest of us, for the Individual is as important to the Whole Group as the Whole Group is to the Individual. Everyone has Mars in their chart and the house position of this planet, together with the strength of this planet (calculated by its aspects and dispositions) will reveal areas where we apply energy in an active Martian manner.

Aries was a giant, clumsy and seemingly brutish but he was not dishonest. Arthur’s brave knights vibrated to Martian energies. How do you feel when you wear red? This colour resonates to this red planet. Assertion is Mars directed. Aggression is Mars affecting, but not being utilised by you. We all have Mars in our charts.

If we think (Mercury) and feel (Venus) but do not act (Mars) then we are inert. These three ‘personal’ planets are at our disposal and we can approach them via any one, as long as we utilise all three. Astrology is not fateful when used as a system. But where the strongest vibration unbalances the other two then it is not difficult to predict events in that Native’s life – “character [becomes] fate” when not known.