2.5 Moon Intro

“Discovering the mysteries of the astral levels and lunar energies; to realise the workings of universal energies; to connect with the divine plan.” (from The Qabalah Will Parfitt)

The Moon moves the most quickly of any of the planets and its vibration then is that of adaptability, mood swings, gut reactions, natural flows of Being at any given time. In Karmic Astrology it is said to represent the culmination of previous lives that manifest as behaviour that comes most naturally to the Native in this life. If the Moon is at a hard angle to the Sun (we’ll do aspects next) then there may be a tendency to confuse fundamental motivations, drawing on the past instead of realising your Sun Centre. You are here attuned to the vibration of the Moon’s position. If your Sun and Moon are in different signs and you feel so attuned to your Moon that your Sun seems foreign then Astrology can help you understand how to find steadier foundations from where you can be more centered and fulfilled.

The Moon is constantly changing – it is the emotional realm that can overcome your logic and even your heart. The Lunacy of the Moon is no joke and may be more commonly the culprit in times of discord than we imagine. It is wonderful to think ourselves in charge of our own knowledge and actions but as long as we seek to control only from our cognition we will never submit our lives to our true Will.

Advertising and public relations falls under the domain of the Moon, hazy illusions that trick logic into associating real fulfillment with new shoes or a chocolate bar that doesn’t last.

For the individual who rolls with the ebb and flow of their Moon only there will be periods where they may feel ‘voids’ for the Moon’s vibration, like the heavenly body itself is Reflective and if it is not utilised as an aid towards the Sun Centre then one is at the mercy of its reflections of each planet it aspects over and over again and during the periods where no aspects occur an emptiness will be experienced.

Utilised constructively, the Moon offers great opportunities for adaptability of Being, coming to terms with ebb and flow not as inner identity but as a filter through which the Centre can ground onto the Earth, i.e. in the individual’s life.

As much as our emotions can overcome our sanity, they are not to be simply rid of as some religious doctrines find necessary. Even if it were possible to do so. The astral is a realm that is closest to our earth and our very being. We all tap into this realm every day of our lives. For the most part we go willingly, sharing a culture that is transmitted and maintained through this collective consciousness that changes, or is changed, as we each merge and move apart from each other. If you receive information then this changes you as much as you are changed by meeting someone new with ideas you have never before entertained. This is a good thing but it can cause you to wander aimlessly if you are detached from your own Will.

Alchemically the Moon’s vibrations resonate to the feminine principle in both men and women by its receptiveness. It picks up vibrations both internally and externally from all directions and is significant in the timing of events since its position reveals those vibrations which are being received at any given time. The Moon rules matters such as health (the vibrations which correspond to certain diseases and/or cures), astral insights (by forming receptive channels to this plane), and pronouncement of the feminine principles (or three faces of the Lunar Goddess) within our lives. Women’s fables reveal much about the vibrations of this planet. In men’s charts the Moon and her aspects reveal the meanings this principle holds for them and often the manner in which their relationships with women manifest. The Moon is also used astrologically in men’s charts to illuminate opportunities for relationships which may culminate in marriage.

The planet that most strongly aspects the Moon in the chart will indicate a strong tendency towards the temperament of an individual. For example, a Moon/Mars conjunction may indicate someone with a fiery temperament or a child who throws tantrums until the Mars energy which is freely ‘received’ (through the receptive quality of the Moon) is understood and is afforded more creative (and less annoying) direction, perhaps through a career in dance or sport.

The Moon is very important in any Magickal activity through this same receptive quality since it provides a vehicle through which connections can be made. The phases of the Moon reflect beginnings, fruition and endings. The phase of the Moon at birth is of astrological consequence. If you were born at a full moon then during full moons you will feel most able to succeed and fulfill your goals. If you were born during a new moon then new moon phases will provide you with the impetus to start a project with an initial thrust so that it ‘gets off the ground’. Dark moon babies are sensitive and mystical and may be very psychic about undercurrents prevailing in relationships and within populations. Remember the Moon is a nurturer and its phase allows for different growth phases in animals and plants, including human beings. A Harvest Moon may be more nurturing to you but for others the New Moon creates emotional ebbs with the momentum to start afresh, with as much ease as riding a strong tide into shore.

How can we work with the Moon, with respect, to aid us and our fellow travellers? Like a wild ocean we can get lost in our emotions. It is better that we ride them for we cannot rid ourselves of them but by the same token we don’t really want to drown in them.

In your chart there will be those Moon habits, or reactive emotions, that surface so often in us they are obvious even to us eventually – even though they may be obvious to others long before they are obvious to us. Often these will work much the same as the sign in which they fall. Where the Moon aspects other planets then the habits will manifest according to these planets natural inclinations of behaviour.

Psychologically, the temperament of individuals can be highlighted by the Moon in their charts. But before you start running away from the demon Emotion remember that it is our emotions that cause us to act in ways that are often super-human in stature, in ways we might not ever have enough courage if it weren’t for our anger or our fear or our creative and destructive impulses.

Like anything, the more you understand yourself then the more likely you are to be able to eliminate that which isn’t your Sun core in order to locate and live your own Will rather than the ever changing Wills of others, thwarted by their own trips to the emotional astral.

Read how the Moon behaves when affecting each sign and house of your chart. As usual copy some of the text provided so you can continue to build your profile. You have noted your Sun. Perhaps it meant nothing to you. Your Moon’s sign and house will be much more obvious. Because of its behaviour I have also included here some examples of how the Moon might act when aspecting the other planets. A fuller report on aspects is dealt with later.

If information that is filtered through the Moon is suppressed or feared it can cause disorientation and confusion. If everything in our chart correlates as positive, in that all paths, painful or joyful are neither good nor bad, just useful, then instead of shying away from what we fear we deal with it in different ways. It may be good for us to fear it but with a different view of what fear is. We may just not be ready for this experience yet – it may be brewing for our eventually meeting it. Or, like a nightmare, the fearsome may simply be the horrible figure that has become horrible because we have feared it for far too long and the only way it will get our attention is to shock us or chase us. Once we acknowledge it we can befriend it and it will lose its energy, replacing it with the focus of the fear to be dealt with. Facing suppressed memories of guilt can manifest as facing fear and we must eventually face all fear in order to value ourselves and others more.

A Moon that causes too much confusion to an individual can be ‘harnessed’ with a little Mars initiative, with bravery and activity. Its vibrations are not your Centre (your Sun) and therefore even the Moon can be enquired of dispassionately without losing Self to lunacy.

Your moon manifests as habits. Make your habits work for you. Understand those that are redundant and childish and cultivate those that are helpful. These go way past your cognition to physical and indirect language that triggers automatic responses (moon habits) in us.

Check out your Moon sign and Moon house now.