2.2 Sun Intro

The positions of the Sun and the Moon in your chart work together to reveal the stories of father and mother; of masculine and feminine; and of astral and central persona. The aspect between the Sun and the Moon, as representing our parents, immediately has an important significance because the way we perceive them has affected us. It is important to note that the perceptions of parents by their children differ. Your perception may be one of turmoil and conflict with a squared aspect between your Sun and Moon, but your sister’s Sun/Moon may reveal a conjunction force where she perceived they worked together, albeit perhaps loudly!

When the Sun and Moon are understood more personally, as You, then when you vibrate wholly with your Moon you may behave in a manner of ebb and flow, not yet grown into your own Centre (Sun). When the aspect is a difficult one people often flow to their Moon which is the more nurturing and comfortable for them. However, this may restrict your growth. At some stage your Sun must be allowed to be realised as your creative centre and allowed to shine with some authority.

The Sun represents a consciousness that is ever emerging through a life of events, which sometimes obstruct it, and other times force it to the foreground. Kabbalistically, the Sun is Tipareth, at the Centre. Correspondences include golden and orange coloured things. Will Parfitt (a Kabbalist and Astrologer) writes about the Sun / Tipareth (sphere 6) in The Qabalah as: “Discovering the mysteries of beauty and harmony and solar energies; centered consciousness; stimulating the energy of soul manifesting in life.” Any transits to the Sun come to a conscious awareness and often have a direct affect on physical vitality. So, if your Sun is your Centre of consciousness, what astrological story is your Sun having you live out in your conscious realm? And what new things about yourself are you discovering consciously as you deal with your challenges (aspects) one by one? Your life is about moving outside of yourself only to discover your own core of being – your Sun.

If planets are the ‘verbs’ of astrology then what ‘verb’ is the Sun? It is your vitality. I vitalise or empower or exude the essence of the house where my Sun is. I do this in a Sign (adjective) way.

I imbue sunshine, or lighten up for all the world to see (and for me myself to consciously see myself) the house where my sun shines.

From this you would think that someone’s sun sign would be the most visible thing about them. But it isn’t.

Astrologically our looks are dictated by our Ascendant not our Sun sign, although our sun sign contributes to the way we look. Our personality is more attuned to the habits of our Moon, the thoughts of our Mercury, the actions of our Mars and the desires of our Venus than by the individualism of our Sun where we find our real sense of peace and Centre.

Yet, in order for us to find lasting happiness and satisfaction our Sun is the most important planet in our chart.

The most accessible information is the Sun sign. Most people are happy to tell you their date of birth even if they prefer not to tell you the year they were born. Let’s look at some of the important stories of each star sign here.

Is your Heart in it?

The Sun is the natural ruler of Leo and the 5th house. Physiologically it rules our heart. Our desires change through the course of our lives, but the heart of who we are looks the same from childhood through our lives. Everything we desire must at least look like it will lead us to our Sun – to fulfillment, or else we will not desire it. Venus points to our values but it is our Sun that is the source of where these values manifest from in the first place. Sometimes we make mistakes about what desires to desire at all. When working with teams at the office understanding someone’s Sun sign can be very helpful. Likewise, in relationships a close look at Sun signs can tell so much more than the usual compatibility entertainment books convey.

For example, Virgo rules the 6th house of health and employment. The 6th house, from a deeper Sun point of view represents ‘becoming whole’ and the Virgin, the glyph that represents Virgo means ‘integrity’ – in this case integrity of body/mind/soul/spirit in order to become whole. This is usually done through integrating all areas of our lives including health and employment. When relating to a Virgo it is a mistake to look at them and simply give them time to read because they like to read. Why do they like to read? Many Virgo’s surprise their partners by their propensity for energetically pursuing their sex life as well as their education, or for shifting from critic to the joker of the party. Who is this Virgo person? Virgo’s, like all signs, will use the vehicles of their ascendant as well as the quadruplicities and elements of their charts in the areas they fall. But all Virgo’s have one thing in common. They must act with integrity in order to be fulfilled and their reasons for their likes and dislikes will come back to this. Don’t give a Virgo the task of analysing the figures and nothing else if you want to keep them just because they enjoy figures. You have to find out what it is about your company that contributes to their Sun’s journey towards integration.

On the other hand, a Leo must be the centre of the world stage during this life time. They must give out their own sunlight. This can happen on many different levels but they must be allowed to shine. And each Sun sign has a core Sun need that must be realised, even if they themselves do not realise this as yet.

Each Sun has a need to express itself through understanding how to do this. When we look at all the sun signs together we see an emerging pattern of one whole, each important along the way, each containing the knowledge of Self for different incarnations. We all have every sign and house and planet therefore the central core or Sun of each sign holds meaning for us – even though our own Sun will reveal our individual ‘prize’ – at the final cell of our run in the maze.

in Aries

1st house – “I am”. Although it may seem like Aries’ need to be the centre of attention in actuality they just need to be able to act without any justification other than that they ‘are’ and therefore have a right to be.

in Taurus

2nd house – “I own”.

Although it may seem like Taurus’ needs to be covered in merchandise these Suns need to find their place in the earthly realm of manifestations. They recognise themselves through recognising and appreciating things. What is beautiful? They test the value of themselves – taken for granted, and not up for dispute, by Aries.

in Gemini

Gemini’s “I think” begin to converse and move around with things and people, and they have a need to satisfy their curiosity and express themselves unretarded by feelings or consideration of others. Largely amoral they should not be fettled in by others’ beliefs or feelings but pursue their own (very) fast pace.

in Cancer

Cancer’s moody ebb and flow belies it’s need to be at one with mother nature the moon herself. ‘Mothering’ in this respect can mean a bush fire or a hurricane – anything to bring the earth through necessary change and growth. This will include side-stepping like the crab towards this end, a habit that seems strange to non-Cancers.

in Leo

Leo, we’ve already said, is the Lion and Lion’s are sad if they can’t earn the position of leader of the Pride. Leo must “shine”.

in Virgo

Virgo’s we’ve already said, must be at one with their sense of “integrity” – they judge themselves more than you could ever judge them and theirs is the only verdict they will follow anyway at the end of the day. They won’t be happy until they do.

in Libra

Libra must have balance and harmony and here we begin linking opposite signs. Libra has the task of taking a fully integrated human being (thanks to Virgo) and making them able to communicate successfully with another fully integrated human being. No small task but Libra knows how to do this. Libra’s word is “relating” and “harmony” is necessary because without this neither will listen to the other long enough to start the process. This Venus Sun seduces its opposite Aries into calm, to enable Scorpio to “transmute” through its desire nature what was two into an entity of one (relationship). Libra must harmonise.

in Scorpio

The value found in Taurus is desired and made one within Scorpio. In the 8th house of Scorpio Sun, nothing obstructs growth, not danger, not even death. Scorpio’s must be allowed to explore these realms and do their bit to reveal that from the ashes new growth springs.

in Sagittarius

Sagittarius takes its opposite Gemini’s findings and “expands” it on the largest scale it can find, placing the newly grown being of Scorpio on the larger stage of “philosophy” and the cosmos itself, and forces it to new horizons to learn learn learn, for it will need all knowledge in order to become the Statesman of Capricorn’s 10th house.

in Capricorn

Capricorn’s Sun must have “respect” in a public way. It must lead through a carefully constructed system. Capricorns often only ever come to this place late in life because they are not here egoicly but for the good of all -in material practical earthy service to the masses. They have earned the respect bestowed upon them because they have put in the work necessary – and understood broadly enough (9th house Sagittarius) to have earned the right to say their system is good for most people.

in Aquarius

Aquarius takes the shining Leo and makes this King realise that the greatest leaders do not shine in themselves but are in fact one of the people, a “social” force. If the Capricornian system is not for the good of all then it is the Aquarian who must tear it down and join the masses so that they become one again in Pisces.

in Pisces

In Pisces we come full circle as we all blend as one larger unit, not one group within a unit forming larger and larger groups but the ultimate in one group – in one whole – where we are all equal. The sign of the fishes is very Christian because the nature of Christianity is that of Tippereth, the Sun of each, merging together, in the whole human race.

Your Sun sign is your very core of vitality. However, it is more your potential rather than your existence. When searching for your own core values, (and you may be doing this using neuro-linguistic programming), it will be your Sun sign that will illuminate those core values for you. If your beliefs do not lead to your Self – these core values – then conflict will occur. We learn through conflict or ease. It doesn’t matter which you choose but you might like to consider choosing ease rather than conflict if you have got into the habit of thinking it is all too hard.