2.11 Introduction to Venus

Kabbalistic Astrologer Will Parfitt writes of Venus – “Venus / Netzach: Discovering the mysteries of loving sexuality and Venusian energies; unselfishness; increasing artistic creativity.”

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and ruler of the house of values, the second house of material possessions through the sign of Taurus. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, in the natural 7th (relationships with anOther) and 2nd (values – that which we desire to possess) houses of the astrological wheel of life. Venus corresponds Kabbalistically with Netzach, feelings, active desire, across from Hod (Mercury) thinking and expressing discussed above. But Venus’ gifts run deeper than even loving relationships and the acquisition of wealth for it is within the essence of both these areas that the true nature of this planet can be perceived.

Astrologically, it is important to note that the ‘collective’ or ‘outer’ planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are usually ‘grounded’ by the ‘personal’ planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Uranus is referred to as ‘the higher octave of Mercury’ since it’s vibration is one of ‘logic’, albeit an illuminated logic too bright for our perceptions. (refer back to Fixed Air of Aquarius quadruplicity in the first section to remind yourself of this energy.) Neptune is considered the ‘higher octave of Venus’. The stuff of music from the Gods, experienced by song writers who may have captured this essence through the use of hallucinogenic drugs in the 60s, were a direct confrontation with Neptune. These outer planets can be ‘mind blowing’ or ‘strike us with lightening’ if we seek to make direct contact without some vibration which will help us to perceive them.

In order to understand unconditional Love which is that love pertaining to Neptune, we need to work through Venus. This is why the Astrology of this book is called “Venusian”. It is about Value, in this case the Value of every Human Being.

But what is the value of every human being if we are all so very different? It is through our value systems that we learn more about our humanity writ large. This may seem a paradox and of course this is to be expected and is in fact the reason why we can’t approach the value of being human directly through Neptune’s energy itself. For example Venusian Astrology is able to link with Neptunian Christianity (Christianity resonates with Neptunian “Love” – the Holy Spirit) where Mercurial Astrology (the lower octave and the one within our reach through Air) trying to fathom Uranian insight is unable to speak the same language as Christianity, because Christianity is largely a water (emotive) discourse. Neptune (although debated in some circles) is Kether (at the head) of the Kabbalistic spheres. This may not seem like really useful astrology to you at this point but consider this: How useful can Astrology be as a system as long as it is fundamentally seen to oppose (through miscommunication and misuse) the Neptunian virtues which Religion aspires to? Venus is a personal planet and through her we can begin to provide astrology with a home which aids us in manifesting the Divine in our lives and recognizing the Divine in ourselves and in others. In this way we VALUE / LOVE our neighbour as our self. Venusian Astrology is presently a useful perspective, even a necessary one, if we are ever to allow astrology into our repertoire of useful tools otherwise our perspectives on Religion will always obstruct its use and retain the walls of fear which surround any real use of the baby within its often murky bathwater.

A small note about religion. Venus is represented by the Pentagram, the five pointed star that “Religious” people fear as the symbol of the Devil, or “Lucifer”. Venus is indeed Lucifer, the light bearer, the star that shone over Jesus Christ’s birth. The planet that to the ancients moved from view to the depths below the earth, thus causing the myth of heaven earth and hell to begin to emerge. This five-pointed star (symbolising Venus’ unusual movement) was also an early symbol of what it meant to be “Catholic” which means Universal. The boat was badly missed for us but perhaps we have grown enough to realise that it is not about good and bad but about becoming whole in ourselves so that we can become whole together. John Lennon sang “…imagine no religion..” – hopefully if enough of us imagine this then we may avert the lack of value placed on ourselves and each other. Venusian Astrology is fundamentally the Value of every human being. You cannot value yourself as a human being without valuing everyone else. You cannot value everyone else without valuing yourself. Locating and cognitively imprinting this value eventually equates with peace on earth, the hope of every religious momentum but not religious politic.

This is the most important value you can embed into your neural wiring and the one most lacking today in our world. Once this is embedded things will change, as if by magick, because Mercury will be directed to go to work! And Mercury, as we have just seen, is a very fast worker!

So let’s meet Venus – Beauty.

Venus is Beauty, but our connotations of what Beauty is may prove superfluous rather than essentially Venusian.

A few years ago I asked the question : ‘What is the Value of Human Beings?’ The responses I elicited from others were full of choices made by various groups of human beings who offered no fundamental ‘essence’ of value and therefore did not equate all human beings as equal. On the contrary the responses were all biased towards the belief systems aligned with by the individuals I asked. In short, the Order to which these individuals aligned themselves (Saturn) provided the responses for the Individuals themselves. Everyone offered me the ‘value’ of the things which they saw as valuable, not the value of themselves. The closest essence of value was that since God is valuable and we are like God then we are valuable. But several people’s religious views differed and so did their God. It was within Astrology that the Value of being human, as common to us all provides an answer we can contemplate. For astrology is a system which is without prejudice of behaviour in terms of value. It matters not whether you attain great earthly heights, or rise to martyrdom in absolute giving of yourself where astrology is concerned, only whether or not you are true to yourself in either case. For every one of us has value within this mathematically prescribed blueprint and each one of us is vital to every other one of us, because of our differences.

If your chart reveals your need to be the martyr then all the gold in the world will not make you happy. And so, by giving it away you only sacrifice for greater gain for yourself. But if the material is necessary for your life’s work then by not directing your gold into your own work you will have little impact upon those around you. In Shakespeare’s words : “To Thine Own Self be true and then it follows Thou cans’t be untrue to any other”. Or in biblical terms : “Love Thy Neighbour as Thy Self”. If you are true to anOther, but untrue to yourself then you are not fulfilling the last part of God’s commandment. Since astrological charts differ then ‘being true to yourself you cannot live by another’s desires, regardless of their political status, and neither can you expect them to live by yours.”

Herein lies our introduction to Venus in our lives and especially into our using astrology as a system which might benefit us. We have already seen how we all share every planet, sign and house in the astrological wheel. So, we are all the same. We are made up of the same parts. However, our mix is different and so we are all unique. We are equal yet unique. No-one is more valuable than any other. We are all valuable. We each have the ability to co-create ourselves in our ever-changing and transmuting opportunities. Some of us can help others with different parts that come more easily or are on-path for us rather than a distraction. We all work together and embrace the change that our Whole Integrated Wills combine to create.

In matters less profound, or those small situations which occur for us daily, the Venus vibration manifests through affection and adornment. Hermetic and other Medical Astrologers announce Venus as an antidote for Saturn afflictions, as is exemplified in the wearing of a copper (since Venus vibrates within this metal) bracelet for forms of arthritis (arthritis according with the Saturnian vibration corresponding to what are considered ‘aged’ afflictions). This is just one example of recognition of planetary vibrations in our lives. It is included to exemplify just one of the many ‘coincidences’ or ‘correlations’ (for those who have studied astrology) which have proved popularly acceptable realities.

Where Venus is situated in your own astrological chart the house or area of your life attributed to this placement will be ‘valued’ by you. Do not make the mistake of confusing your path with the fundamental value of humanity first. If there is such a thing as the fall from Eden then surely our great ‘sin’ must have been undervaluing ourselves.

Venus has social grace and corresponds more to the ‘woman’ than the ‘mother’ which is Moon ‘nurturing’. Venus may be a Goddess of Beauty and Love but she is also the Harlot with Virginal integrity who is true to none other but herself. The term Virgin in olden times did not mean ‘without having had sexual intercourse’ but was attuned to an inner integrity of the Artists of Love and Love Making – not owned by any man. Today’s connotations of “whore” and “virgin” are Mercurial fallacies based on a political patriarchal construct which grew to the extent that language was moulded literally to account for cultural conditioning rather than Truth. An unhealthy Mercurial reign of jokes on humanity abound, and it is time we woke up and acknowledged the God of Tricks Mercury so we can all have a good laugh at our stupidity. The cruelest joke around is the torture and subordination of women around the world by men with faulty neural wiring.

On a lighter note, but remaining in Venus’ domain of valuing self through her ways of adornment and physical enjoyment, it is not only women who miss out on all the joys Venus can offer through learning the Art of love making but also men continue to fear and therefore cannot encourage women to teach and be taught this Art. And men continue to ‘pretend’ to last for hours on talk-back shows and spend money to have their penises enlarged because they think (Mercurially) this is what it takes to find sexual fulfillment for themselves and their partners. The Artists who do exist are not those found on talk-back shows for they know that their language does not emanate from Mercury’s wit and cleverness but must somehow contain Venus’ Value of themselves and anOther human being. Venus was born from the sperm from Uranus. Perhaps this age of Aquarius will return us to more pleasurable pastimes.

Hermetic astrologers accord Venus 1/4 of the pleasures experienced in life and therefore Venus is said to be a ‘benefic’ planet because of this. Often your value systems are not logical. Sometimes, because of conditioning you think you value something when it is actually something else you truly value, you just didn’t know it. Kabbalistically, the path between thinking (Mercury) and Desiring /Valuing (Venus) is represented in the Tarot by the Tower and anyone who has had dealings with this card will recognize a major upheaval taking place – Mars corresponds to this card in its full force. However, in the burning of the tower, its almost total destruction, you find that its foundations are intact. These are your true values accessed as you move from left to right Kabbalistically backtracking, from Hod to Netzach, from Mercury to Venus. You can start again properly, from right to left in the downward lightning strike of the kabbalistic journey once the misguided neural debris, or things in your life that are not conducive to your Sun’s journey, are rid of (whether you grieve for them or not).

When we look at working in teams and relationships we’ll use more pragmatic language according to the task at hand (e.g.. getting your team focused on the same goals as team values) but for now just keep reading and you will gain some depth to your own sense of Self as you do so. In this way you will always be aware that there is always much more happening than you initially perceive. In this way you can also emancipate yourself from the servitude of being a sheep in society. Venus demands Art as Life and bows to no-one. Embrace her and you’ll find yourself Beautiful too! Or handsome if you prefer, but it goes much deeper than this!