2.16 Jupiter and Saturn Intro

Kabbalistic Astrologer Will Parfitt writes: “Jupiter / Chesed : Discovering the mysteries of Love and the use of Jupiterian energies; peace and love awakened; stimulating the forces of abundance.”

“Saturn / Binah : Discovering the mysteries of silence and secrecy; increasing understanding; realising that all things are united.”

Jupiter expands and Saturn restricts. Jupiter brings joy and Saturn brings pain. Jupiter wants to roam in the broad vision and travelling of the Sagittarius World Citizen whose philosophies expand as far as the arrows they wish to fire.

Saturn seeks the security of conservatism and safety in the systems to hand, preferring to painstakingly climb to his pinnacle like the mountain goat, which is the symbol of Capricorn that Saturn rules.

Jupiter seeks freedom at all costs.

Saturn understands that freedom, once found, must by systemised to be maintained so that stability may enable further growth. This systemising takes time and effort.

Jupiter Loves, Saturn Understands.

Both share an awareness of existence outside the vibrations of the ‘personal’ planets.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Universe. Saturn is enclosed by nauseous gas which looks like steel rings restricting its freedom. Jupiter is glorious Zeus, fairest Judge. Words like Satan come from Saturn. Jupiter is optimistic where Saturn plays Devil’s Advocate.

Kabbalistically, Saturn lies at the highest Trinity of the Tree of life where Jupiter (at the trinity below) represents the active Love Principal joined to Mars the Will Principal, (alluded to previously). Saturn is further away from our Earth than Jupiter is, and in keeping with connotations of ‘restriction’ forms the final boundary between us and the ‘outer’ planets astrologically speaking.

Saturn represents our boundary of these two boundary planets, or two Gods, the one disposed by the other yet still enduring.

Religiously, Saturn has had some bad press because this vibration correlates with fear of that beyond the boundary. Anti-Christs act as foils to instill fear into the hearts of men and women who might question for Truth the systems in which they live. Beyond system, which is a keyword for Saturn, lies chaos and chaos is ‘evil’. Every time we meet ‘change’ in our life we feel fear. We have passed through Jupiter and reached Saturn, the gate keeper, the wall that stands between us and new horizons. The wall that is both security to us but also painful restriction for us.

Hermetic astrologers mathematically accord Jupiter one half of all joy encountered and Saturn one half of all discord. How can we make familiar, and practically apply, these vibrations in our lives so that Freedom to Be Self can be achieved? This is important since we have already discussed how ‘change’ is necessary to reach becoming Self, and any ‘change’ meets with the boundary of Saturn – i.e. constituting the need to “move out of our comfort zones” in positive thinking discourse.

It is comforting to know that God is Love, but unless this is understood on deep levels situations will arise in life that force us to come to terms with pain and suffering and the positive outcomes which can and do evolve from these situations. This is not to say that Saturn has to be painful. Saturn is “The Teacher” of Earth astrologically and if we are interested enough to learn our lessons well then we will not have to be threatened with loss of some form or another to make us learn. Sacrifice has had its meanings twisted over the millennia. Sacrifice, Magickally defined means something quite different to what we expect. Tony Willis in Magick and the Tarot describes this edict in ‘The Hanged Man’ major archana 12:

“You are going to be asked to give something up in order to have the chance of attaining something better.” (pp60).

In a Magickal Universe energy moves through different terrain and not all things come together at all times, but everything and everyone has the opportunity to move in and out of many places through the laws of physics.

Saturn astrologically can be understood better using this Magickal perspective on your own universe. Through Chaos (Uranus) and Order (Saturn) energy, and those things manifested from it, arrive and depart, through our Wills collectively as we happen to events and cause them to happen to us.

It is no good saying that all systems are bad, or do not exist in a postmodernist universe. Chaos is only one half of the picture. Order or structure is as much a gift as freedom. But Chaos is Uranus and for now we are looking at Saturn and Jupiter, because it is through these two that we can come to understand, and usefully use our understanding, in order to live our Human lives.

We are now leaving our more accessible personality imbuing planets of Venus, Mars and Mercury and looking at ourselves living within the Boundaries of our world as we know it, through Jupiter and Saturn.

These two hold opportunities for us to move from the person political to the grand thrust of group change and ground these dynamics in our own individual as well as group lives.

Jupiter is jolly and attracts fortune. Saturn is the shrewdness to use these gains well. Both these planets are referred to as the ‘business planets’ in astrology and a good dose of each is required by anyone hoping to succeed for long periods in business. Those interested in using astrology on the stock exchange will come to know both these planets intimately – well as intimately as is possible given they are out of our personal range.

Jupiter is not the Christ Centre, Christ is represented by the Centre of the Universe, the Sun. “Christ is within us and we are made in his likeness.” Jupiter is a temple of Love, Saturn is a great sea of Love and is correlated with the colour black, which absorbs all colours. Saturn co-rules Aquarius with Uranus and the age of Aquarius brings hope for illumination of all our worldly systems and brings opportunities for sweeping changes that are intuitively inspired by the Gods – all of us.

Jupiter can jump up and down all he likes telling us we can have everything we want but Saturn will still be there teaching us to Understand why we want the things we do, pointing towards the lightening, encouraging us to harness it for our use, not our destruction.

The house in your chart where Jupiter is will be expanded. A lot will be happening in this area for you. This will be obvious. Afflictions of Jupiter are reflected in ‘over-indulgence’, too much of a good thing. If you have Jupiter or Sagittarius in your first house then good health will prevail as long as the rest of the chart’s pattern does not oppose this vehemently, (since Jupiter’s strength of vibration accords to approximately 1/2 of all the good).

Saturn in the first house or closely conjuncting your Sun can restrict growth, and you may indeed be shorter than average. Saturn rules the skin and a first house Saturn can be reflected in skin problems, usually to the face, since the ascendant represents that which is obvious about us. In the 10th house dandruff may result. Appearances may be insignificant to many people but the outer reflects the inner and the personality too is affected by first house placements. The first house marks the beginning of projects, encounters, and life itself. Jupiter provides natives with optimism in commencing things whereas Saturn may result in depressive negativity before the project is off the ground.

These two planets are provided separate tables but consider them as a pair that has an interplay of expansion and contraction, or accumulation and consolidation, balancing each other out in a healthier growth than either might achieve on their own. And of course these planetary events are also directing you ultimately to the Centre of your Sun sign.

The areas of life that offer this contraction and expansion are represented by the house placements and themed aspects relevant to these.