2.17 Jupiter in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Jupiter Jupiter is at 9° degrees 20′ minutes of …Virgo in House 5.

Note also Saturn’s placement:

In our example chart above the Saturn ¾ is at 10° degrees 55′ minutes of ƒcancer in House 3.

The areas of life which offer this contraction and expansion are represented by the house placements and themed aspects relevant to these.

“I’m on the top of the world…” “Who will buy this wonderful morning…I’m so high I swear I could fly…” “I believe I can fly…” “The happiest millionaire…”

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter expands the I Am principal here in a joyful, spirited way. Jupiter behaving Arian can expand sexual awareness so that this Martian instinct takes on loftier, holier perspectives. There is a presence in these people which reflects Zeus, larger than life, benevolent, loving and above all fun! Zeus rules in a jolly manner and therefore those beneath him are rarely incited to revolution. Why would they? He’s oh so likeable!

However, Zeus was also an adulterer in the extreme and could be extremely inconsiderate of others if his own self-indulgence was threatened. Hedonist extraordinaire, his mating habits caused all manner of turmoil to both himself and his wife, as well as many mere mortal women (and animals) along the way. A negative Jupiter in Aries can expend enormous force that can be either sexual or warlike and this can either reveal be a great feat or a dreadful catastrophe.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter behaving in a Taurean manner is a materialist and is down to earth and practical. He retains his good humour in this Venusian sign and even accentuates his sense of responsibility. A Taurean Jupiter is opportunistic and can ground the opportunity into material wealth, or a realised value pertaining to the house (area of life) affected.

Jupiter in Taurus negatively is just a big fat bullish thunder god who wants everything his own way, owning everything and everyone possessively. From this modality you can just imagine the havoc in the house of his reign as he ever expands his own domain.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini. Where Jupiter seeks to expand philosophically, the bigger picture, Gemini prefers to maintain conscious quick progress for fun and excitement. Mentally this could pose difficult challenges. Luckily, Jupiter and Mercury both share a big sense of fun. If worked at, the expression of Jupiter in Gemini can be an amazing intellect attached to the fastest intelligence on the planet. If only they apply this to good and not evil hey?

Well Mercury did kill a turtle to make the first musical instrument and a Jupiter acting Geminian (instead of his rightful philosophical spiritual self on his good days in Sagittarius) might just not blink at having to kill several turtles to ensure the continued profits of a large communication company which has its own benefits. Get the point? Alternatively, Jupiter acting Geminian can blow apart Gemini attributes and send one into a scatterbrained activity regardless of the value of each of the components therein being scattered!

Jupiter in Cancer

A Jupiter acting Cancerian will be a joyful family benefactor, or National Icon even. This Jupiter is caring and empathetic and even mothering and nurturing too as the best mother any kid, or country, could ask for. Imagine a mother who never gets angry but manages to allow your growth in a joyful, yet workable manner? Jupiter in Cancer is exalted. Wow. What exaltation!

But negatively, that is, not applied where it needs to be applied, or even worse, totally ignored, this Jupiter will be a mess of emotional turmoil – all the turmoil of a great God being ignored by those he needs to nurture. This Jupiter will behave worse than the most afflicted Cancer Sun and several times as loudly because Jupiter overwhelms.

Jupiter here might be ever hungry and bury his emotions under lots of lard and become, well, rotund.

Jupiter in Leo

This shining Leo will often be so bright that not just a few people will benefit but many people will. This placement is found in many popular actors. Larger than life and twice as much fun this Jupiter placement will draw everyone’s attention. The stage is yours. Entertainment has a place and humour is often its own reward. This placement understands the creativity and expansive quality of life itself. Life can be abundant as easily as it can be impoverished. Why not choose the former?

The worst of Leo can be accentuated with this placement if it isn’t directed positively and happily. This fixed King of the jungle can become too big for its britches and your creations can take on gigantic proportions of ugliness! Why do you think that everyone wants to buy a sculpture of a big duck to put in their lounge rooms? You think it represents what? Oh yeah, everyone should have one if they know what’s good for them…aha.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter isn’t comfortable in Virgo however it can be a blessing, especially for an otherwise introverted Virgo. Sometimes the world needs a Virgo who is large and boisterous and confident enough to yell about his or her insight into the real essence of things. Jupiter expands everything Virgo here in this sign. There is an abundant sense of health and happy thoughts and a zeal of a spirit which infuses others with encouragement and hope. Can you imagine mighty Zeus telling all his people he will spend one day serving them? This is a very positive Jupiter in Virgo – as long as Virgo can handle the wonderful expanding infusion of energy on such a massive scale.

If not then Jupiter in Virgo can spin a person out quickly. How can you get through all the nitty gritty when you want to fly? And since Virgo is ruled by Mercury your thoughts will take flight even as you are still sitting at your desk plowing through your overload of work. Negatively, major distractions are possible which only cause you to criticize yourself harshly later on. There is a big wad of energy going on here. You have to learn how to handle this so you can benefit big time!

Check your nervous system regularly and take lots of relaxing baths so that you can really enjoy this placement without losing your nerve.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter here takes a partner with whom they can travel and explore ideals and / or learn these through each other. The Libran qualities of harmony and balance are expanded to include a philosophical baseline. Perhaps a harmony of how two very different philosophies can find a sense of harmony with each other.

Jupiter in Libra can manifest simply as taking on several partners and partying in pairs too often. Being in love with love is another negative as partners become idolised as Gods rather than known as real people. Jupiter in Libra will make a partner larger than life to meet themselves.

Jupiter in Scorpio

The sky-God flies down to Hades to explore philosophically what is taking place there. He interviews the Devil and several inmates. He then infuses each with Love and Light and talk of the skies above. He provides an invitation to all of them to visit him, through his wisdom which he leaves them in the form of an intense feeling, which might ignite their will to transmute upward rather than sideways as they had been pursuing to this point. Jupiter in Scorpio can make the ugly benevolently God-like, full of Love, where ignorance earlier prevailed. The scorpion is able to transmute – no mean feat. with Jupiter in Scorpio opportunities to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix in Scorpion metamorphosis gives a sense of pride and joy difficult to put into words for we are dealing with fixed water here not logic.

Or Jupiter in Scorpio can be the the worst of the worst. The might of Thor crushes the victims it pursues parasitically. Sexual aberrations are common and even enjoyed. A cruel God is this, even though some inner Godlike lessons are being taught. A bit like Midas all the gold (or conquests) will not satisfy if the underlying reason for the desire is not worked with…in order to soar like the phoenix described above.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter flies untainted in his own sign of Sagittarius. With full force this stallion pursues its dreams and those of everyone else. This Jupiter is his own reward – he sees himself as the gift to himself and to others. There is no exploration which is not possible. Such an immense joy this offers anyone who has this placement in their chart. Jupiter here means that there really is always a silver lining and usually it is so large that the dark clouds are eclipsed even before they have time to reveal themselves.

While others perceive this person as having their head in the clouds Jupiter knows more than can be explained or bothered to be expressed to such limited mortals. If adventure is a godly pursuit then this placement understands what this means.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can be a restless, impatient, selfish, and indulgent Zeus taking liberties. As always, energy needs direction. Or even the most pleasurable joyful manifestations can cause problems. Over-indulgent hedonism extraordinaire can manifest here. As always, there is no good and bad, just signs to an essence that prevails for you. When will you realise that Life really is this good!

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter wasn’t at all perturbed about visiting Hades (in Scorpio). However, entering the rings of Saturn is something Jupiter never wants to do. The worst thing you can do to Jupiter is restrict him and Capricorn prizes restriction for its true essence – that of patience, stability towards movement, and consolidation and grounding of wisdom for use by others. Jupiter wants to infuse with wisdom so that we are spurred on to explore it ourselves. But not everyone is an explorer who wants to enjoy the journey. Many want to actually reach the pinnacle of the mountain here on Earth. Jupiter here can provide you with the acumen (wisdom) to achieve the greatest of earthly heights in business if you combine these energies well. You can really make a difference to everyone because you can learn to ground your wisdom into concrete systems. Here Jupiter is in his fall. However, if in an angular house (especially the 10th) there is great success ordained for you!

Sometimes, the fight between these super-powers is one of too much, too little, too late, never getting it right, total destruction, the wrong system for the job, etc. etc. etc. Or a greediness which is ugly, an authority which is extreme, or you may be caught up in such a world wind of the interplay of energies of these boundary giants that your life is neither grounded nor wise – in short – you can get lost until you get this one right.

When considering systems (Saturn) mixed with benevolence and broad thinking (Jupiter) consider the interplay in the house where these giants are operating. Saturn will sit at the computer for long periods of time working with painstaking accuracy in order to create a system that might be used by others without their having to sacrifice so much of their life and their energy. The reward for Saturn must be respect, and sometimes fear. But Jupiter doesn’t do things this way. Jupiter knows that systems are important but not at the sacrifice of human beings. Jupiter is the Love principle – Chesed of the Kabbala for Kabbalists. Jupiter wasn’t the first God so it is no good flying way with Jupiter when the larger part of you – Saturn in this house – wants to stop and go through what needs to be worked at. Instead of tearing yourself apart with these Gods who are outside our personality boundaries and who we feel with greater force stop and feel their presence. Jupiter’s enormous Love energy will infuse you with the real reasons for your toil and through Jupiter Saturn’s gifts can be appreciated. Everyone of us has both these Gods somewhere remember. We all have these opportunities. Don’t judge your Jupiter and Saturn by someone else’s. And don’t you judge others’ by yours.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter loves to visit Uranus for new concepts – what fun! However, Aquarius is also co-ruled by Saturn and we have just seen some of the benefits to a positive Jupiter/Saturn coalition. Here the odds are further staked – the prize is also greater – because Uranus enters the picture. Uranus is an outer planet (past the boundary of Saturn), which offers insight through human agency. Aquarius is about freedom and liberty for all. Saturn is about grounding the systems which allow this. Jupiter is a vital benevolent energy to add to Saturn and Uranus so that the right ideologies can be the basis of a system which allows a Brotherhood of Love. Jupiter is active Love. Those with this placement have much to offer the world. This is not a personal placement but a Universal one. The person is political and therefore the outer reflects the inner. We just feel a little less in control or empowered when we compare ourselves with the greater part of which we are just one part. Microcosms and Macrocosms are not exclusive. Uranus is fixed air so has logic but not the logic of Mercury’s personal intelligence – a higher logic intuitively communicated. Jupiter here expands this faculty in the house where it is situated.

Personally, these people love love love to party party party. Group activities are fun fun fun. Is making a few people happy at parties enough for you? If it is then don’t allow others to judge this – what you do to one you do to more (Jesus said what you do unto my brother you do unto me). But if you are meant to expand this faculty in broader group pursuits then be true to yourself and go ahead and join that political or social group that is as large as you need to feel a part of.

Jupiter in Pisces

Very psychic these people have a gift of Love to give. They can scatter their magical dust on those in their vicinity and they can become Spiritual Leaders. It is very important to meditate on this placement to understand what it is that is unique to you about it. Burn purple and violet candles whilst meditating. Also, have a small bowl of water (maybe holy water if you prefer) beside the candles.

Jupiter in Pisces can be the charlatan. Neptune is illusive and a Jupiter size Pisces can play the stock exchange like a greedy self-indulgent mongrel who cannot see clearly the damage he or she is doing to many others. Jupiter in Pisces has Universal responsibilities. Drug taking or other addictive past-times can also ruin these people. They may be too judgmental also if Jupiter becomes over zealously aligned with some deluding Universal principal based on religious dogma.