2.15 Mars in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Mars Mars is at 9° degrees 5′ minutes of ƒ Cancer in House 3.

“Baby you can drive my car…” “Shake shake shake…” “…strap your hands cross my engines… I want to know love is wild babe I want to know that love is real…”

Mars in Aries

This is quite a fast engine, which revs itself up regularly, unless afflicted by difficult aspects. Mars is in its dignity here in its own sign of Aries and its nature is to move and it does. Here Mars can clean out what is no longer needed without much effort at all and move on quickly to the next stage. Mars has no fear here and nothing much gets in its way – like the giant Aries walking through town, oblivious to the occasional apple cart or human he tramples along route. Direct this Mars to your heart’s content. This is a fine willful soldier who will always provide you with the energy and courage to face any obstacles face on. Sexual energy is constant – direct it with another planet though. Drive this engine where your Sun directs and enjoy the ride! But don’t make the mistake of thinking, as some do, that your Mars is your Sun (unless your Sun is also Aries and even then there is a difference between undirected force and force directed from your Centre).

Charging ahead in full force without thinking – hmmm, sounds a little dangerous. Inconsiderate barbarian comes to mind.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is in its detriment which means that it can’t express itself as it can in Aries (above). Taurus, is about seeking Venusian values of possession. Mars here is clumsy and thoughtless. However, its positive gifts are represented by a slowed down persistent energy release which, if understood in this way, can be accepted and used to achieve grounding which is helpful for many Sun centered pursuits. Mars in Taurus is a little like a very powerful earthmoving tractor. The amount of stuff (things/possessions/valued goals) is the mud, solid rock and dirt but the vehicle itself is your Mars. This machine ain’t breaking down any time soon. It might come to a halt occasionally though. But it will start again.

As for the bulls who see red? You might like to temper your Mars with a little of something else or you won’t find true Taurean bliss.

Oh oh it came to a halt. And you are standing there looking at it. How do you get it to start up again? Too hard, let’s watch television instead. An inert Taurus Mars can turn into a frustrated bully! So get up off your backside and shift all obstacles out of your path. Then let Venus (your natural ruler) drop her heavenly gifts upon the soil (you know she always does) made ready by Mars.

Mars in Gemini

Mercury just bought himself some fire propulsion attachments for his winged sandals so look out, there is no telling where this endless youthful energy will end up next! In the flash of an eyelid the terrain has changed. The good news is that Mercury is the best racing car driver in the zodiac and although this pace never slows down, it includes a big dose of Gemini smarts.

Because not many can live at this pace Mars in Gemini can be unfaithful, or miss things in their haste towards more and more stimulation. They can be promiscuous and even cruel to their sexual conquests. This sign can leave victims still trying to work out what actually happened – they got in the car and the next thing they knew they were many miles from nowhere – they know they experienced something amazing, something dynamic, but they are going to need to process this and it’s going to take some time. Did they have fun at all? Mars in Gemini can also be a nervous wreck if they don’t comprehend this kind of energy which is theirs to use, and won’t go away.

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer will assertively drive any emotions you care to put into the driver’s seat. Mars in Cancer will make sure you project your emotions so that you are able to know yourself through these. Cancer is a moving emotive sign and Mars is sheer force. Mars in Cancer can behave like an even crankier Cancer during those cranky cancer times. Mars in Cancer can’t hide their emotions – these are on display in giant proportions. But nurturing too is obvious – no-one would doubt this about you Mars in Cancer!

Ironically, Mars in Cancer prevents cancer-causing emotions to multiply because they can’t stay put long enough to multiply – they have to cut themselves out! You are a person in tune with your emotions and this is a rare ability. Lucky you!

Mars in Cancer can react oppositely though if other forces are present. Instead of consciously watching what’s going on with your projections of emotion you prefer to close your eyes. You become bad tempered and even nasty if you do this. When you do not pay credence to what your emotions are telling you then you will bring up stronger and stronger emotions until you do! Don’t hate yourself for such demonstrative behaviour, cherish it and reap the rewards. Otherwise, what matters to you most, the nurturing to yourself and to others, will be devastated by your lack of appreciation for your own Martian Moon Hopper. You could close down and become habitually lazy and release your Martian energy by beating up your spouse.

Mars in Leo

Imagine a Wise old Lion with the energy of youth? Now that’s how things are supposed to be with a Martian propulsion energy source! There’s no stopping this Centre of gravity him/herself! Shine baby! O.K. Where’s the camera? Follow me. This is how you do it. When I roar they all listen, with respect. Regardless of your own Sun sign this Mars will work wonders for your self worth because it is in the Sun’s natural sign here. You have all the grace and charm and strength of the Lion. Sexually you are a force to contend with, royalty, loyalty, toyalty – because you are also lots of fun!

But woe is the Martian Lion who shines only for him/herself for here the King becomes the Tyrant and Madman, eating away at his/her centre itself in an arrogantly misplaced direction. Remember Mars is just the vehicle, Leo driving badly won’t be told and can even eat its own cubs, certainly eats those of other contenders.

Mars in Virgo

Virgo needs to integrate things using an intellect which isn’t necessarily logical. When Mars provides a vehicle to do this then experiences are forced into the equation which might otherwise be able to be better controlled in this nervous sign. Again Mercury is there to race but Virgo can’t let it race freely and quickly as Gemini can. This is an earth sign which seeks to place earth in an integrated and respected position with other elements. Mars greatly assists here if understood correctly because it provides a fast vehicle that Virgo desperately needs but rarely appreciates. Mars here is made to zip around every single tree in the jungle, picking up specimens for analysis. Mars provides massive opportunities here for the Virgo who can comprehend the task of Virgo as integration. A combination of a need to integrate with a force necessary to achieve is just what this Virgin ordered!

Unfortunately, for those who do not understand this God-Given task, a viscous tongue full of criticism can be driven to break walls and sensitive others. Also, emotional frustration to an unnerving degree can cause all manner of problems sexually, from promiscuity to moralistic frigidity due to a mix-up in the integration of emotion and physical (earth) pleasure. Hypochondria might also happen here. This is a difficult placement for Mars and like Mars in Leo, its pitfalls are as treacherous as its opportunities are great. Mars in Virgo people have to love their Mars.

Mars in Libra

Just like Venus lured Mars into contentment Mars in Libra can create sexual harmony and contentment between partners. There is an observable gentleness about someone with this placement (as long as no adverse aspect blocks the placement). Mars will always move, it cannot be stopped, but here it can be softened. The car is a shiny jaguar or Lamborghini (the choice is yours as long as its sleek, beautiful and fast) which is well kept. It is a smooth ride through the finer things of life, including partnerships. Life doesn’t have to be hard.

Like Mars under Venus’ spell this is a very happy Mars. His passions are rewarded here. He wins battles and maidens here. Unless, it isn’t going so smoothly then this beautiful jaguar will move without a driver and crash into your partnership and the rough will overtake the smooth in the running of your partnership. Instead of finding your partner beautiful then, because of your inner turmoil mixed with Libra’s need for harmony, you will find your partner even vulgar and uncouth and shut down and move out. Venus cannot tolerate uncouthness and she will either make Mars beautiful or leave him.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is in its dignity in Scorpio, as co-ruler of this sign. This is a vehicle which is powerful enough to burrow deep into the earth to find the riches which will allow its re-entry into the earth above to be all the more dynamic. Intense, courageous, powerfully resourceful, this Mars is focused and driven with acute control. Whatever you desire so shall it be – you’ll make sure.

This is powerful energy and in our current climate women too with this placement are learning how to use it instead of projecting it, remaining the power behind the throne.

But if you are scared of yourself then the intensity of this Mars can just as easily cause you to over-manipulate to the state of controlling others, instead of getting to know and enjoy them. This can be lonely and you can encounter cycles of going underground on your own and coming up and dispensing with (perhaps through revenge) anyone who gets in your over-controlled way of life. And you can end up alone and lonely and full of sexual conquests but your deep needs for emotional fulfillment will never have been tapped. You are a control freak. Everybody knows this. People are still in awe of you but you are a catastrophe waiting to happen and no-one wants to be around when it does.

Mars in Sagittarius

A Sagittarian Mars can move for the sake of movement, and explore for the sake of exploration, whatever ideal it is inspired by. This Mars vehicle moves in pockets of benevolent zest towards its own star. Sexually it can combine heaven and earth in a sacred union or it can divert sexual energy into religious pursuits or athletic endeavours. Mars in Sagittarius is the Centaur, strong horse at its base with muscles which accommodate endless journeys, and wise glorious head which can raise the stakes of anything physical. Mars here is Jupiter/Zeus when he turned himself into a horse and coupled with a mare. Sagittarius has few boundaries and Mars is only force. This horse got himself into all sorts of unions and made all sorts of retarded monsters. But what a thing of beauty is the fastest horse on the planet? Pegasus was a hybrid too and no-one thinks him ugly. Sagittarius has a way of finding beauty in anything and sexually Mars will be happy here.

Negatively though the beast can lead the head and non-committal sexual adventures, or zealous religious dogma can result. Mars here provides the momentum for sporting excellence. Physical pursuits of all kinds can be had in an effort just to disperse the energy into something which is more extreme than the usual. Dare devil acts can provide the adrenalin rush which diverts this person from realising the more positive expansive opportunities of this placement.

Mars in Sagittarius can learn that the enjoyment of the extreme sport is one thing but chasing adrenalin release for the sake of it is perhaps a wasted attribute when there is so much to be done on our planet to help ourselves and each other.

Mars in Capricorn

A Capricornian Mars vehicle is steady and persevering and structured. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means that, although it does not fire straight forward like the Mars in Aries, it moves very well. Capricorn is moving earth and Mars coloured by moving earth creates a solid land rover which is able to move over unsteady terrain and remain intact. Structuring from the foundations upward this Mars is one of achievement through effort. It’s pace is not the racing car, nor the explosive space shuttle, but its power is long lasting and almost impenetrable. It’s almost as if nothing can stop it from its rightful success.

Negatively though this placement can take the limelight from the rest of the chart. It is so reliable for the person who owns it that they can develop a trust in their focus towards achievement in whatever house this falls, to the detriment of other houses. Mars here is rarely expressed sexually and this is one area which suffers if not considered consciously and with feeling. There can be a real coldness to this Mars which is a contradiction in terms and doesn’t have to be at all. Sometimes it just takes a little awareness of issues to correct them. Since Mars is exalted here all things can be fixed with the same tenacity that this Martian vehicle supplies to reach other objectives.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is an intellectual vehicle but vehicles aren’t actually intellectual at all, which poses all manner of problems before one can actively consciously accept the blessings of this placement rather than unconsciously manifest the negatives. The positives are based on an intuitive insight into the social world as a pulsating body in itself with all its parts vitally alive and dynamic. Mars in Aquarius can actively seek to manifest some of the nature of this situation in whatever house it falls. For example, in the ninth house a vocation in public relations could be successful since this placement will carry this person into the intuitive trends of the masses. Inventors can benefit from this placement which affords access to a higher logic pertaining to human beings. There is originality and enterprise available to the person with this placement who can tap into it. But both of these require help from Mercury or your Sun to transpire. A Mars in this placement will merely provide the force. There will always be themes to our charts and so it would be very rare for anyone to just have Mars in Aquarius without any aspects or directive theme to steer the impulse. However a pure impulse would be someone who prefers to go out in groups than in couples, someone who can’t bare to be alone and maybe someone who has such a strong freedom impulse that they either relate to everyone the same or move through people without remembering their names.

There is a possibility with this placement that you can get your insight mixed up with other cognitive systems because it is not able to be grasped at a more mundane level. When this happens you can become stubborn in ideas which are simply rebellious within the same paradigm as those with whom you think you are seeking emancipation from. Aquarius, being a fixed air sign, once ideas are embraced they can be carried through to the extreme here because one is used to acting (mars) alone (Aquarius individuality) and sometimes won’t let go until one is proven mad and then too much damage is done. Mars, as always, represents an energy which is a constant. Don’t blame Mars. Any aggression is just frustration here brought about by a stubbornness which is the real problem, not the energy, which is exceptionally beneficial in this instance when one can transcend the nature of having to consciously know the how of things and simply allow intuitive leaps.

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces can provide spiritual stamina on behalf of the collective Love principal, joining Neptune (as higher octave of Venus) with Martian action. For ardent romantics or spiritual gurus this placement offers a vehicle, like that of Mars in Aquarius, which is higher than conscious logic or even conscious values. Mars is active and this overwhelming energy force has a potency which provides inspiration for the artist and musician and can propel them to spread their art widely.

Mars in Pisces can be the dominatrix in the bedroom in the barbaric interplay of sadomasochism which, instead of realising the Love principal inherent in the heart of humanity shames the human spirit in very unholy martyrdom. Mars in Pisces is Christianity gone wrong through the bad intervals of its history. Mars in Pisces negatively is a sick soul which cannot grasp a way out of its nebulous madness.

There is some link to homosexuality with this placement in that the mix of Love and force are confused and can lead to events in life occurring that make heterosexual relationships difficult.

Mars in Pisces can stab itself with needles to drug its senses thinking that this is something to be glorified without realising its own delusion. This is the lost soul who cannot save itself but needs others to teach it the lesson which it could have positively taught others – that we are all inseparable from each other and what one of us does affects us all. We need each other. We are one. As usual those who resonate with the outer illusive energy of Neptune need to pay close attention to themselves as humans through the personal planets, especially Mars.

The above occur in the areas of life which correlate to their house placement.