2.10 Mercury in Houses

“…Isn’t it funny how you reach me. You call me up when I am thinking…” “…thinking about you you think about me…” “…Say the word and my soul shall be healed…” “And you shouldn’t blow the chance if you’ve got the chance to say…I Love You…” “I think therefore I am”

Mercury in 1st House

Means that focusing on your own methods of communication provide means of support for your Sun’s evolution.

Mercury in 7th House

Means that focusing on communicating with partners will provide lessons that assist your Sun centre.

Mercury in 2nd House

Means that thoughts and communication about values and possessions hold lessons for understanding the difference between matter and integrated fulfillment.

Mercury in 8th House

Means that focusing on death, consolidation of resources, inheritances, spiritualism, sexual transformations etc will provide the opportunities to realise the most positive of your Mercury’s attributes.

Mercury in 3rd House

Means that siblings, short distance transport, writing, local media, communication equipment all provide the opportunities for your Mercury to support your sun’s quest.

Mercury in 9th House

Means that travel in foreign countries, or journeying inward through different religions or academic pursuits provide the means by which Mercury may aid your sun’s quest.

Mercury in 4th House

Means that home, security of foundations, perhaps industries associated with the earth, including mining, real estate etc will provide opportunities for your Mercury to support your sun’s quest.

Mercury in 10th House

Means that the public domain will be open to communication throughout your life and you will learn valuable lessons through this area. Public speaking engagements may be useful.

Mercury in 5th House

Means that thoughts of creativity, mental dexterity and maybe even being good with your hands if your Art form is such a craft, will provide opportunities for Mercury to assist your sun’s journey.

Mercury in 11th House

Means that hopes, dreams and wishes and socialising in general will offer opportunities for communication and expression of thoughts whereby growth is possible.

Mercury in 6th House

Means that thinking is closely linked to health. Integration of thought patterns understood provide a wisdom which supports the Sun becoming Self. The 6th house focuses thoughts on integrity of being, which helps prioritise your Sun’s true journey.

Mercury in 12th House

Means that in the hidden unconscious realms Mercury finds pots of gold which magically (to others) allow miracles to ensue for any Sun that is able to tap into these areas. Also, more pragmatically, therapy may prove invaluable since Mercury here is able to elucidate that which is otherwise hidden, because Mercury is an accessible personal planet.