2.9 Mercury Signs

Mercury in the Signs

Mental ability and expression of same occurs very quickly when Mercury is working well. This expression has a task as support to the Sun’s centering and expression process. Mercury may do this locating and processing the thoughts and communication strategies that provide the best environment for your own, or others’ particular Sun. Remember, the Mercury expression is also a part of you as well as being a support mechanism to realise your Sun. The goal is to integrate all parts into one whole through an alchemical process of refinement of Self. The Sun reveals the path’s focus, even though it may sometimes seem out of reach and therefore not relevant during parts of the journey being undertaken, especially during difficult aspects. Sometimes the road ahead is not a straight line. Sometimes you have to lose sight of the goal in order to get through the challenges required in themselves. Mercury is never far away from the Sun and can offer all manner of ways (like Hermes did) to save Sun Gods and Mortals alike who have been captured or have just strayed. There is no emotion attached here, just clever common sense and a quick acting helpful brain to manouvre where others fear to tread. And for some Magick.

“…Isn’t it funny how you reach me. You call me up when I am thinking…” “…thinking about you you think about me…” “…Say the word and my soul shall be healed…” “And you shouldn’t blow the chance if you’ve got the chance to say…”


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Mercury Mercury is at 6° (6 degrees) 20′ minutes of Taurus in House 1.

Mercury in Aries

The martial artist thinks and moves in perfect integration. His or her thoughts are his or her movements and vice versa. Mercury here acts positively to assert Sun-Self’s position with immediate frankness.

The martial artist practices the harnessing of thoughts and actions. The manifestation of a Mercury in Aries acting negatively is the aggressive mouthy thug. Such defensiveness, rather than working in support of the Sun centre actually sets one up for falls and potential loss of self esteem which propels the aggression, rather than assertive nature of this placement, further into a damaging defensive cycle. After a number of blows the person realises that their strength lies in knowing when and who to fight and why they fight in the first place. All roads lead to the same path – to the Sun (the Will), accepting full responsibility for your own part in co-creating the kind of world we all live in.

Mercury in Taurus

The positive aspect here is represented through sensible and thorough thinking in an earthy manner. Mercury here is also romantic, especially if situated in the fifth or seventh houses.

Mercury in Taurus may use their speech stubbornly. Mercury in Taurus will often make lovely singers and good writers. Taurus rules the throat and there may even be problems with the throat, unable to express self, or bullish communication may result. All these things are signposts towards your Sun (your Will) and your fulfillment or sense of being on path.

Mercury in Gemini

The positive Geminian Mercury is Mercury in its own sign, agile, quick-thinking, fast and fluent and eloquent in speech, able to speak through obstacles with a single bound, leaps over tall difficult vocabularies with ease and finesse. This little planet is well equipped to provide an easy fun passage for any Sun if it is kept busy doing so.

Mercury in Gemini strong and flowing (as long as there are no obstructions by aspect) is a logical flow at odds with perhaps an earth, fire or water Sun centre, which finds it difficult to locate itself anywhere except through its own powerful logical head thoughts. Why? Again, the signposts are everywhere to be found in these situations.

Mercury in Cancer

Cancer Mercury speaks in tones that nurture others. There is often a good memory since Cancer is bound up in the past, the roots of life. There is an active imagination with this placement which can dream a logical future, which can aid the actualisation of goals and desires of the Sun centre.

Mercury in Cancer can also be a snappy, cranky Cancer crab. All thoughts focused on home and security can cloud a restless Sun. There may also be a projection of this to others, a fearful communication pattern can emerge as thoughts of the Sun conflict with the thoughts that make up the cognition itself. If both Sun and Mercury are in the same sign, or same element at least, things are a lot easier (not necessarily more beneficial but a lot easier).

Mercury in Leo

The lion or lioness roars loudly with Mercury in Leo. Thinking takes on dramatic proportions at times, always enjoyable though. This kind of thinking pattern is an excellent aid for learning to love one’s self, so vital in the journey of realisation of any Sun.

Mercury misbehaving in Leo can annoy others with its flamboyance if all the drama is just that. And any rejection may be turned inward or outward, causing the same level of damage that the King of the Jungle himself can deal. What happens when another lion decides to take over? This can be a loud demise for those who do not learn to harness this wonderful expression of Mercury, one which can provide a brilliant support for any Sun given the Sun naturally rules Leo.

Mercury is thinking. Leo is how you think when Mercury is in it. Mercury is the expression of communication. Leo is how you express this communication. This just may be Mercury working with Apollo or playing games with Apollo. Leo’s usually have a good sense of humour – perhaps because Mercury is never too far away from the Sun in any case.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is very happy in Virgo. Virgo is said to contain Mercury at its purest, most intellectual. In Virgo, integration, not fast-paced thinking at all costs, is important. Discernment with good manners and great service is what you get here and this is what you can give your own Sun sign if you understand this placement. Mercury here, instead of busily darting here and there must dart around every tree in the forest, absolutely necessary for Virgo who demands nothing less and so the hand-maiden in service has Mercury her consort aiding her in her efforts. This Mercury has not been left to his own devices but is directed by a Virgo need for integration. A Mercury in Virgo may often speak softly but there will be some indication of the school marm in the softness.

Mercury in Virgo can be critical and over-analytical, paying too much attention to pedantic points that miss the bigger picture. Seeing Mercury reduced to this is difficult because the God of humour must do something to escape and in doing so Virgo Mercury may look the fool. This is unfortunate because this is a placement that can be a great blessing.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra provides the harmony that people adore. Like Venus herself, this is a beautiful placement for Mercury. Mercury here wants to find the balance, which will allow a fair playing ground for any Sun’s centre to come out and play on. Your own and others.

Mercury in Libra can prevent assertion by a Sun’s centre because it doesn’t wish to go anywhere near conflict. Sometimes, disagreement can be viewed as too horrid to encounter and stunt a Sun until it becomes an indecisive weakling. A Mercury in Libra with Sun in Scorpio could knot the throat literally when heavy words need to be spoken. Alternatively, this tongue can flow venom as if it is a thing of beauty.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio can pack a powerful punch at any sales or business meeting. The force of the Scorpion Mercury can force mountains to move, change to be realised, and depths of Sun centre’s to be proudly shuttled to the surface of any person.

Mercury in Scorpio can cause as much damage as is proportionate to the good that is possible. Total destruction unleashed through thoughts and words with the Magickal curse of Hermes’ dark side. People get hurt when little boys play with powerful racing cars.

Thoughts may be filled with powerful transformations such as sex, death and birth. If we create and become, or “move towards that which we think about” (an Neuro-Linguistic Programming edict) then it is likely such thoughts will lead us into places where others fear to tread. If your Sun wills this, this is a powerful helpful thing. If not then where are the signposts here? They will be there.

Scorpio is about creating something greater than the sum of its parts by combining two whole things unto each other to create a new entity. Mercury is a process that wanders and moves very fast, plays tricks and laughs a lot. It is amoral and will save or destroy with equal ability and here it is directed by a fixed water sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius can wander all over academia finding supporting evidence for their own Sun sign’s views, enabling the evolution of a true vocation for their Sun.

But what happens when Mercury is thinking about travelling when it’s Capricorn Sun is crying out for slow climbing to the top or its Cancer Sun just wants to stay home and look after the kids? There are ways to harness a Sagittarian Mercury without chaining it mercilessly and losing the very optimistic overview which will make your Sun’s quest full of joy. This Mercury is one loved by many and one which also infuriates those who are unable to wear a smile on their face or say such optimistic things quite so often!

A Sagittarius thinker (Mercury) is an anthropologist of the mind. Planes, trains, automobiles or on foot this Mercury doesn’t dart in and out of close places it conceptually wanders the mental realm whilst moving between different cultures and thought systems, reading varied subjects, and speaking to many different kinds of people from different cultures.

A Sagittarius Mercury will always see the big picture and therefore it is easier for these people to be much more optimistic because they know that even the largest problems can be solved if thought about correctly.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn is deliberate and sure-footed. The mind and the mouth will be able to structure communication that other Mercurys will not achieve. Diplomacy may include painful rhetoric at times but will be structured so that it can be accepted by those it needs to mentally infect. Mercury in Capricorn understands patience and system and can think a skeletal framework within which your Sun centre may thrive.

Mercury in Capricorn can mean Depression with a capital “D” as Mercury himself, a quick moving planet, is forced to play “student” to old man Saturn who sometimes just expects that discipline and good sense will suffice to ensure Mercury behaves.

Mercury will do its best to pull this mountain goat away from its toil so that it can show it that there can be a lot of fun to be had, or it can work with it finding the fun in creating systems and statesmanship.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury meets its higher octave Uranus when it is placed in Aquarius. This provides the higher insight link with conscious logical conclusion with which Mercury is so adept. With a modicum of trust in one’s own intuition this placement can be enormously beneficial, even prophetic and inventive and these attributes, working in support of any Sun centre are obviously a blessing!

Mercury in this position can cause radical thought patterns and rebellious outbursts of language in the most inappropriate places. Mercury in Aquarius can also manifest not only as dispassionate feelings, but downright non-caring for any individual and only focus on a group effort, in a shallow feeling, yet higher logic manner that can be inflexible. This might work to everyone’s advantage as long as it is a purist kind of intuition but make sure you are aware of any aspects to both Mercury and Uranus, and keep Mercury in check for game playing before you set out to conquer the world for others’ benefits or the emancipation might just be at too great a cost.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces can provide a conscious link to the psychic realm. It can reveal an understanding of how matter is formed, how ideas are spread, or even how life itself is weaved by the fates themselves. A wealth of ancient oceanic knowledge is felt in powerful ways and can be utilised consciously with this placement because Mercury provides a direct link to your thoughts and words.

The Medium of Pisces is different to the Medium of Scorpio because Pisces is able to thrive in a constantly moving reality where nothing is real because nothing is constant, therefore lies aren’t important and what they channel is not always discerned before letting it through if this is the case. Sometimes they may channel or speak while under the influence. Mercury in Pisces can be those who cannot speak until they have a few drinks under their belt.

Just as the powerful assets apply, the liability of this placement is nothing short of madness if other aspects in the chart also link the outer planets to the inner, overwhelming the individual. Mercury itself needs to be understood on its own terms before one can evolve enough to appreciate its Pisces flavour to the fullest extent. Writing poetry might help in the interim to express this energy, decreasing its potency, until you learn what to do with it.

Pisces is where all become one. The Martyr is revered here because there is no egoic value of the Will of the Whole person prior to the merge. Like the super organisms of ants and bees individuals are dispensable – in thought and word at least.