2.8 Mercury Intro

The ‘Personal’ Planets Mercury, Venus and Mars

Will Parfitt in The Qabalah writes of Mercury / Hod – “…Discovering mysteries of information systems and Mercurial energies; truthfulness; greater ability to communicate clearly.”

Mercury is a small planet, which orbits nearest to the Sun. Its orbit is approximately a degree a day like the Sun’s astrological equation through the Signs. Its speed of passage is indicative of the ‘dexterity’ of Gemini (the Sign which it rules). Mercury’s qualities vibrate through thoughts and communication.

It is never far away from our Sun. If it is placed before the Sun (moving anti-clockwise from house to house consecutively) popular Astrology books will explain that we ‘think first and then act’, whereas if it is placed after the Sun we may ‘put our foot in our mouth’ or ‘act first and think later’. It is through the vibrations of Mercury that “I think therefore I am” for the thoughts you think at any given time will draw to you those vibrations which correspond to them. Modern positive thinking techniques refer to the ‘reticular activating system’ of the brain which, upon thinking about buying a blue car, sees several other ‘blue cars’ with greater frequency. In Magickal terms ‘verbal magick’ lies within the domain of Mercury. (However, Mercury, or Hermes is said to be the instigator of Magick in a more encompassing fashion than just this manifestation.)

In myth, Mercury, or Hermes (the Greek equivalent) was born to Zeus and a mortal woman. He was born in a cave. Astrologer Liz Greene retells this ancient Greek myth in prints from her lectures in discourses based on the combined Jungian archetypal psychology and Astrology. On the first day of his life Mercury (Hermes) managed to steal Apollo’s cows and create the first musical instrument, the lyre, by killing a turtle and using its shell. Upon returning Apollo’s cows, even though he ‘glued’ their feet to the ground, (in fun of course), he ‘promised’ never to steal them again and was made the God of Oaths. The quality of Mercury is humour and cleverness. As the God of Communication he travelled with wings on his feet through Hades, Earth and Olympus, turning himself into smoke to move through keyholes as he adventurously spent his time rescuing other Gods and mortals from imprisonment. He became a favourite of Zeus (Jupiter) despite his often ‘unvirtuous by some standards’ expressions of being. To Saturn the teacher he is the eternal Student. Everything is possible if you think it is and thinking is analogous with ‘Hod’ Kabbalistically rather than ‘Netzach’ which is the Venus’ feeling/desire nature. Herein lies some insight into the treasures and the pitfalls of this vibration in our lives.

Hermes is the Magician of the occult, the child with power, the trickster and the God of merchants. Through his telling of lies he learned to speak the truth and accepted the accolade as a truth teller. The twins of Gemini elude to some insight into the amoral reality of both our ways of thinking and the very system of our cognition.

Studies into the Science of Mind, (a child of cognitive science), have shown that we will ‘trick ourselves’ into believing lies in order to biologically avoid cognitive dissonance, (which can range from confusion to an extreme inability to place a truth in our scheme of beliefs and thus cause a mental, and physical, breakdown). This is an important area of study for all aspiring Magicians but it is also of paramount importance for all of us to comprehend for there can be no peace on earth until we come to terms with the way we and others impact the co-creations of our own minds. Tolstoy wrote that there are very few ‘free thinkers’ in the world for they are all overshadowed by their strong commitments to ideologies that make associated mental connections that prevent ‘truth’ from being discovered. Anyone who has ever studied the art of argument must be disappointed in our political systems that force policies through by ignorant fallacious arguments that superficially maintain enough associative rhetoric that most of us choose to allow it. In our current world we give a great deal of worship to Mercury but it is our Venusian value systems that hold the key to approaching Mercury in a more objective fashion. By working within Mercury (our cognition) only, we are prone to continue to kill turtles (or people) in order to maintain a value system based not on the value of human beings but rather on values that conflict with this value.

Thinking, logical, individuals who can cleverly ‘make musical instruments at the expense of a living creature’ can be cleverly destructive if their creativity is not based also on manifesting other vibrations. As a ‘personal’ planet, Mercury’s vibrations can be resonated to relatively easy. We can all ‘think’ what we want to think. If we want to ‘ask’ for a new car without considering the loss of a ‘turtle’ to get it we can successfully draw this new car into our lives through ‘affirmations’ about this car. If we want to ‘change’ our beliefs to accommodate our ‘desires’ then we can do so, through Mercury’s vibrations, through our thoughts, by writing them down – verbal magick (communication/expression). And when we say something, even if it is not true, gossip quickly sticks and creates its own reality. The pen is mightier than the sword and words are the fuel of cognition.

Where Mercury is in our charts, by house, we will find those things that we think about and/or talk about with more frequency and interest than others.

Mercury in Signs reflect the relationship with the ideas themselves. For example, Mercury in Virgo which is an earth sign will discern ideas for practicality. Mercury in Leo, a fire sign which is of ‘fixed’ astrological quadruplicity will afford some pride in the thinking process itself. The individual perceives themselves to be able to think with ‘spiritual zeal’ which is not so easily justified by earth or feeling types. A Mercury in Virgo will not be as ‘loud’ as a Mercury in Leo who is more likely to roar like the Lion. The mode of communication differences between these two may be revealed by using communication either to serve (Virgo) or lead (Leo). It is interesting to divert for one moment still using these examples, to describe the zodiacal consecutive system which affords Virgo the next position after Leo. In the realm of Leadership, leaders must ultimately learn to serve also, those they lead. Astrologically the Order of Logic within this system reveals a cycle that needs to be understood wholistically in terms of the process of the movement around the wheel from Aries through to Pisces. It is worth noting here that Mercury is dominant in our society as it constitutes the vehicle by which we motor our world, i.e. communication, by language. Nations have been conquered through language. It is time we recognized, however, that Mercury’s directives come from us because our cognition will follow our value systems.

Within relationships with others Mercury is active when ‘common interests’, modes of expression of Us, come into play. This is why many people form relationships through attending hobby classes or some gathering based on mutual interests of the group involved. But this is rarely enough to fulfill all expectations of the partners without some effort, for just like Mercury, thoughts can change without feeling and it will be necessary to have some other reasons for being together if the interests are not paramount to the individual’s Becoming themselves at the more essential Sun level. However, there is a lot to be said for communion on this level within relationships and just as thinking can change, so you can change your thinking through understanding your Mercury tendencies naturally flowing (complete with expectations) and the aspects which you might meet outside yourself manifesting as communication problems with others. In partnerships, when you find you have stopped thinking (Mercury’s job) about your partner’s good points (neglect) you can purposefully focus on these again by choice when you understand that Mercury can be asked to work for you. Your desires reveal themselves through your thoughts and especially through the shape-changing manner of these. As you change your mind, your world will usually be affected by this and events will be brought into place to align with the desires that caused this shape-changing in the first place. Public relations and other cultural conditioning mechanisms work on the level of conditioning thoughts by associating ways of being, or buying, with strong desires that your cognition is already neurally wired to seek out. If you want to be more of a ‘free thinker’ then understand the wonderful power of this mischievous God Mercury, your own cognition, but understand too that he is not your God to be served, but one who offers you the power of co-creation of our Universe. Venus’ values are the way through to Mercury’s cognition. Venus is not the end of the story either but She is accessible to us, today.

Our cognition is largely Mercurial, even though it seems solid and is certainly powerful, it can turn to smoke by our very Wills.

Check your Mercury by sign and by house in the following tables as you did for your Sun and Moon and plot these accordingly on your datasheets for yourself and for others, to continue to build your readings. Mercury is the most humorous of planets and will aid you, or distract you so why not follow through this section with a group of friends out for a bit of fun!