2.6 Moon Signs

Your moon manifests as habits. Make your habits work for you. Understand those that are redundant and childish and cultivate those that are helpful.

“Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to problems that upset you, don’t you know everything’s alright, yes everything’s fine…” Let the moon receive impulses from nature … let her hug you … fear not … everything’s alright … even when it seems strangely glowing it is not the sun.


You can continue to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Moon Moon is at 28° (28 degrees) 12′ minutes of ‚ Gemini in House 3.

Moon Moon in Aries

An Aries Sun may not be initially realised, especially if other planets, including the Moon are in less fiery, assertive positions. An Aries Moon however, will behave as if it is an Aries Sun but without the temperedness, which only comes from acting from your true Centre. Therefore Aries Moon will give you the natural rhythm of action and pioneering, which can move you towards whichever Sun sign you need to reach in order to centre and express yourself.

A Moon in Aries can be a Moon taking over. An otherwise calm person may reveal moments (rhythms) of Freud’s “ID” like demands upon others, or loud impulsive acts of temper tantrums etc.

An Aries Moon can draw you into Aries environments. If you have a strong Aquarian group theme then perhaps the groups you feel most comfortable with are fighters or dancers. Aries emotions are passionate moving fiery inspiration. If Mars itself is aspecting your Moon then strong sexual impulses may be present, or bad temperedness. A Moon Mars can also be clumsy.

Moon Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. The Moon however, moves through the zodiac faster than all other heavenly bodies. A Moon in Taurus combining a Sun in Taurus can afford someone an added bonus of symmetry so that the flow towards the most positive of Taurus can be realised, that is, you naturally flow towards your inner Sun, almost without effort. A Moon in Taurus itself cannot reach the level of depth of understanding that a Taurus Sun can realise. It contends itself to the ebb and flow of the Taurean ways of recognizing beauty, realising what is valuable, possessing and absorbing as a way to become that which is prized.

A Moon in Taurus that has no other reason for being, i.e. which hasn’t yet been directed towards the Sun’s centering needs, can yield in a very changeable, moody way all the attributes, both positive and negative of a Taurus Sun. A possessiveness of beauty that may be needy, the Moon being the body which represents the nurturing needed, a selfishness, or a jealousy or envy against those who have what you need on a very real level but do not understand because you may not yet be in touch with your Sun sign. There are no controls over the Moon as such (except for the aspects) and therefore someone who only behaves according to this Taurus moon may indeed be a possessive out of control lunatic.

Moon Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini makes one talkative. There is a free flow of communication possible. The objective is to tap into your Sun Centre so that this may take advantage of the Moon’s flow of communication.

A talkative Moon in Gemini can also be a gossiping Moon which instinctively blurts out as many words as it sees fit simply for the joy of the talk. There is rarely any malice intended in even the most malicious of utterances but the damage will still be done. A Moon in Gemini can be very hard to pin down. Gemini needs lots and lots of mental stimulation and a Moon here may not understand how stimulation can lead to centre the individual but seek stimulation for its own joys. Moon in Gemini can create mindless gamblers in these people who are anything but mindless! The trickster gone wild can manifest with this placement. The person themselves will naturally gravitate to such habits and may in fact feel possessed by them. Thanks to Gemini’s ability to trick even itself they may justify their actions as quickly as they realise they are unjustifiable. If such damage is caused to so many people then how could this placement be considered helpful in any form? A Gemini Moon will be swift enough to answer this once they allow themselves to ask the question. This placement can help the person to make great leaps towards realising their Sun centre. You can’t control it but you can ride it.

Moon Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer is in her element in nurturing both Self as well as applying nurture naturally to those things that fall into the house where she resides.

Care needs to be taken that a Cancer Moon does not over-protect a Sun, which is insecure (as all are until realised) by either remaining secure in the bosom of Mother, or even Nation, when your Sun is crying out for individuation.

A Moon in Cancer will defend, or fight for, home with all the force of the emotional Mother – the most feared and powerful character in myth!

Moon Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo is a natural attention seeker and one who taps into the creative spark of Self easily. This is of great assistance to any Sun sign, but especially so if the Sun is a Cancer Sun since the Sun and Moon would then form a Mutual Reception which comes about when one planet and another are in each other’s mutual signs.

The Moon in Leo can negatively impact on the nurturing of self against any nurturing of others, a conceited Moon, which might occur where both Moon and Sun are Leo placed and, rather than acted upon with all the positive assistance this can provide, are turned inward in fixed fire arrogance.

Moon Moon in Virgo

The instinctive Moon in Virgo will provide rhythms of analysis which flow through the individual without effort. The Moon herself is said to be an esoteric ruler of Virgo and therefore can very positively be placed in this sign to attribute the discernment of whichever Sun sign the Centering of Self needs to emanate from.

A negative impacting Virgo Moon can clash with a Sun trying to centre and express itself by over-critically attacking self and self’s purpose in life to a damaging degree. Masochism is a worst case scenario.

Moon Moon in Libra

A Moon in Libra may instinctively allow one to maintain a harmony required, (even where the Sun at the centre may be an Aries or Leo), long enough for one to appreciate others. A Moon in Libra takes the time to nurture others through providing harmony and opportunities for interaction between people.

A Moon in Libra can literally smother their partners, especially if they are placed in the 7th house. A Moon in Libra can rhythmically attune to female energy at the expense of a more masculine Sun seeking to centre itself.

Moon Moon in Scorpio

A Moon in Scorpio fears nothing. To this Moon sign change may still be appreciated as profound, but it is so attuned to the ebb and flow of nature that the most horrific of events may be dealt with and owned in a system of osmosis, very much like Nature herself.

The negative Moon in Scorpio may find herself too powerful for a Sun trying to centre itself in a Sun manner. It is almost as if Nature herself devours the growing sun, continually threatening to eclipse the Sun centre completely from view.

Moon in Scorpio is a very sexual Moon and the female dominatrix or vampire may be found here. Even if these are not the case some form of undercurrent to the sexual response will more than likely have to be experienced and understood.

Moon Moon in Sagittarius

A Moon in Sagittarius leads one to find security in journeys and adventures and philosophies that to others may just seem like wanderlust, or even pointless. A Moon in Sagittarius can accommodate all of nature in an expanding manner, searching far and wide for more and more comprehension of reasoning of the bigger questions. This provides any hero’s quest (the sun’s journey) with bountiful information so that the path may be laid down and decisions may be made from whichever methods the Sun most comfortably chooses to utilise.

A Moon in Sagittarius can confuse a more focused Sun sign to the point of inner turmoil. How can a Sagittarius Moon so comfortable moving around every philosophy, law, religion, country, terrain, mental thought, ideology possibly do anything but overwhelm and distract a non-Sagittarian fixed Sun? But it should be viewed as a wonderful gift for any Sun.

Moon Moon in Capricorn

A Moon in Capricorn is attuned to the rhythms of when to proceed and when to wait, always knowing that one step back and two steps forward, when necessary, will eventually accomplish a structure.

A Moon in Capricorn can also be overcautious, habitually waiting when it should move forward, or getting distracted by some of the glories along route rather than remaining focused to the true nature of the Sun.

Add a mix of Saturn in this equation and you have someone who builds a great system that can stand the test of time or someone addicted to falling over too many times in order to learn that until they believe in themselves they will simply keep falling over. And over and over and over and over…

If an Aries Sun has a Capricorn Moon with a mix of Saturn you have a recipe for Depression, or suppressed anger, for the Aries Sun is meant to move fast forward, pioneering primarily, rather than structuring for its own sake. Depression is possible in this instance unless Capricorn Moon’s needs for security are appeased at the same time that the Sun’s need to express are supported by this process directly.

Moon Moon in Aquarius

A positive Moon in Aquarius allows for group empathy. Expressing your Sun is helped enormously when you feel so comfortable in the very groups you are seeking to express yourself within, regardless of your Sun sign’s expression. This is a very helpful Moon for extroverted Sun’s because there is a common feeling of being at one with many groups of people. The Moon represents the community and Aquarius Moons can often receive currents of knowledge about their own culture or those of others that provides them with great help when they need to achieve what they set out to achieve.

A Moon in Aquarius can reveal an otherwise passionate person as unfeeling. Aquarius is an Air sign, not a water sign. A Scorpio Sun so full of feeling can seem anything but if partnering a Moon in Aquarius!

A negatively impacting Moon in Aquarius can be a detached groupie, afraid to be alone or truly intimate. They may ignore their own souls for the good of the group, which they can never really be a formative part of because they are not being themselves within the group in any real contributing manner. They are the sheep of the group only and eventually events will occur in their lives that lead them to their Sun.

Moon Moon in Pisces

A Moon in Pisces can tap into the whole ethereal cosmology of Humanity, providing great opportunity for nurturing from Life’s essences itself. A great faith can be present that can assist any Sun’s hero’s quest. Or it can swallow up your Sun to the point where you have no Ego whatsoever and unfortunately lose sight of your own Will. In this case how can you contribute what only you can?

A Moon in Pisces can pull one into cosmic rhythms for which the Sun sign may not be able to integrate itself. In this case it needs to be realised that the Moon is not here to be owned and used to the fullest conscious understanding at all but to support a consciousness which is bound up in the sign in which the Sun is placed.