2.25 Neptune in houses

“…thought I’d died and gone to heaven…I never felt before…” “Whenever you’re near me I hear a symphony…” “I went to a fortune teller, had my fortune read…she said you’re in Love…”

Neptune in the 1st House

Any planet can be obvious in the 1st House and Neptune can give a ‘dreamy’, maybe pale look to the person with it on their Ascendant. Neptune in the first house brings the nature of it in the sign it is placed right into the persona. Others, if not the person themselves will notice some of what the planet in the sign manifests. There may be a pull towards religion or drugs or a confusion or dullness may seem to be part of the personality.

Neptune in the 7th House

Maybe marriage to an artist or an alcoholic or a priest? The 7th is the house of partnerships and Neptune here can bring devout Love in this area that over-rides any possible arguments because it is indeed divinely inspired.

Neptune in the 2nd House

Before you decry all money evil think with some of the other planets or the sign in which your 2nd house of possessions falls. Do you seek to possess the ocean of Love and Goodness to All? Make a bit more of a plan than day-dreams but by all means keep day-dreaming for this is where inspiration may link through your 3rd house to help you find a sign that isn’t too illusive to follow.

Neptune in the 8th House

In the 8th house of death and sexuality be prepared to be touched by Angels and orgasms. Don’t try to fight Neptune or even to understand it from within itself. Like a surfer become savvy to its undercurrents if you can but don’t worry that you will never fully understand why you choose to so regularly ride the waves while the rest of the world are out making more money (opposite 2nd house) while you are still drawn to surf rather than work overtime.

Neptune in the 3rd House

Neptune here in the 3rd house can cloud your communications and your concentration. Poets fare well with this placement as long as the sign assists this process. House 1 through to 6 are personal houses that operate with focus on the individual themselves. In the third here Neptune is in the area of journalism and speech. Do you slur your words or speak divinely? There may be a brother or a sister who is Neptunian or Piscean.

Neptune in the 9th House

Neptune in the 9th house of the Orator on the pulpit or higher learning may assist those who seek a vocation in enquiry into religious knowledge. Neptune in the 9th can deceive at a very ‘value’ level since the 9th house is where the vocational premises are built, which then motivate the person out into the world to be known for their value systems in the 10th house where nothing is hidden.

Neptune in the 4th House

Neptune in the 4th house can be a parent who has lost the plot or one who is devoutly religious. It can be the very home itself being nebulous or misty about what dynamics are being played out. In some cases it may be unusually Loving in atmosphere where rose coloured glasses continue to be enjoyed. There will be something deceptive about the home with Neptune in the 4th house, something unable to be pinned down or mental illness present.

Neptune in the 10th House

Neptune in the 10th house is another parent house and just as for the 4th there may be a Neptunian parent whose occupation is Reverent or Rabbi. Alternatively Neptune here in the public house may mean illusion surrounding the Nation of one’s birth. Leaders with this placement can have the unconditional love of Ghandi or they could be pathological liars, even prone to believing their own lies.

Neptune in the 5th House

Neptune in the 5th house brings an unconditional love of children or love infused into music or art or love affairs. Play becomes dreamy. The music of the Doors of the 60’s personifies the kind of music made by Neptune in the 5th house, something that comes from a channeled or drug induced perspective, either able to inspire millions or just sway their perspectives off course for the duration.

Neptune in the 11th House

Neptune in the 11th house is in the house of groups. Alcohol and music writ large at parties. Maybe it is almost impossible to escape an environment of drugs or religion when having anything to do with groups but there is a reason for this. Check the sign and look for the ‘signs’.

Neptune in the 6th House

Where Uranus brings an electromagnetic impulse that magnetises the nervous system and makes one, well, magnetic to others, Neptune’s energy infuses the system with a calm loving energy that can cause sleepiness or real Love of self and others. This kind of huge energy plays on the health as well here in the 6th house and may calm the nerves if allowed. Here in the house of employment too a very laid back approach to work may ensue that may be beneficial for working with others calmly.

Neptune in the 12th House

Neptune in the 12th house has been pretty much maligned as belonging to the insane and found regularly in mental health clinic visitors. Confusion laying beneath the surface, colouring all subconscious endeavours the person has no visible clear link to what is going on here. The waters that make us all one whole person can also devour here in the 12th house and it is important for this placement as well as any other in the 12th to be treated with the specifics of the 12th house itself. What is this? Okay, a Jupiter in the 12th can find inspiration within, like a guardian angel, to get up and do it all again when it all falls apart. There is a lightness that seems to come out of nowhere to help when things are at their worst and this all comes from within the native themselves. That’s Jupiter. Uranus flashes insight so powerfully that the person is drawn by some electrical current to get up and check back in because it seems so illuminatingly clear that the possibilities are there. Both these energies, once worked with are often encouraged by outside influences because we all like to see someone get up and do it again infused with laughter (Jupiter) or insight (Uranus). But what happens when people do it slowly so that no-one knows what they are doing and they are not able to voice it in any acceptable way? Even when we are in Love we think ourselves mad but excuse our actions. Loving a person is sanctioned and acceptable even desirable, but loving for the sake of loving is a little beyond most of us logically and it is usually easier for most to consider the person with Neptune in the 12th simply mad rather than consider it further because Neptune touches everyone it comes into contact with not just the person dealing with it.