2.24 Neptune in the Signs

“…thought I’d died and gone to heaven…I never felt before…” “Whenever you’re near me I hear a symphony…” “I went to a fortune teller, had my fortune read…she said you’re in Love…”

Neptune is another of our ‘outer planets’ and this dreamy vibration can throw all the other planets off-course, as well as make the environmental signs seem to be not what they are at all. Neptune is the God of the ocean and like the ocean no human is arrogant enough, regardless of how long they have sailed, to say they have any control over her. Massively emotional, fearsome yet loving, she colours our planet in beautiful blue. Like Love itself there is no logic here and yet there is enormous supportive power that through the psychedelic or rose coloured glasses we are able to do more than we ever imagined possible by ourselves. Make sense? It isn’t supposed to. We have all touched Love and have been touched by Love at some point in our lives. It is therefore almost pointless trying to discuss how Neptune is in any of the signs or houses because it might be said to be the same in all – an ever changing illusion.

However, it is helpful to have some pointers and there will usually at least be these at the start of the realisation before the glow officially sets in permanently.

Neptune in Aries

If you are wondering why you aren’t at all acting Aries in the sign of Aries and you notice that Neptune is there overpowering other planets and the sign itself then don’t be alarmed. However, as for Mars in Pisces it is wise to watch out if taking any drugs, including those diagnosed, and even culturally sanctioned ones like caffeine. Neptune in Aries can make you feel invincible and even perhaps yearn for the feeling of being connected to every other person on the planet in love or illusion. This is great at musical concerts but check your Arian impulses to just go ahead and do it before you go ahead and do it. Neptune in Aries can also act very romantically.

Neptune in Taurus

Neptune in Taurus – did I say Neptune in Aries could be romantic? What can I say Neptune can be romantic in any environment (sign) but here with Venus, the Goddess of Love Neptune’s visions of the ideal are worshipped and Love becomes possessed by the native and the native becomes possessed by Love. This Love can be bestowed upon a person or a thing of beauty. The bull can be drunk with love and illusion either turning the bull into a lovable dependable partner or a blind bull. Taurus rules the voice and with Neptune here a hypnotic voice, either for singing (like the sirens or more modern beautiful tones) or for speaking is a possible manifestation of Neptune in Taurus.

Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Gemini can make concentrating difficult for this logical thinker. However, remember that Hermes (Mercury) could turn himself into smoke and move around too and the deceptive quality of the Gemini can set in here where logic is too hazy to grasp. Check your transport vehicles regularly and don’t think you are Evil Kineval just because you get playful. Neptune in Gemini can turn twins into quintuplets too so consider others when changing your behaviour for your own amusement. They may think you are just nuts, or cruel, or both. An illusive trickster you are no doubt great at parties.

Neptune in Cancer

Love in the home is something everyone wants and Neptune in Cancer can make a much loved and loving parent who sees only the wonderful in his or her offspring. Neptune in cancer can bring patriotism writ large too since Cancer isn’t always manifested only in the nuclear family. The need for nurturing may manifest strangely here because there is an opportunity towards welfare for many but Neptune is illusive and other planetary energies must be brought into play before actions are taken in this regard, especially if Neptune falls into Cancer in either the 9th, 10th or 11th houses.

Neptune in Leo

The Lion can be a big pussycat who turns on his or her back for a big hug here with Neptune in Leo. They might even miss their chance to roar as much because they may be overwhelmed with contentment for the Love they feel and receive for a loved on or for the whole human race. Leo rules the heart and Neptune is unconditional Love. Leo plays from the heart and is a true hearted animal, able to rule, individually shining, but motivated by Love for self and for others.

Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo is good for Virgo or dreadful. The good news is it is hard to be critical if you are full of Love and the not so good news is it is difficult to concentrate when you are full of Love. Adjustment is necessary and don’t bother trying to get rid of Neptune. You might as well try to get rid of the oceans of the world. Impossible. So enjoy and readjust this influence as part of the body/mind/spirit integrity that is so important in your Virgo house.

Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Libra – again Neptune meets Venus Goddess of Love in the sign of harmonious partnership. What happens when both parties are wearing coloured glasses? Like Mid-Summer night’s Dream both may wake up with a bad hangover and an ass in their beds!

Neptune in Scorpio

Here the God of the ocean and the God of Hades get together and enjoy the depths. Maybe the manifestation is falling in love with a Scorpion. But sometimes there is a lot of mediumistic activity possible here and it may not be by choice. Neptune in Scorpio can produce the priest if it falls in one of the houses of service and employment. In the home some strong fixed emotions can be clouded by some weird, maybe slightly insane beliefs and it may be hard to for the cognition to grasp what is going on here. Sexually there may be wonderful experiences where the depths of emotions are plummeted and enjoyed.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius flies high with the ocean God, Zeus may be drinking with the God of wine and song Bacchus here and laughing in merriment whether they are behaving like horses or humans. Neptune in Sagittarius can be the philosopher who is off duty, or wandering though the mist from where he or she might later bring back some divine inspiration to be grounded. Neptune can bode well here for the traveller who is continually overwhelmed by the cultures of others but enjoys the experience without having to know all the answers.

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn is a mountain goat the night of the party – he isn’t used to illusive behaviour and may need to watch his footing in this house. Alternatively, if possible, a human may come along with a strong Capricorn and Neptune may be just the ticket to direct he or she towards being a vehicle for peace on earth. Or there could be a serious approach to gambling or playing the stock exchange with this placement since Neptune rules both and Capricorn seeks to climb to the top in a public way.

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune here joins Uranus and Saturn and together can infuse a group with Love, Intuition and Tenacity but when they are working on just one person it can be quite overwhelming and may simply, as for the other signs, cause the person to fall in love with (in this case) an Aquarian. There may be a love of the unusual. Or there can be deceit in group activities.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is at home. This Piscean house is behaving just as it should and Neptune is very powerful here indeed given free flow to do massive things. Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter but unlike Neptune in Sagittarius Neptune here is more likely to have an innate sense of fellowship at a very powerful level of being. Many Pisceans are born into environments where there are natural links to the other side or to the universe writ large and this can be very familiar and not at all fearsome because of this familiarity. Neptune the Planet in this environment is where it should be and can cause the person to act out some of the channelling opportunities. This may be through music or art or it may be through philanthropic pursuits.