2.27 Pluto in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Pluto Pluto is at 21° degrees 26′ minutes Retrograde of ˆSagittarius in House 9.

“…deeper and deeper…” “I’m in the middle of a chain reaction…satisfaction…” “I’ve got you under my skin…” “I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down…whenever you’re around…”

Pluto moves very slowly so most people alive today will have Pluto in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius. It is currently at approximately 20 degrees of Sagittarius and so we aren’t too many years away from it entering Capricorn. The explanations then for Pluto in the other signs are more to enable us to understand that if our Pluto is being touched indirectly by these other signs then these paragraphs may offer some guidance. In Jeff Green’s work the opposite of Pluto’s position holds the key to the work of the soul and exposes ways of reaching your Self that can be life altering.

Pluto in Aries

Pluto is in ‘harmony’ here in Aries. If we think about the signs as environmental adjectives then we can see why Pluto works well in Aries. Aries is the ‘I am’ and need not consider much else to take action. Pluto power needs to release its power out to the world because it is far too much power to bottle up inside yourself. An Aries house is a house where Pluto is welcomed to vent. Massive gain can come about from this placement. Imagine a sports person with Pluto in Aries in their 5th or 6th house (hobbies and health)? Imagine the God of the Underworld continuously providing the endless power that the runner needs to keep on winning? With Pluto in Aries do not let other planetary energies attempt to put the cork on the Pluto bottle for you here in this house because the backlash of you doubting yourself may be very harmful to yourself and those around you. Yes, you are meant to have this much power in the house where Pluto is in the sign of Aries – no matter how much more it seems you have to those around you. Don’t make the mistake of trying to direct it where it doesn’t belong or you might find that in other areas of your life, rather than inspire, it simply doesn’t exist and you’ll look a bombastic fool. You won’t know anyone alive with Pluto in Aries but maybe your Pluto is in Libra opposing an Aries Sun and therefore playing out a dichotomy that might include this kind of energy in your chart.

Pluto in Taurus

Pluto is in its ‘detriment’ in Taurus. Does this mean you are doomed if you have Pluto in this sign? A word about essential dignities please, Venusian style. Like aspects the ‘difficult’ ones can be the ones you would want to choose for yourself if you had the choice. Many people believe we are the ones who made the choices in the first place and this is a pretty healthy perspective to take to enable a broader one at the very least. So then why would you choose to be born with a planet, any planet, but especially the heavyweights, in their ‘detriment’, that is, in signs where their energy release doesn’t come easily? If we consider that there are rules applied where planets in ‘detriment’ are ‘accidentally dignified’ by their house placement then we can start to see the dynamics involved. For example, Pluto is in ‘detriment’ in Taurus but if Pluto is in Taurus in your 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th (‘angular’) houses then it is ‘accidentally dignified’. In a Taurean way of doing things the bull is dependable and builds possessions bit by bit so they represent themselves. These possessions can be either things or people (the bull is sometimes confused about where they stop and their partner starts). Here you have this wonderful blacksmith that Venus partnered for a time looking anything but the artist himself yet fashioning things of beauty through skills that are down to earth. Then an earthquake hits and his workshop is in pieces. What does the bull do then? Most likely the bull will turn and charge looking for a culprit. Pluto will make this charge even worse than the normal red flag reaction so get out of the way. But once this artist calms down what then? Pluto power will lift him up out of the melancholy that Taurus is prone to and power him up with so much power that he will be like the Iron men in the Nutrigrain advertisements – unstoppable. Pluto makes you more than you could be without it by destroying those things that are merely stepping stones along the path. If we do choose our paths then why would we choose a Pluto in Taurus? So we might build things of beauty that can withstand earthquakes and therefore, as Taurus goes, realise that our creations are not inseparable from us ourselves.

Again, you won’t know anyone with Pluto in Taurus but maybe yours or your offspring’s Pluto is in aspect to a very Taurean theme taking place and therefore having a diluted, yet still very powerful manifestation similar to the above so that these words offer some way to understand what’s going on.

Pluto in Gemini

Again, you will not know anyone with Pluto in Gemini so use as indirect assistance. Pluto powers up Mercury’s winged sandals here so that they become rocket powered but Mercury won’t mind because he’s happy with speed. We also have the ability to justify the means when the end is a good result here in Gemini, which also fares well with Pluto power of destruction for new creation’s sake. Pluto the planet is not Scorpio the sign and so on its own it is the bomb that can be used in the way the holder directs its use. Gemini does not have the inner sense of depth of feeling and can be all too logical and adaptable and even though their keen sense of logic and common sense make them very efficient and often right, sometimes they aren’t and when they aren’t they won’t apologize. Add Pluto power here and you might have a problem. Will the next millennium bring about a Pluto in Gemini group who blow up the galaxy ‘by accident’? Probably a bit harsh but not a bad thing to consider if you have Pluto in Sagittarius with some strong oppositions from Gemini personal impulses.

Pluto in Cancer

Your life has already been very long if you have Pluto in Cancer and so you are probably very aware of this power within you in whatever house it falls. The Power of the nuclear family was paramount to your generation and you set in place systems to allow it to flourish, until your offspring grew up with Pluto in Leo and did the whole 60’s thing with free love and divorce statistics. Destruction and creation for Nation came from deeply held feelings more than superficial pride for you. The nurturing with a ‘cruel to be kind’ attitude sometimes had to prevail as you set the planet on course to feel and know that earth would bare suffering but come through it. Paternal in nature your generation ruled with the great force of the ‘mother’. What lessons were you to learn as Pluto moved out of Cancer and into Leo where the ‘individual’ became more important than the family? What lessons then are coming to light now as Pluto in Virgo take the individuals and place them in context of the larger but not so much in a family way as an integrated everything way of the 6th house?

We speak about generations feeling one way and others another. Pluto power ignites whole generations with certain environmental ways of being in our world. Did you choose the time you were born? Then be happy that these were the ways you wanted to experience. Ipso facto understand that these later generational impulses are as strong as your own and just as valid.

Pluto in Leo

Nelson Mandela told the world that by taking up the gauntlet and daring to shine yourself you allow others to do the same and shine also. This is worth Pluto in Leo’s remembering because it really is a very big Sun! There is enough for all of us to shine and by doing so you will not shine any less, in fact you will shine more from the combined glow, and by your position as exemplary. The thing is, no matter how much you believe you shine to yourself until you let go of the egotism you are actually wearing a coat over your sunshine and all anyone else can see is someone who they express as ‘up themselves’ or some other derogatory descriptive.

In the house where Pluto is in Leo the power will burst through and you’ll want to be ready to shine – for real. This generation is the generation of the 60’s and therefore has already passed what is commonly referred to as ‘middle age’ in our silly words society. However, culturally it is probably significant. You probably already believe you have shined as much as you ever will but maybe it is time you realised that Pluto power never runs out. I know you feel it there constantly. You can’t help but do so.

Pluto in Virgo

Pluto in Virgo brought about great transformations in new age health usage and a real sense of our environment and how we can be of service simply by recycling and not wasting water. But Pluto in Virgo is about so much more than this. Virgo is the sign of the maiden who harvests all that has been previously rooted. It is the 6th house where all the earlier houses come together, to become Self, and in generational terms it is the sign where previous lessons of generations are discerned with much more meticulousness and honesty with the only goal being to integrate them in the most wholesome manner so that a great harvest can be got. Virgo will take the time necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff, literally and on a world scale – generational – the karmic time point of this generation is an opportunity not to be missed. Everyone with Pluto in Virgo, rather than admonishing self for being critical, needs to be constructively critical and move with all the energy that Pluto gives here. This energy will not ever stop. Human beings take on the capacity to sort and transmute. An intellectual sign Pluto here offers the tenacity to overcome the Virgo lack of self esteem because the world needs you now. You are in charge and you can change things. The Pluto in Leo’s need to understand that it is time to be much more intellectual about things. Claude Levi-Strauss, father of Structuralism (Anthropology) and sometimes referred to as the ‘arm-chair anthropologist’ because he spent more time intellectualizing than on site participant observing wrote that it is more important to intellectualize more rather than less and made no apologies for his complex theories that did not find practical outlets. Pluto in Virgo could take a leaf out of this man who does not have Pluto in Virgo himself but who has received the accolade for being the most intelligent man on planet earth. Like Tolstoy Levi-Strauss is an advocate for free thinking. Virgo understands that simplicity doesn’t come about through laziness but through successfully directing our efforts of intellectualism and sheer effort, service. The objective is no mean feat. The 6th house is known as a ‘karmic’ house because it is here in Virgo that all the parts come together to be dealt with. The time is now for the ‘spring clean’. Pluto enables penetration ability and energy to get the job done. Remember to include Leo’s lesson to shine to enable others to shine. Shining is a service too. Whatever house your Pluto in Virgo falls – you are as important to the planet as the planet is to you and everyone else on it. Go for it Pluto in Virgo! Now!

Pluto in Libra

You don’t have to go far to view the revolution in matchmaking services about. Just use your telephone and you have found a date for the evening or a life long friend. There is an equality about relationships now that never existed before and it is down to you. It is impossible for me to know from my Western viewpoint without venturing out anthropologically but surely your counterparts in other less fair between the sexes places are also doing their part, maybe differently, to destroy and create better relationships one on one with each other. For far too long patriarchy has harmed women and men. Plutonic power is very female in character so this will give the edge to a deeper realisation for much more than superficial equality rhetoric.

But not all Pluto in Libra’s are libertarians when it comes to relationships – yet. It may be that you have not grown into yourself yet. Or maybe you are too overwhelmed with unfair ideologies and not brave enough yet to realise that your power is important.

The world is still very much swayed by the Pluto in Leo generation and maybe Pluto in Virgo generation haven’t been quick enough off the mark to allow you the momentum to do your task. This happens with every generation. There are always things left to be done in some areas but there are areas that have taken the momentum and you can even act as a ‘pull’ for previous generations. It isn’t about consecutively so much as different energies all pulling each other along, stretching in all directions. Time is after all relative rather than lineal.

Pluto in Scorpio

This was a feared time astrologically. Look out here comes Pluto in Scorpio. Get ready for some rough times but don’t worry Pluto spends less time in Scorpio, thankfully, than in any other sign. These were some of the meanderings of the astrological community prior to Pluto’s entry into Scorpio where it stayed then for not much more than a decade. Why? Because in its own sign Pluto has full vent to be itself and although this is a wonderful thing there will always be doomsday attitudes that fear creative power in themselves and in others. Hopefully, the more positive Pluto in Sagittarian transit we are now experiencing makes us laugh at ourselves for all the fear. Sure the God of the Underworld is formidable but I can’t recall Zeus (Jupiter ruling Sagittarius) being afraid can you?

There is a saying that if it isn’t Love then it is Fear. Let’s look really closely at ‘Fear’ now because this generation will head straight into this path and as our children we’d better be prepared to support them. There is no use waling for Persephone’s return and starving the planet of food because we are ‘pissed off’ with worry for our offspring!

What is fear? What things do we fear? We all know what ‘fear’ feels like. It is the thing that happens when we are afraid. Things trigger this debilitating feeling ‘fear’ and when we have it our minds are clouded and we are immobilised and powerless, like babies unable to protect ourselves. If we go out in spite of the fear then we may find afterwards that it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. But what if we go into the essence of fear itself and face it head on rather than robotically, immobilised in essence but going through the motions, do what we are afraid of just for the relief later. Unfortunately, this relief does not provide us any understanding of the ‘fear’ and we will feel ‘fear’ again in another area of our lives or in the same area of our lives. We haven’t learned.

What is it like to face ‘fear’? Wherever Pluto is in your chart there will be something fierce going on but here it may be fear itself you have to understand because there may be many fearful situations occurring in your life. Like anything, you eventually get to the essence of the thing and then you can notice common denominators in all situations and be prepared, even equipped, for them.

Firstly, the devil is never outside yourself – it is a trigger of ‘fear’ with the trigger being sometimes difficult to locate, especially when there are usually compounded triggers. Work with NLP reveals that sometimes triggers can be very indirect and seemingly have little or nothing to do with the enormous sense of fear they can bring on. So where do you start?

You ask the question. Where do I start? Because it may be a different answer for you than for me or for someone else. Then you say: ‘Bring it on. I’m ready. I’m not running.’ And then it begins.

When our children are little we scare them into not doing something we believe will cause them harm. This fear unfortunately doesn’t become apparent to them just because they grow up to be adults but has a continued affect, causing different triggers about different things that might be associated with the feared thing as children.

As the person affected, once you have asked the question and stated your readiness then you have done more than make a sound. You have actually prepared a place in your own neural network for the unexpected to occur – for something that doesn’t fit the fear pattern to be received so that the fear pattern can be fixed. You are, actually, rewiring your brain so that you are no longer at the mercy of all this fear. That’s the inside if you like – all good news. The outer or sensation or vision or however the process is experienced for you consciously can vary greatly. For example, let’s say you have had a devoutly religious upbringing and your early triggers caused you to have lots of hang-ups about your feelings for others, perhaps Love to you becomes distorted perverted sex or something else that was taboo’d as dangerous in your belief system. Then when facing fear you might actually get visions of naked nymphs with pitch forks and horns (excuse the pun). If your fear had something to do with it being dangerous to touch knives (your mother didn’t want you playing with them as a child) then perhaps you might have nightmares about being stabbed by someone you love and trust. And so it goes on but you can bet it will be far reaching and the most fearsome kind of imagining you can come up with. If you project this for too long in your life without actually dealing with it then you may meet those who seek to hurt you. The devil is to be faced because when you face your own demons you find that they were more often than not simply made from the stuff of Love anyway, Love being manifested as protection or in some cases over-protection.

The outer always reflects the inner and we all have this dynamic somewhere in our lives. Check the house where Scorpio is on the cusp and wherever Pluto is in your chart. Also check for your 8th house.

Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto in Sagittarius – here as I write this Pluto is in Sagittarius. Babies born today, right now, have Pluto in Sagittarius – all of them! In fact babies born all this year have Pluto in Sagittarius. Babies born for several years to come will have Pluto in Sagittarius and babies born for the last several years have also had Pluto in Sagittarius. There are a lot of young children with Pluto in Sagittarius alive and well on this planet. And knowing Jupiter’s influence I imagine they are quite cute and jovial if not more than unusually mischievous than the usual Sagittarian.

So what area of life will this generation shift and renew? And how might they do this?

Positively Sagittarius loves nothing better than long distance travel and a mix of every nationality possible, with a philanthropic bent that is usually very obvious. A fire sign it is inspired and far reaching. A philosophical sign it is happy to adjust to the broadest concepts. Following the Pluto in Scorpio generation this is good news because after the fear the fun can begin!

The archer has arrows that more often than not miss their target which is how it should be because in messing up we are able to accommodate new experiences we hadn’t thought of aiming for before! With Pluto doing all the action here instead of Jupiter there will be many more hits ‘on target’. This is both great and no so great. With no misses more things will count and there is opportunity for some serious philanthropy and human value systems to really be created and maintained. However, without misses then some may take hold too well and have to be destroyed before better ones can happen. We may have a period of conflict though goodness! Good may become bad in people’s minds.

Sagittarius is inspired but it is not judgmental. Pluto energising this may lose site and just be the loaded atomic bomb that goes off according to Sagittarius’ sense of joy in everything unwittingly overestimating its capacity for benevolence.

Zeus lets Hades lose in Heaven and somewhere on Earth the party of the Gods is truly felt. Real Love for all is very possible here.

Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn naturally rules the 10th house where systems (Saturn) are profiled and sanctioned culturally. No-one on the planet today has Pluto in Capricorn but the next generation’s babies will bring in a whole race of Pluto in Capricorn to do their part in our evolutionary journey. Many people alive today do have Pluto in their 10th house and therefore this section can be read in conjunction with Pluto in the 10th house in the next section.

So what is Pluto, the God of destruction and creation doing when it is in Capricorn? Imagine him walking into a room full of conservative politicians. What might he do? Remember, the planets do in the sign’s environment pertaining to the house area and events. Pluto gets to the core of every matter, ruthlessly and without hesitation. It is compelled to do so. In Capricorn getting to the core of systems that control us publicly will be a past-time for this next generation of souls. Unlike the apathy of today when it comes to politics and culture this next generation will face it or face peril and transmutations on a massive scale will take place. The energy of Pluto will be at its pinnacle in the 10th house and if the core, or essence, continues to be neglected as it is today then the Tower will fall time and time again until the lesson is learned.

Jeff Green, in his focused perspective on Pluto Pluto – The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Vol 1 informs us that the U.S chart has Pluto in Capricorn forcing it to play a very public role in advocating a system of order to be sanction on a large scale, with many lessons in how focusing on core issues must not be discarded or prices will be paid. Some of the values (9th house ideologies formed on values) in its constitution are famously based on freedom but still these must be formed into an ordered structure and institutionalised in the 10th house.

The human race has grappled with systems forever based on theories that have revealed major flaws, including Evolutionism, Functionalism, Capitalism, Marxism, Post Modernism, etc. It isn’t enough for a few people to write down guiding values and then apply them only to those who fit the system chosen to implement them as all systems to date have done. The damage is Pluto proportionate in catastrophes that emanate from the interplay of compulsive power plays and breakdowns – all pointing to better ways to be found if we look deeper, closer. We need to split the atom of our systems if we are ever to come up with ones that value human beings above everything else.

To do this we all have to wake up and stop being led like brain-dead sheep hypnotised by advertising and cultural norms that are not normal at all but simply manifestations of systems that are largely redundant. Pluto in the 10th house is causing individuals all over our planet to question the systems from early ages, usually brought on by unhappy or disrupted early childhoods. Pluto pushes through the emotions because it is through the desire nature (not the logical nature) that enough energy will mount in order to compel us towards waking up and doing something about things.

Coming back to Jeff Green’s work an example of someone who had Pluto in his 10th house known to most was John Lennon. Green writes: “…Lennon had a phenomenal career that transformed popular culture and touched the lives of countless individuals, yet late in life he withdrew from the scene he had helped create and became a ‘house husband.’ When Lennon was a child his father split the scene and his mother left him in the care of an aunt. Difficult family situations occurred through is first wife and son, then through Yoko Ono and the emotional manipulation and control she exercised over him. These experiences caused Lennon to examine himself in deep and essential ways. Raising his son for five years taught him many necessary emotional lessons. Then, after reemerging to pursue his musical career, he was killed by a jealous, deranged, and idol-happy madman.

If we are born into affluence and are constantly bombarded with mental associations that advocate our status and ignore our responsibilities then it is highly unlikely that we will consciously seek out the pain of others so that we consider ourselves in relation to other human beings outside our own comfortable culture. However, if we experience pain directly through the system that provides so much to us, such as pain through neglect as our parents are busy striving for more and more public status within the system, or sexual rape (very Plutonian) that we associate to the inequality or power play linked to our system, then we may be compelled to look deeper, wake up for our own emotional survival needs, and become instruments of change in ourselves but also to the system that is both fuelled by us and also restricts and moulds us through the techniques (advertising, sanction value systems etc) we contribute to maintaining. Systems are created by human beings and can be changed by human beings. However, if we do not accept responsibility to behave human but simply drug ourselves by co-programming our cognition in accordance with the system as ruler (and this is often done by proclaiming it an association or directive of a Higher Power – God) then the amount of conflict that we require to grow will be proportionate. Pluto is about Universal Welfare, Self and Society. Its power mongering activities that are often viewed in individuals are there for the individuals as well as for the rest of us as equal to these individuals to learn and teach each other.

Major transformations will occur for all of us while Pluto is in Capricorn even as this coming generation are babies because the transit itself will shift our perceptions. Our current world climate of a growing global village rather than distinct over-protected nations is forcing us into readiness towards this time.

It is never too soon to wake up and realise that your life’s experiences are not just your own but contribute to every one of us because they propel you towards desire and action. With Pluto currently in Sagittarius we have benevolent Jupiter offering us many opportunities to speak our minds (internet bloggs, freedom of speech for more people if sadly still no for many) so that the underlying values are not only stated but philosophied and shared and investigated minutely so that new systems can be born that will reach the pinnacle of the demanded equality and liberty for all that the next stage – Pluto in Aquarius – requires.

Pluto in Aquarius

It will be a long time before Pluto arrives in Aquarius, but from a now point of view Pluto in the 11th house reveals the inkling of what is to come when it does. With the system in place the group activities begin. Remember that all charts have themes and connections and it is never just one planet in isolation that pushes and contracts us along at a particular pace of events. Is there an aspect between a Pluto in the 10th and another planet in the 11th? Start to look closely at your chart now. You have gone through nearly all the planets now and it will be becoming more and more familiar to you. Bring it to life for yourself and start to imagine all the planets at play every day, carrying on and affecting your tomorrows based on how much you are aware of your own world and our world. Astrology is not an outside force, it is a blueprint map for you to help you to ‘know yourself’. You are yourself and no planet is going to live your life for you. You are the captain of your own ship. You have seen already that there are many ways that these energies and vibrations can be utilised. The fact that they are there does not correlate with your being manipulated, only revealed. here is a huge difference. Your Will and your power is supreme. You are exercising it in accordance with someone else’s wishes or in accordance with your True Will towards your own Great Work.

Pluto acting with Uranus and Saturn in the 11th house carries on from Pluto working with Saturn in the 10th. In the 11th the system and the people are working together optimally because the system has been created that is not too restricting or held in higher esteem than its creators – human beings.

Religious systems that rule human beings are demons of destruction because they coerce the True Will of human beings to Co-Create our universe with the Divine energy. This Divine may be viewed in whatever religious manner individuals choose, and respected and loved as God. But no God is divine where it subordinates the human Will. In doing so there is nothing human about being alive and suicide or murder of a human being without a Will of their own is non-consequential. These individuals choose to be the fodder for the group. Any group that entices them to becoming such fodder (and armies are included here) is one where human beings are not valued, but systems are glorified as if they are the providers, or Gods of the people. And this is a sick condition that will either see the human race extinct or wake us all up finally!

11th house Pluto individuals will often have a strong compulsion to assist other human beings. If they are in politics they will most likely be politicians for the people first before they are politicians expressing the party line.

Pluto in Pisces

Pluto in Pisces can be read as Pluto in the 12th house. This can be an overwhelmingly difficult placement for anyone who isn’t happy being a Channeller or Healer because these energies are held so deeply in the psych with this placement that coming to terms with Pluto power is essential for survival.

The good news is that unlike Neptune in the 12th, where the celestial bells and communications drift, with Pluto the Will and power are allies for investigative souls who take up the gauntlet of this position. These individuals will have a penetrating presence that is undeniable regardless of their rising sign.

Scientists of the all things unseen or deep will benefit from a Pluto in the 12th house.