2.26 Pluto Intro

Introducing Pluto

Will Parfitt writes of Pluto Kabbalisticly: Pluto / Daath : Discovering the mysteries of the shadow side of existence; inner depths explored; knowledge of the rainbow bridge. (Parfitt)

Pluto is the small planet at the edge of our Galaxy but its vibrations resonate to volcanoes, gangsters and welfare organisations. It delves deep into the Scorpion waters of resourcefulness to pull out the deepest debris and spew it out with force. And after the volcano, new seeds are given birth in its heat and a new life begins. Pluto transits are marked significantly by ‘generations’ and individually Pluto can literally remake a person. Pluto provides ‘power’ to the area of life according to the house placement. Natives with strong Scorpio influences will often reveal the penetrating eyes of a Pluto vibration (since Pluto rules Scorpio, with Mars). Destruction/Elimination/ and Creation are all key words for Pluto. In myth Pluto ruled the underworld, and Scorpio waters run deep.

In his book Pluto : The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Jeff Green describes the fundamental importance of Pluto in understanding our whole life’s journey, in terms of an evolutionary model of our soul.

For example:

“Pluto in the Fourth House or Cancer demonstrates that an evolutionary cycle is closing and that a new cycle is under way. Individuals with Pluto in the Fourth House have been attempting and desiring to learn the evolutionary lesson of security rather than deriving emotional security from any external factor, such as parents, job, lover, etc. these individuals have been learning to create and supply their own emotional security from within themselves…It is not uncommon for these individuals to have a difficult karma or prior-life association with one or both parents in this life – unresolved karmic issues. These prior-life associations create memories that are held at an unconscious level. Thus, much of the interaction that can take place between child and parent is associated with compulsive emotional behavior patterns whose origins are rooted in or caused by difficult prior-life associations. In cases of this kind, the specific nature of the prior-life difficulty or karma must be determined by relating the individual’s birth chart to the chart of one or both of the parents…This cycle will repeat again and again until the Fourth House Pluto person progressively learns…how to supply their own internal security, and to emotionally mature through actualizing and establishing their own individuality through their own efforts…Commonly…The Fourth House Pluto individual will control and dominate by identifying the weakest point in another’s emotional makeup and will continually focus upon that weak point. In this way, they never allow the other to ‘get away’ from their sphere of influence. They compulsively need to…make the other feel as though the Fourth House Pluto individual is indispensable in their life.” (pp87/88)

We’ll look at Pluto in family and personal relationships later on. We’ll look at Pluto in terms of power structures in team environments later on too. As stated already, Astrology is a huge subject. For now we are looking at basic tools you can use. Pluto is the third of the outer planets. We all have Pluto and we all have Scorpio. There are things that concern us all about each other and about ourselves. There is no separation when we get to the outer planets and this is important because it shows us that there really is no separation between people in reality anyway.

For those whose Pluto is strong in their charts Jeff Green’s books dealing with Pluto personally and in relationships can be profound.

Pluto can be compulsive obsessive in its creative/destructive tendencies and therefore there are often events in our lives including loss of people, loss of innocence, loss of wealth, that manifest from Pluto energy. There are many books on the astrology shelf and the psychology and self-help shelf that can be very helpful when dealing with Pluto. Check the bibliography for some ideas as well as my website at astrovenus.com.

The tiny planet corresponds to the tiny power of plutonium – nothing tiny about it. Giving birth is not a sweet comfortable thing to do yet how amazing are we that we can come together and create on this scale? No-one waits for divine conception to take place when they want a family yet all too often people turn to God to create for them what they need to be co-creating themselves.

Anything to do with Pluto encompasses all the energies of life itself as it comes to the fore. The butterfly is the transmutation personified and is Pluto’s passage through birth, destruction, and recreation of the transmuted being. We have a great gift in Pluto that is our co-creative right. It is an energy we all possess somewhere in our charts and its potential, your potential, should never be underestimated or undervalued or it will come back at you from outside yourself as a projected power that may not be very nice for you to deal with.

Persephone was drawn into Hades via an abduction but at the end of her story she chooses to live part of her life with her husband the God of the Underworld. Myth is full of the promise of creation and perhaps now that we have moved into Venus’ domain where things are no longer good and evil, they just are, we can begin to tap into our ability to co-create instead of leaving it all to limited ideologies.

Pluto is alive and well in all our charts. Let’s find out some of the ways it might be acting in your life.