2.18 Saturn in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Saturn Saturn is at 10° degrees 55′ minutes of ƒcancer in House 3.

“…How can you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume…a friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong that’s a lot to learn…to Sir with Love…” “One step ahead of you…” “…We can work it out…” “…I want somebody who will understand…when it comes to love I want a slow hand…” “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every byway, until you find your dream….”

Saturn in Aries

Saturn is in its fall here in Aries because it is the Teacher restricting the Ego – overpowering with authority. However, this is a good thing because Saturn’s restrictions will always be the right ones for you, never the wrong ones. You will receive the lessons you need to learn in order to GAIN for yourself. Saturn in Aries or the first house means that you have taken on a big responsibility – through your own agency rather than in support of others. For this task you need Saturn here, guiding you as slowly as you need to be taught in order for you to accomplish your challenge. Consider yourself as Hercules undergoing the 12 trials. There are some trials which you cannot carry out with brute force. You need to learn strategies. Take a deep breath and listen. Sometimes action is more powerful when it comes from a relaxed, dispassionate baseline system.

The witch hunters who crucify their captives out of a sense of soldiering on for a cause is the worst manifestation of this placement. Aries doesn’t think very well about big concepts. You need to utilise other planetary energies in your chart to understand why you have this need to persecute. And re-read the positives above on how to utilise this energy placement appropriately so that its energy is dispersed into better pursuits and nothing is left to carry out these worthless, hurtful ones. Liz Greene’s A New Look At An Old Devil is worth your read. It is a small book so won’t take you long.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus will not spend money on a Volvo if they will soon be able to afford a Lamborghini. Material possession maintains an enigma of authority for these people, which provides security that is both at once material and a manifestation of the level of their own self-esteem. Saturn in Taurus acknowledges that there is a way in which the material manifests and that it becomes a matter of pursuing this way in order to gain greatly. Venus and Saturn work in such cohesion here that achievement can be gained through the process, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘labour of love’. There is a slow movement that others do not understand unless they too have this Saturn/Venus connection and when the heights are eventually reached others rarely understand the meaning of the creation of wealth either, perceiving it almost miserly. But there are gains here that extend past the common monetary value of success for these people and this accumulation actually assists them on their paths. What is done once these levels are reached will usually accord with other factors in the chart.

Saturn in Taurus can indeed be the miser, the selfish greedy miser who covets everything for themselves. Alternatively, but just as lacking in joy, they can be the impoverished who accuse the rich of being evil and manipulative. And sometimes these people cannot see value in anything. Without Venus in our lives depressive Saturnian melancholy can set in. More so for these people who intuitively know ‘in their very body’ that beauty and restriction are not intolerable of each other when worked together.

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn is the teacher and Gemini is the student. Saturn in Gemini works with the student in the best way possible. Both have some freedom to explore new grounds but Saturn will ensure that lessons are learnt at a structural level as well as the experiential mental fun one that Mercury will usually chase. Pursue your tasks in this house with Mercury’s sense of fun and leave Saturn to manifest more for you. Find the fun in what looks anything but fun. Remember Mercury your brain is fast and you can find things that aren’t obvious to make it fun and creative. Try not to destroy too many turtles in doing this.

If you don’t learn through fun then Saturn will ensure that there is some pain until you realise a need to learn anyway so you might as well. This placement can greatly assist serious academic study as it will provide both the tenacity and the mental dexterity required for knowledge to be grounded into systematic expression. In short cogency of argument can prevail.

Saturn can drive the fun in learning into the ground as a painful past time if Saturn’s ways are not heeded in the first instance. And if you hate to learn then you may shy away from this for a long time. If you drop out of school early because you feel too restricted you have not benefited from this placement. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Saturn in Gemini will get you eventually. There may be a lot of pain involved through your feeling a sense of inadequacy mentally until you do face up to the fact that Saturn can actually teach you something, without your own mentality being subdued by the sense of authority which it seems to you to flaunt. This will arise in the houses where Gemini and Saturn are at play with each other – not necessarily the 9th house of higher education or even the third of primary education. It may be lessons of the heart or of the home or other.

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in Cancer is in its detriment because here is Saturn in the place where nurturing with unconditional love is supposed to take place. There may be an authoritarian mother at home who prevents your growth through applying authority where nurture is required. But what is happening here on the larger picture? Where is it that you need to be? You need to be nurturing in an authoritative way yourself and there are many lessons that you can learn, both good and bad, from this particular experience. It seems like you have no freedom but this is an illusion. You do have choices here and this configuration, although not fun and flighty is very worthwhile because it provides you with some fundamental lessons that will remain with you forever. If you utilise Saturn in Cancer then you will always have a solid foundation upon which you can nurture yourself and then nurture others. People will rely on you in times of crisis because you will know what to do. People will trust you. So stop thinking about the ways you are hemmed in and start looking for all the ways you can grow out and perhaps away from your current restrictions.

If the positives are not sought and you are overwhelmed by the heavy energy then the depression encountered by the Saturn in Gemini will seem like kids play because this will be the mother of all depressions! Saturn in Cancer affects the very instinctual ebb and flow of your inner emotions. Crying may be a release but it is not the solution. There is a grieving process that is happening here – a grieving of the leaving of the nest, a withdrawal from Mother. You are encountering an initiation and sometimes people don’t survive initiations. This is a special gift however much a curse it seems.

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo offers the ability to be a brilliant strategist and leader. Unfortunately, this ability does not include compassion. This factor must come from elsewhere on your chart. However, this does not reduce the gift of this placement. You can draw upon the union of Saturn and the Sun here to integrate a powerhouse of shining authority and people can look up to you as a powerful leader who knows what he or she is doing with a force that is formidable. Just make sure you do add some other planetary energies along with your use of this energy at some point. See this for what it is.

Alternatively, living the life of an egocentric tyrant is one several have chosen over the millennia. Why? Do the desires for power grow greater or does Saturn just keep making life seem so unbearable that even the habit of only one way of looking at power is explored further and further and further even though satisfaction never comes? If you can enslave others then how can you ever cherish love? You would never know if it exists. Power, like sex, can be an energy – just an energy – where it has nothing to do with an essence of truth – your truth, which is where the real power lies after all. Love under Will (Magickally) does not mean loveless living or power mongering. It means “To thine own self be true”. Weak men wear jewels as well as torn clothes.

Saturn in Virgo

Virgo is into fine detail and Saturn is into systems within which fine detail has its place. Profound attention to detail ensures that this placement will be able to take up challenges that others have not the fortitude to complete. Saturn in Virgo will work away with a million tiny pieces of the jigsaw puzzle until they not only complete it but come up with a short-cut for everyone else (service) to complete it elsewhere so that the work doesn’t have to be repeated but the thing itself (matter) is manifest and repeatable. Saturn in Virgo can locate the essence of data and replicate this too with some authority. Saturn in Virgo is not afraid of pain and will undergo it in order to harvest something worthwhile.

Saturn in Virgo is not afraid of pain. Unfortunately, this placement can have masochistic tendencies. Saturn in Virgo can be sexually perverse as Saturn makes appear impure that which Virgo strives to understand intellectually. Saturn in Virgo can restrict the Virgo ability to discern and this can cause problems with mental processing that can lead to nervous problems, as well as stomach problems due to the intestinal digestive system (Virgo ruled) being obstructed.

This is the best student with the most disciplinarian teacher. Take some time out to play with the other planets.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn here is exalted. Very often, as Saturn traverses our 7th house (Libra’s) a marriage is imminent. What can make Saturn in Libra so positive? Saturn combines responsibility towards a partner with responsibility towards self. Saturn bestows patience and tenacity and when it comes to working with, or marrying, someone these are absolutely necessary. Used for these purposes the Saturn energy in Libra is a blessing.

However, Saturn can be turned upon the partner, or prevent you from even taking a partner. There can be a sense of heavy weightedness, too much responsibility to choose a partner. This happens to those who don’t have much Capricorn or Saturn aspecting elsewhere in their charts and encounter it only here in Libra. You need to get used to Saturn’s energy and often this takes years. For this reason Saturn rarely bestows its positive gains on us when we are young. At this point it only feels painful and heavy and restrictive. By now, if you have read all of this section, you will realise that this energy is amazing and helpful and a real gift – for those who see past the gatekeeper’s appearance.

The devil is only chasing you because you won’t stop and turn around. He is holding a treasure for you. You don’t have to ‘sell your soul’ to receive it from him. You just have to ground and be a bit responsible so that you can handle all the joy coming your way!

Saturn in Scorpio

Where Virgo discerns, Scorpio probes and Saturn here is a fellow scientist also, only this one goes deeper and deeper and with such intensity that they reach dimensions which makes even Virgo wonder whether anything good can come of it! Saturn in Scorpio has the control and the stamina and the insight and the focus to learn at the sub-atomic level and then still be able to express it in a cohesive systematic structural manner. This is Saturn working with Pluto energy (as the natural ruler of Scorpio).

But be careful, little bits of chemicals can react and people can (literally) get killed here. Accidents are highly unlikely for a Saturn in Scorpio – you are so careful. However, some things don’t like being a part of some systems and if they resonate to Pluto there may be consequences.

Saturn in Sagittarius

When we looked at Jupiter we saw how Jupiter and Saturn work together to find great success, either in business or in philosophy. Here we meet this combination again. Only this time, instead of Jupiter visiting Capricorn we have Saturn visiting Sagittarius. Saturn’s rings are chipped away at here and the experience can be unstable for periods of time. Literally, the mountain goat finds that there has been an avalanche on the mountain and he is 2/3’s up, unable to move backwards. The only way is forward when Saturn meets Jupiter’s house for Jupiter is always about the future – bigger, brighter and better than the present, with the hope and glory of benevolent gain. Saturn is not used to this expanding energy but it can do nothing but accept it here. This is a great gift but it feels like destruction. Saturn’s tenacity and patience to stand still and allow the expansion of self to happen will be perhaps the best gift it ever receives in its life. This will be a Saturn becoming greater and greater, over and over again as Jupiter is always going to come back as it transits and make you adapt your systems to allow for updates. Every 12 years Jupiter will return to conjunct this Saturn in your natal placement. Every four years it will form an important angle, and every year it will at least tick off an event for this placement. Then there are the other planets aspecting this point in your chart. The opportunities for growth may seem different but with a little practice and awareness you can really enjoy this placement so that Saturn doesn’t have to cause you catastrophes to get your attention to your need to keep growing.

If you forget about the patience that normally comes so easily for you then you will probably fall apart and have to start all over again and it takes you so long doesn’t it? Let’s not go here – it is too self-defeating. Just hang on and do what you know how to do so well – be patient and re-read the positive above.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is in dignity in its own sign. Success is assured through tenacious addressing of systems and strategies. Achievement both socially and in business will manifest through careful planning. Get into the slower, persistent mode and then insight into what you need to know will be available as you need it. Do not worry about where you think you are at any given time as Saturn’s success isn’t obvious as you scale the rocky mountain step by step. Each step can often feel like failure. Don’t give up. Keep going. You are on your way! This is Saturn’s domain and he has it all under control regardless of how shaky the mountain goat may seem to you. Trust in yourself ‘kid’.

Saturn in Capricorn can be projected by you as Authority figures who continuously hold you back when you give in to the sensation that you aren’t progressing. This is just projected fear. Take back your own authority and you will succeed. All problems will then disappear. This can be nerve racking so get tough. This is what Saturn’s rings are about. Sometimes we need to build fences to keep ourselves centered in our own authority so that we can safely move about into the highest places, which is where Saturn ultimately leads those who dare to learn such life-enhancing lessons. It is because of our sojourn in Saturn’s domain (Earth) that we are able to reach heaven.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius can offer you lessons about group dynamics but you have to be patient. You have to realise that Saturn co-rules Aquarius because it is about the manner in which the groups operate on the earth plane that needs ultimately to be learned, so it can be known and shared, and then real group choice and group leaps of consciousness can really take place. In Aquarius you are dealing with many individuals. You are also dealing with inherent group systems that require anthropological perspectives, which are not always observable. There is a structure that underlies groups of people, which has a profound affect on the individuals themselves within the group. These individuals are not aware of these structures and systems in place. Many of these are based on universal laws that have only reached human knowledge at a level of higher thinking patterns most people don’t utilise. Saturn in Aquarius makes you stop and watch and listen and learn, and if you can intuit and then ground group dynamics you are able to contribute much to society writ large. You may even be able to systemise your findings so that others can learn from you at a less intuitive level (Uranus) and a more systematic earthly visible level (Saturn).

Or the above may prove all to much for you and you may prefer to ignore these energies at work in your chart for the greater good and concentrate on your own self. In which case you may be very shy in groups or even ostracized from them as others find you unduly heavy weight to try to get on with. Maybe hope is not a word in your vocabulary. Alternatively, you might play authority and tell your friends what to do every Friday night, giving them no room for choice themselves. Maybe you’ll just run a group yourself according to your own stagnant ideas, not realising that when a group of people get together a real opportunity for humanity presents itself.

Saturn in Pisces

The positive lessons Saturn in Pisces offers is a real link to the workings of the subconscious. You are able to research areas where others fear to tread because you will be able to come out of it largely untouched, due to those Saturn rings that protect you rather than restrict you. You are able to speak with some authority about psychic phenomena. Perhaps you have had many experiences with the occult, or maybe you have utilised Saturn in Pisces in Art. You have the tenacity to ground the divine. The priesthood is a possibility for you if you are this way inclined. However, it is more likely that you will come to terms with the union of dark and light in a phenomenal way which can affect many people. We celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a Capricorn and Pisces represents Christianity. You have the strength and the compassion together with this placement. How wonderful. Now you just need to work out how you are going to express it.

Consider the house where Pisces is situated. You have already read something of this adaptable water house and you may have wondered why you don’t feel adaptable at all. This is because Saturn wants you to understand this adaptability by taking it slower, slowing down time if you like. You are adaptable but you have a chance to observe this at the pace you need this to happen. Pisces can be illusive whatever planet resides in it but Saturn here offers the opportunity to ground the illusive long enough to embrace its essence rather than losing yourself in it. If it feels heavy this is because matter is heavy as we know it. Are you afraid of what you know and see and touch? Not usually. Then why be afraid when you have the opportunity to know and touch and feel those things that perhaps those around you can’t?

Alternatively, there is nowhere to hide if Saturn is blocking off your imagination. You need your imagination to make yourself who you want to be. Saturn in Pisces can even lock you up for a time. Read the positives and change your life. Why? So that you can learn about your own self. So that you can find ways (systems and structures) to ground your happiness and your unique gifts.