2.3 Sun in Signs

Everyone has a Sun in their astrology chart. Where is yours? Enter some key word meanings for your Sun’s placement in your chart and that of others you are collating from the table below.


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you are writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively. You can call on planetary aid, which is always there for you because it is, after all, You.


In our example chart above the Sun Sun is at 00° (0 degrees) 58′ minutes of ‚ Gemini in House 2.

Sun in Aries ^

You need to shine with vitality from a Centre which asserts itself with a single purpose.

If you find you are always picking a fight this is a clear sign that you need to look at finding areas where you can be assertive. You don’t have to be an expert to be assertive and pioneer new horizons. On the contrary, often it is best to forge ahead into uncharted territory without too much information for you might never go there if you knew the risk. You need to realise that your methods have a vital place in our world. If you feel obstructed perhaps you are only mixing with logical or feeling types. Find all your heroes and view what they have in common. Like any other sign who hasn’t found who they are at their centre, you need to find yourself by checking others who can mentor you into finding your own true value. This isn’t always in sinc with your parents’ or even with your nation’s values.

Aries people should never start judging others or they will find themselves with many vendettas against them. This sign has learned the lesson already that it is wonderful to be yourself. Judgment comes to those who do not yet know this.

Because Aries are fearless they often seek to fill the empty void of silence by shooting off their mouths. Understand that there are many ways to act with confidence. Sometimes silence is not fear of speaking your own truth but often just a choice of being silent.

People don’t need you to speak for them if they are quite unafraid to do so themselves.

Sun in Taurus _

You can build a mansion or a business with finesse and then decorate it in artistic luxury. And everyone thought you lacked worldliness? What were they thinking? Don’t expect others to compliment you until they’ve seen what you are capable of. You express through things and value yourself through things. If you haven’t got the things yet, don’t fret, you just haven’t created them yet. They are all around you. Waiting for you to do your magick and make them more than they are.

If you find yourself acting lazy, overly stubborn, obsessively possessive, or even a downright bully, then you may be doubting your own worth, and a bull doubting his or her own worth is an ugly mean sight indeed. You are resourceful and you can make things more real than others can. You are able to infuse objects with Art to decorate the mundane. Don’t listen when an air sign accuses you of being slow thinking or slow moving. Call on Venus to aid you to slide into your most charming productive self and mesmerise the logical around you with the utmost Beauty that only you can elucidate in an otherwise very basic piece of apparatus. What has Venus in common with a bull? How many beautiful bulls have you seen lately? Venus and you make Beauty out of the bullish. A dinner plate covered in artistically positioned food becomes a work of art that tastes so much better for the effort of composition regardless of the recipe! Find your value where it lies. You don’t belong in the chicken coupe. Check your Sun’s house for clues. We’ll look at houses in the next table.

Valuing things is about Art.

To Taurus people are like ‘things’ too. The bull enjoys making their partners beautiful and feel beautiful themselves when adorned by beautiful partners and possessions.

Sun in Gemini `

You need to shine from being versatile, inquisitive and communicative.

If you find yourself being overly superficial because there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting happening here, then be aware of your boredom levels and don’t let these degenerate into gossip mongering and slander. Even if you never meant to hurt anyone your words travel very far and very eloquently, whether you are conscious of this or not.

Gemini, Mercury, your ruler, was half human and half God yet attained the status of God – by fair means and by foul paradoxically. For you the means is always justified by the outcome. This is a trait of Gemini – and Mercury/Hermes – that others have historically found troublesome to say the least – but it is a part of your centre and you must be allowed this passage.

Gemini is an unstable, adaptable, unapologetic, Sun. If things about yourself trouble your conscience get over it. Hermes/Mercury doesn’t just call you to view the outcome but demands it of you. You have to embrace your naughtiness and even your penchant for telling lies because this is not someone else forcing you – it is you.

Where are the positives and the rewards? You can’t help yourself from thinking faster than every other sign. Use this. You can’t help yourself from your natural curiosity – use this. You are young and vibrant even when you are old – use this. You can play jokes on others but you can also save others, transport others, communicate with others. You are a necessary vehicle for all the other signs and no matter how much you might infuriate them they will never hate you longer than moments as long as you don’t get caught up in it too.

You have a wonderful sense of humour. Don’t bother trying to be someone you aren’t. There is no other like you in the zodiac.

To understand your ‘value’ system – those things that enable your Sun to vitalise and illuminate to the outcome you want, check the house your Gemini sun falls in. Thing outcomes, and let the means take care of themselves. You aren’t your opposite more moral Sagittarian. Let them be them and you be you. You never have to do it alone. You probably know more people than anyone else you can think of – except of course another Gemini who has a faster car.

Sun in Cancer aSun in Cancer a

You need to shine by protecting others, by nurturing others and revealing your own resourcefulness of being. You need to tap into your immense power base to realise that nurturing can include, like nature does, some pretty strong efforts and consequences to those who stand against it.

If you find yourself winging or getting cranky with people you probably aren’t owning your own power. The frustration is not outside yourself, it is inside. The people who frustrate you are just alerting you to this fact. Thank them no matter how much you dislike them, and then get in touch with yourself in a more empowering manner.

A Cancer Sun is a bit of a contradiction when it comes to your Sun. Like an eclipse the Moon wants you to not outshine others but prefers you to be yourself at home, nurturing others, protecting them from the brightest days in case their eyes are hurt before they can truly ‘see’ what needs to be known.

The Moon rules the Astral and Cancers can be quite enigmatic people – even though most people would disagree with this – after all doesn’t the moon predictably come out every night? And doesn’t mother predictably act like Mother? When Mother is Sun she is connected to a realm more deeply illuminated because the Sun finds a place in the Astral. And the predictablness of Cancers are thorned (as most will testify) by a crankiness that doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ with their otherwise nurturing capacity.

If you see yourself as others see you then you will be clouded from seeing yourself. You need to, like Gemini before you, see more of the picture than the habitual nurturing impulses. The Sun in Cancer demands you to do this. Look to the core of your habits to find the way your Sun will truly vitalise the world rather than nurture and then taunt it without regard for itself. This is not a Moon it is your Sun and your Sun urges you to fight the solar fight to find your true self. Look beneath the haze and let the rest of the world take care of itself long enough for you to do this. Once you do you will truly nurture in ways you have never imagined and even better you will find real joy in doing so. Isn’t it more habit or guilt for you right now anyway?

Sun in Leo b

A natural Leader, but what to do when you aren’t sure how? Check the house of your Leo Leo before a younger lion comes and knocks you off your throne. What you once took pride in may now be rather common. You need to remain regal. You are the King of the Jungle. You need to know how to do this. Check this out with all the effort you can muster and all the shining glory which makes your adventure pleasurable. It doesn’t have to be difficult – you’re royalty after all. Shine as you go Leo.

If others are treating you like an albatross perhaps you are behaving like one. It is a very sad thing to see someone great reduced to foolishness. Did you get caught up in the boasting of last year’s events? Get back to your own Centre Leo – you’ll see there is still plenty of strength to awe the crowds and you will be able to happily boast about doing so later on. A Leader always knows where to look for important leads.

You might also remind yourself to stop and have a play. This will always be the source of inner joy for Leos. In play your heart finds its centre once more. A serious Lion is a weak Lion. A Lion’s strength comes from its heart. Follow your heart.

A pompous Leo is not kingly and can never light up another’s world. More than any other Sun you can gauge your own happiness through the reception others give you. But don’t expect them to change. They may run and hunt and care for you for longer than they would for any other sign but they will expect you to deserve their honour.

Your heart will be in the house where your Sun shines and you need to shine in this house more than others do. You also need to shine in the house your Leo sign sits, especially if it is on the cusp but even if it is not. Can these houses be worked together profitably for you? Imagine if they can Leo. Play the game as you sit still for long hours watching the others run around doing everything for you – and make this thinking time worthwhile – for everyone.

Sun in Virgo c

Virgo when you look at a lot of data on a page you immediately begin to discriminate between the useful and the useless. You start sorting with your mind long before anyone else has even finished reading the headlines. It’s difficult for you to realise how very good you really are, and how much you shine, because you don’t do this for the accolades, you do it simply because you hate to see an inefficient mess. You just can’t cope with sloppy, purposeless thinking after all. This is all for a bigger picture though Virgo. You’ve got to get through this stuff so that you can integrate life into a craft itself where there is a purpose for everything and everything reveals itself at its essence. A tall order but you have endless, mercurially fast, analytical skills – and you enjoy them. It’s all easy for you. Virgo is a karmic sign – it is to complete You, before you can meet another (in Libra).

Just because you have skills of analysis why do you think that all others should also?

Don’t be foolish Virgo. Look past your own focus and see that as wonderful as you are, and as vital as you are, others’ gifts are just as necessary. Let them get on with them even though you haven’t got to the stage where you recognize their validity. And maybe a lot of what they’re doing is grossly inefficient and even obstructive to the job at hand, or even to the world at large. But sometimes it is just that you don’t understand, or it may be that they have to learn somehow too, and God has methods which may not seem efficient because you may not know the context. A little trust and less worry and criticism will allow you to accept the flaws in others, then you won’t fall apart when you recognize, and you will through analysis, the flaws you reveal in yourself on your own way through life’s lessons. It is important that you find a place for the not-so-perfect bits of yourself – cherish these. They will save you from the neurosis of perfectionist demands. Someone once said: “Excellence is desired. Perfection is neurotic.” (I can’t remember where I read this. I’m not perfect.)

It is always surprising to a Virgo when they themselves are less than efficient. Enigmatic Virgo you are adaptable earth and earth is not smooth – it is not meant to be smooth. Your integrity depends upon the value of everyone. You cannot complete yourself so that you can meet another if you cannot, in your mind as well as in your heart, accept the idea of perfection within imperfection.

Paradoxically your Sun shines for yourself, no matter how much you enjoy serving others they are always surprised when they lose your allegiance, not to another, but to you yourself. Unlike any other sign you are not able to sacrifice yourself for another unless your reward for doing so – in your own judgment – is greater than the sacrifice involved.

A whole human being is a powerful being Virgo. Many have tried to comprehend all the parts of what this means. Your value, your central core sun, requires you to attain this mastery of self, in all its facets. This means you are able to enjoy all kinds of lifestyles as long as you intellectually perceive that feelings and actions have a place in your integrated world.

Sun in Libra d

A Libran seeks to harmonise. But what does this mean? Being an airy Venusian Libra means being gifted with Venus’ charm in a lighter, more refined manner than Taurus, (who imbued things with Art and Value). Here we find a Venusian Value which maintains the scales of humanity. Let’s get together and do things together and be harmonious to each other. But Libra is not meant to take it further than this and is therefore often misunderstood as shallow by others (and perhaps also by themselves during times of self doubt). So what does the beautiful Libran have to offer of his or her self? The ability to inspire others in order for them to balance is important for Librans who now seek partnership everywhere as a priority. The opposite sign of Aries, Libra begins the trek above the horizon of the astrological chart.

Libra has already gone through Becoming Self in Virgo’s house and confidently starts off as a complete entity, seeking now to discover what it means to partner others. But the consolidation of the partnerships will not take place until Scorpio’s house is visited. Libra provides for all of us the lessons of love and appreciation and harmony throughout any obstacle, or perhaps rising above obstacles, because as long as you prioritorise the partnership itself as one which requires harmony which can only be established and maintained through realising its possibility, despite differences, then only then can you two come together long enough to be equipped to pass through the transformation of the next sign. All events are transient, people endure, even though we change and therefore Libra can teach us that a harmony need not be considered shallow or lacking in the confrontation needed (i.e. the forging ahead regardless of others which was so necessary for Aries). It isn’t that Libra is worth more than Aries, it is that Libra’s tasks are different and require an understanding of harmony as a moving logic (air) in that it does not get bogged down in any fixed arguments which merely represent scenery along the pathway for two people, rather than identification of each as if they cannot change.

Harmony in its essence may be a concept that is difficult to grasp until you do grasp it. Until then it may be sensed as appropriate but its actual manifestation not quite comprehended and therefore some imposter harmony may prevail along route to solving this Libran puzzle. These imposter harmonies usually look like lightweight pleasure periods of harmony when a Libran, (or you in Libra’s house) impatiently grasp for the easy pleasure principle instead of more durable harmony. It thus becomes deceitful manipulation of others. Even when this was not meant for it is impossible for the Libran need to be ignored. Venus will not be ignored by anyone. She will demand this harmony prevail and until you understand what it is you respond to her in moments of pleasure, or with indecisiveness about choices especially where you can’t avoid disagreement (viewed as an arch enemy of pseudo harmony). Real harmony allows others their differences but does not place due importance on these because the goal is the harmony. Pseudo harmony ignores differences and pursues its cause as if their view were the rightful harmonious one, or the only one, but may not speak it so that others are not invited to speak theirs and thereby reveal that there are differences!

Libra meditate on what constitutes a perfect harmonious world full of whole (Virgo transcended) humans. When you do this, especially considering the house where your Sun illuminates your chart, then you will understand what it is that will make you truly happy.

Sun in Scorpio e

For Scorpio things aren’t so equal as they must be for Libra because for Scorpio two things become one thing – they merge to create, either sexually to produce a third person, or through consolidation of their finances so they become an economic unit, or through the consolidation of an intimate partnership, with or without children, which transmutes both people. Harmony is no longer the aim because there must no longer be two to harmonise, but two must now become one. This is another task, neither greater nor lesser than the seven signs which precede it. Every lesson for every sign is as important as the others. And Scorpio will be found in at least one area of everyone’s chart. The Scorpion way is the way of transmutation.

When two become one there is a danger of one overpowering the other so that instead of two transmuting into one, one is consumed into the other. This vampire act may manifest before Scorpio’s lesson in transmutation is learned. In this instance Scorpio’s revealing negative traits may be seen to portray vindictive, possessive, power-mongering behaviours, complete with the vengeance which offers a power release which should have been used to transmute two into one, together.

Personally you can consider two seemingly opposing ideas in the house where your Sun falls. What happens in your psyche is the need to make these two things one formidable powerhouse. Just like war one can overtake the other but then nothing changes, the more powerful just gets bigger. But if you can mix the two, breaking down each so neither are recognizable as separate then you find the true voyage of the Scorpion – transmutation into greater entities. If we pool our resources and direct these towards an enterprise then the business partnership of the 7th house is now an investment enterprise on its own merit with the partners now working as part of this new enterprise – the major entity – and this business entity pays the partners rather than each partner still counting separate pennies.

The vampire who drains the blood of another to build itself and kill the other is less powerful than a continued relationship between two ‘whole’ ‘powerful’ human beings and in this fable of the vampire mourning its beloved through hundreds of years this knowledge is knowable.

There is a good reason why destruction is often the cause of greater creativity. Not many have the stomach for Scorpion pursuits. You yearn for these Scorpio because you know things about life that others don’t know. You’ve come through Virgo and Libra and yours is another Karmic sign with a strong powerful energy focus and task to realise in order to find real satisfaction in your own Sun self.

Sun in Sagittarius f

The Sagittarian way is the way of the big picture which is open and seeking in Truth in a fiery way, regardless of individuals’ own ways of doing things. “Why would anyone not be open to the Truth?” asks the naïve Sagittarian, propelled towards it as vitally as Libra is propelled towards harmony, or where Scorpio is propelled towards transmutation. A positive Sagittarius is beautifully open, a teacher to others who you can open yourself to. The bigger picture prevails. You can even put yourself into it. You are allowed to ask the existential questions of life and feel large enough to answer them too! Sagittarians often seem silly and naive to others but Sagittarius is actually an intellectual sign (along with Virgo) and can comprehend many larger pictures than others are capable of conceiving.

In Sagittarius’ world the unimaginable is truly possible. Jupiter is, after all the God of all the other Gods. In a jovial way he pursues many realms, animal, human and God and sees no problem mixing them all.

You can find joy along your journey rather than have to wait until you have achieved success. These Sagittarian ways allow us to make mistakes. Like the archer who fires off in all directions in order to find the truth so might we, without feeling any sense of shame for not ticking off achievements along the way. For the goal is the largest goal, including law, religion, philosophy, vocation. Therefore, these are not goals which can be gained in any linear fashion and failure must ensue several times in order to reach them, or else you aren’t human. Therefore, you can enjoy what seems to be a failure when you place this in its larger context of who you are as a human being in any case because you have still ‘hit a target’ – it just wasn’t the target you considered it was going to be when you embarked on the challenge. You find you have to hit several targets before you can hit the big one because this is part of the journey which is absolutely necessary. And it’s all so much fun too! Half man half beast, the beast has strength and the man has an ideal to aspire to.

A broadening of horizons is a process. One does not actually arrive at the fullest wisdom over night, or perhaps ever. And herein lies the dilemma of a sad Sagittarian expression. Fire is exciting and sometimes resonating with it can burn others who might comprehend a processing wisdom should result in an absolute, especially the Sagittarian themselves, who needs to keep evolving forever more. Dogma and opinion expressed so loudly that others comprehend it as the Law or the Religion to follow (Jupiter being in charge as Zeus) simply because it is obviously based on philosophical cohesion can cause bushfires which rage illogically, if not tempered by a wider astrological team input. The gifts of the archer are glorious, but even these need every other sign to put them into context so they too may ‘be themselves’.

Zeus created some hideous offspring! Yet reigns in glory still!

Sun in Capricorn g

Capricorn is moving Earth, and for the Sun to realise its centre in this sign it must ground a large (Jupiterian) project into a structure of society which is tangible and therefore obviously viewable to others. Hard work is usually required to do this. However, it is natural for those with the Sun in Capricorn to draw themselves into such prolonged effort, whereby they set up routines of structure along the way which eases the effort required and ensures their continued progress. We all have Capricorn in at least one house and we all have Saturn and therefore each of us has something to ‘make concrete’ with effort. The house where your sun is placed in Capricorn will be extremely rewarding, but the rewards will come once you understand this process of how achievements in this area will come about. It is no use trying to emulate other methods which work well in other areas of your life. Understanding and strength of what you build will be your rewards, and even hard work can be a labour of love along the path. Don’t feel bad about actually enjoying what others jokingly consider painful due to the amount of effort required.

Negatively, an intolerance of others can ensue. “Pull your finger out!” you may at least want to say to others who seem to have a life while you are still at the office late on Friday night. Be truthful, you are there because you know you are building something which will eventually provide you with the pay-offs. They are getting theirs in other ways. How many Sun in Capricorns can one enterprise satisfy anyhow? And all work and no play maketh someone very dull…so they say, and others depressive. Understand, as for all sun signs, the dynamics which pertain specifically to you and appreciate, as you would be appreciated, the parts that every one of them play. This can be done by understanding how you yourself are in other areas of your life, according to the other signs’ modes (the signs being the adjectives of the zodiac) of doing. Be honest, you aren’t nearly so methodical and effortful in other areas of your life.

Look to Saturn to aid your Sun to illuminate so that you can openly receive the respect of your toil, or more importantly respect yourself for having reached your goal. You can do this by thinking about ‘systems’ rather than piece by painful piece effort that might otherwise set you back. Systems will aid you – meditate and ask for the correct ones for you. If you really can’t meditate then walk into a bookstore and and find the coldest corner – stand there and look around until a book looks back at you. It doesn’t matter about its genre – systems come from different places – they need not even be part of the subject matter – they may be born from you in your own effort.

Sun in Aquarius h

The Sun in Aquarius is very social. We are all a part of the earth intuits Aquarius. As your Sun Centre this sign motivates you to spread your energies across all those you know, encompassing everyone as part of your social team. However, this does not mean that you expect them to provide the input into the creations which you prophesise (for in a sense this represents the kind of motivation which comes to you) at any given time. There is a structure but how do we all live inside this structure? The Sun Centre influenced by this Uranus Ruled Sign of Aquarius is concerned about the masses, and especially seeks out groups within which he or she might align their intuitive flows of absolutely (fixed) ideals and act these out expressively though the air of rhetoric and forceful stands for what they believe is the best for many. Aquarius teaches us to consider others as much as we consider ourselves. A natural aspiration to do this is a gift by Sun sign Aquarians to all others. However, everyone of us has Aquarius within at least one house ourselves. In which area of life do you consider all others? Are you social?

How frustrating does it get when you know what system would really allow everyone liberty, freedom, idealistic striving, when they don’t seem to appreciate themselves that you only want the best for them? An Aquarian Sun needs to intuit solutions rather than just spend time tearing down orders that don’t work, hoping that the better ones will rise up as if by magick – they won’t. Aquarius has a dilemma. On the one hand it knows when something isn’t fair and doesn’t work and is compelled to destroy it. But then it thinks that the answer will just as easily be as obvious intuitively. New creations take a little more intuitive insight and group effort. In your house build your groups first with insightful, yet carefully considered ideas – preferably those based on the philosophy of Venusian Astrology – something that should appeal to Aquarians in any case – the value of every human above any idea. All may join in on a group with such fixed, unmovable, stubbornly defended ideals.

Aquarians need to temper their rebelliousness in order to illuminate their true gift to humanity and to themselves. Aquarius is a group sign and negatively, a Sun in Aquarius can be a self-appointed and self-opinionated prophet for the masses and cause all manner of destruction by moving too fast on their impulsive needs to offer the very best of themselves and in doing so inadvertently obstruct their own visions.

Sun in Pisces i

A Sun Pisces finding its centre is not the insightful Aquarian, but is totally enveloped in the cosmological living, breathing, universe to the point of feeling so at home here in Universal Love that any effort to ground universal feelings are unnecessary because this becomes the point at which Pisceans start to live. “Aren’t we all here already?” asks a Centered Pisces Sun, who proceeds then not to inflict but to express the human condition through music, art, and religious acts of open examples of their Truth of this cosmology. Ego does not live in Pisces, who are inspirational and resourceful individuals because they are not ego-oriented, ever able to re-make themselves from the aether of existence itself, fashioned uncompetitive, since all are equal in any case. Empathy through the expression of music or poetry or art may be their sole purpose in life. A Sun in Pisces in the fifth house of creativity may expectedly manifest as such an Artist. The ultimate sacrifice of Christianity seems victim-oriented yet actually represents not a loss of power but an acceleration of evolution.

Sometimes trying to centre a Pisces Sun can and often does result in a victim mentality where sacrifice is misunderstood. Sacrifice is always about losing one thing to gain something greater. If it only takes into the account the former then it is not only foolish but, for the Piscean it is a sin against the very existence of the Universe and lessons will be thrown at the Piscean towards building an Ego, in order to comprehend the difference between evolution and devolution (or annihilation). A few Scorpion friends will help them.

When Pisceans try to be martyrs they will fail because it goes against their very ‘equal’ nature. When Pisceans suffer from low self esteem their very souls are damaged because deep down they know their equal worth. Their path is not about learning equality but living it.