2.4 The Sun in Houses

So now you know that in order to feel fulfilled in Tippereth, in order to illuminate your Sun, you have to be true to yourself. If your Sun is your Will, then magickally Love under Will is understood in more mutually fulfilling and humanitarian ways. Shakespeare wrote to Thine Own Self be True. But how can we be true to ourselves? What is the practical path towards doing this?

Looking at your Sun’s House will provide you with a good indication about your true Will. Your Will is your creative illuminative spark – your Sun -You. Your centre. Your core. Your value of Self. And you cannot value another human being until you first value yourself.

So, pat yourself on the back for coming this far with this book and have a little dance around the table before embarking upon the next stage of your Venusian Astrology journey. It’s all about fun and vitality in your Sun’s house. And ye shall all be as children in order to enter through the gates of heaven – as Jesus told us. And he more than anyone in history has shown us the way towards and the power of – our Sun.

You will find your Centre through focusing on whatever house your Sun shines in. The following will give you some idea of the kinds of areas in your life which describe this House.

let the sun shine in…let the sun shine in… let the sun shine in… let the s……………………..

Sun in 1st House

Finding yourself? Who else could you possibly be in this first house of Self? Aspects to your Sun will bring about your lessons but you may already know who you are and be asking other questions, like, here I am, what shall I do now I’m here?

Sun in 7th House

Finding yourself through partnering another human being. Paradoxically, understanding (maybe even experiencing) co-dependency will lead to inter-dependency and recognition of who You are.

Sun in 2nd House

Finding yourself through possessions, personal security, and the value you place on these.

Sun in 8th House

You will find yourself through changing yourself. Perhaps your partner’s money may allow you the opportunities which are required for major change to occur. You may find yourself by understanding death and therefore when this occurs you should accept it as an opportunity for self and departed.

Sun in 3rd House

Finding yourself through the way you express and communicate, hints may be found through your relationship with siblings.

Sun in 9th House

You’ll seek yourself through philosophy and religion and travelling. By recognizing that there are many different ways of being you will begin to identify who you are. Maybe you will find that there are more types than even you suspect because there are more combinations and some combinations contain more than other ones. Difference is divine, but you are also an individual. You won’t get lost on your travels – you’ll get found.

Sun in 4th House

Finding yourself through putting in foundations, working on the land maybe, dealing in real estate? Setting up support for others to work from? Through Mother or Father (whoever is represented by your 4th house). Learning to find yourself through learning about your heritage may be helpful.

Sun in 10th House

Finding yourself through social status. It may be a long climb to the top and it may even seem like you aren’t climbing but this is a public house and you might as well get used to going public! Your journey is on show, even when you think you are being private.

Sun in 5th House

Finding yourself through actively creating yourself. Perhaps you are pliable until you find your most comfortable Self, which was always hinted at in every persona you created anyway. It will eventually be revealed in a playful creative manner.

Sun in 11th House

Finding yourself through aligning with a group. This is a Social House, where hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. In doing for others you find yourself. For a while it might seem as if you are just one of the group, you are, but you will discover your own specific gift to the group along the way.

Sun in 6th House

Finding yourself through giving yourself, breaking down your ego boundaries. Subservience needs to be viewed as a means to a greater end not a self-sacrifice. Integration of body/mind/spirit to Become You.

Sun in 12th House

Finding yourself in the abyss. Not for the faint at heart this position of the Sun. It may take you much self-analysis to get to your core which remains hidden from everyone, sometimes even from yourself. But an inner vitality is always there, just below the surface, waiting to get out. Have faith. It might take a large transit to bring what you know consciously into the language where it can be expressed.