2.21 Uranus in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Jupiter Uranus is at 6° degrees 38′ minutes of ‹Pisces in House 11.

“…I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses. I deal my own deck sometimes the ace sometimes the deuces…” “…and more much more than this I did it my way ….” “All for one and one for all!” “This is my life and I don’t give a damn for lost emotion…”

Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries gives this Martian “I Am” a uniqueness that contains an intuitive knowing that can drive the ego away from small mindedness and towards greatness. Uranus rules electricity and Aries is a pioneer and the electricity can ignite and light up the world in strikes of lightning so potent that the ideas that this individual has can truly ground in reality, largely because of Aries’ not questioning its intuition. Being Martian Uranus in the Aries will not worry too much about its own progressiveness in comparison to others but carry on relentlessly as a good soldier. This is a wonderful powerful position for Uranus and this person can benefit many in the house where this Uranus is placed.

However, this powerful boost to doing it ‘my way’ can make a clumsy Aries an even looser canon and if this is you before you shoot off your mouth or something else just check your chart to see those areas of your life where you are likely to do so and ask your intuition why before you act without thinking.

Uranus in Taurus

Venus was born from Uranus alone so there is a connection between this fixed earth way and the god of freedom and liberty, and with this comes many opportunities. Taurus is not so much a thinking and planning character as it is a desire motivated one so it is used to being dependable and strong based on inner urges of ‘knowing’ the direction is right without having to have it argued out. Uranus’ flashes of insight can be accepted in this combination without shock or doubt, and worked with.

A Uranus acting in Taurus’ house can inspire great works of matter. Uranus in Taurus in either the 6th or the 10th might produce an architect who makes the artistic fully functional in state of the art building techniques. A Uranus in Taurus in the 5th might be the sculpturer whose work at first shocks because of its eccentricity but eventually leads a whole movement. A Uranus in Taurus in the 1st house will definitely not take orders but will pursue with the strength of the Bull every eccentric inspiration that comes to them. This person will always seem to be ahead of the crowd, even prophetic, sometimes thought insane, always enigmatic and eccentric.

The Uranian energy at play here cannot be fathomed with feeling or within the confines of small logic. It can be accessed with logic though – in fact Uranus is a higher logic and used to be referred to as the “Higher Octave of Mercury” because of this. As with all the “outer planets” Uranus’ inspiration that manifests as lightening bolts of knowing or urges to make things happen suddenly, or prophetic impulses, can upset the nervous system if not dealt with for what it is. Impulses have to be strong if they are to work on whole generations as these outer planets do. In Taurus Uranus has an opportunity to work on the dependable Bull side of our nature, and Bulls have the strength to lead the masses.

Uranus in Gemini

Uranus in Gemini is in its Exaltation and is happy in this environment. The quick thinking Gemini mental capacity is ignited by the excitement of higher logic to grapple with – a true challenge for it – and one it can never fully live up to. And Gemini’s love it when they come across something mental that they can’t tackle because it is so rare for them. Uranus acting in a Gemini house is like power surges continually sending impulses through other power generators. This might seem to be anything but fun but fun it is in your Gemini house. This kind of fun in a Gemini house is akin to great sex for Scorpio or winning a race for a Sagittarian – sheer adrenalin – mind style.

As we have already seen Gemini is none too moral about its activities and could just enjoy the buzz it gets here. But Uranus does have a strong impulse for freedom truth and liberty and can turn a turtle killer into a God of Truth.

But what if Uranus is in Gemini in the 8th house of Scorpio? A mixture of eccentricity and individuality in an amoral Geminian tainted house where two are meant to become one can lead to some weird sexual behaviour if simply run with instead of comprehending, even insightfully.

This placement is a great gift but for we mere mortals it is necessary (as for all the outer planet energies) that we look to other areas of our charts to balance things if they overwhelm us and understand why they have without beating ourselves up about, in this area, being turtle killers. It’s not too late to stop and change. In fact Uranus works even faster than its fastest personal counterpart Mercury. Things can change in this house in just minutes and days instead of months and years.

Uranus in Cancer

No-one can tell you how to run your home. Your ideas seem different to many, even eccentric, but you just know that they are right. Your intuition tells you and you do not doubt it. Or do you? In most cases Cancers know ‘in their waters’ how to nurture their families and friends, even when this means behaving in ways that might seem unfair and hurtful. Like Nature herself sometimes there must be storms. When Uranus operates it can seem very cold, like a robot rather than a living feeling being, with ideas and ideologies instead of hot soup and warm beds.

Uranus in Cancer might be a philanderer, or a bigamist, unable to commit but just as unable to tear him or herself away from the environment of family and home. There may be a real problem with not fitting in to early choices of partners, families or even national identities. Sometimes intuition that highlights how things work without providing the impetus to use the insights can cause conflict. Uranus is a God of revolution if evolution is not quick enough. The French Revolution was very Uranian in context and perhaps here in Cancer we get a whiff of this intuitive God demanding truth and liberty in the family environment.

This is not an overly difficult position. Uranus is not in its fall or detriment in Cancer and this placement can assist with livening up otherwise dull family activities. Sometimes with Uranus, as with the other ‘outer planets’ we may project onto others. In this case we may not be the one with itchy feet preferring to behave like our Cancer house environment. We may marry someone who is literally never there for us. In doing this we dissociate from a part of ourselves we do not want to deal with and project this onto the outside world through others. These others have energetic hooks themselves that allow us to do this and with a bit of effort we help each other to understand what is going on. In Cancer unfortunately we usually all get hurt in the process as families deal with absent members.

Uranus in Leo

Uranus in Leo is in its Detriment. Why? Because Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius, where Uranus naturally rules. Uranus is about the group. Leo is about the individual shining. Uranus can behave very badly in Leo as Leo seeks arrogantly to own the wisdom of the generation themselves, not realising that it is there for the masses and not just their own personal message from God. It isn’t Leo’s fault. Leo has to shine. And the house where your Leo sits on the cusp is a house where you need to shine too! Uranus helps you to shine in amazing ‘individual’ ways. If you are an Actor then you will have loads of magnetism with Uranus igniting you!

Leo is an individual – the heart of what being ME is all about. Leo is playful and Leo is loud. An arrogant Leo house with Uranus in it can be the healthy expression if you consider a Leo house with Uranus that can’t own its Uranian impulses because it knows it isn’t for it alone and therefore ME is not able to shine.

“I made the toy Mommy!” Leo boasts. “No darling that toy has been on the shelves for sale for years” Mommy teaches little Leo, and Leo is deflated because Leo has to shine. Many actors are Leos because they can find a way to be wonderful even if it is only through fantasy. But Leo is an honest fire sign, inspired by Life. Uranus is group oriented. The Sun is the solar God to Leo and these outer Gods need to learn that the Sun is the centre of the universe and this means that the person, each person, but especially the Leo person, has a right to Shine brighter than any God. The person is political. The honesty of one life, my life says Leo, is paramount, is magnificent, is the centre of the Universe.

Leo’s want others to shine too. “Don’t follow, lead”, says Leo. “Wake up and play”, says Leo. “Put your heart into everything you do”, says Leo. “Be proud Lions”, says Leo. Where is Leo in your chart? If Uranus is here too then don’t fight arrogance – it is the way of the Lion – the only way in this house.

Uranus in Virgo

Uranus in Virgo can cause nervous conditions, especially if it falls in the third, sixth or twelfth houses. Here, like Gemini Uranus works with Mercury. However, unlike Gemini Virgo isn’t a turtle killer or a insatiable for mental stimulation. Virgo is earth and especially human anatomical earth. In some cultures its is not the brain but the nervous system that is the centre of being human and Virgo’s challenges with health reflect this. C.C. Zain’s Church of Light series of Astrology texts prescribe a mental diet of “harmonious Jupiter thoughts” and a physical diet including calcium, vitamin B-1 and sunlight to aid Uranian afflictions.

Body, Mind and Spirit need to be integrated in Virgo’s house. Add Uranian electrical currents of intuitive prophetic insight and you have some amazing opportunities to skip several years of laborious effort to arrive at answers that bring you closer to integrating the events of this house in your chart. Virgo likes nothing better than finding answers to integrate otherwise paradoxical notions and Uranus is just the ticket for this.

This combination can be invigorating for this Virgo house and even overshadow the tenacity and meticulousness that might otherwise be apparent without Uranus’ presence.

Uranus in Libra

Uranus in Libra is in harmony. How appropriate. Libra is trine to Aquarius, both air signs. Uranus in Libra is the intuitive knowing that fairness and equality is absolutely ordained by the Gods and that even keeping the peace at the local pub between two neighbours is a virtuous act by the Libran. But there is much more going on here than this.

Uranus always behaves out of the ordinary and in the house where Uranus is you cannot be told that others’ ideas or ideologies are better than yours because yours have been intuited from the highest sources of intuition. In Libra your Uranian fixed ideas may very likely be about how relationships are meant to operate and you will demand nothing less than the manifestation of these, in perfect harmony of course! Otherwise you will be out the door in a flash (in sudden Uranian impulse) because arguing is not your (Libran) style.

In one of the houses of service you may run a dating service with a difference. In the 9th house you might write romance novels with a difference. “With a difference” is the important phrase here. Uranus never does anything that is the norm or is expected. Uranus is intuition that comes from no knowable source logically.

Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Scorpio is good news. This intuitive God ignites the Scorpion limitless power God with some direction. The Scorpion still has to find the desire link to accept this intuitive impulse but it is a great start to combining intuition with the creative impulse of Scorpio. This is a formidable position for Uranus in your chart if you have it. But there are some things that might happen that being forewarned about can help with. For example, let’s assume that your Scorpio house has led you to places, as it does, where you may have been better off not knowing even existed. With Uranus here not only will you be drawn to these places but you will have flashes of insight about them way ahead of your time, or you will feel awakened to the core of energy in these places and know intuitively that steps can be taken to act upon these places and these people. Remember Uranus acts through human agents and in Scorpio the fixed feelings of individuals are ignited and illuminated.

In a communication house such as the third or the ninth you might use words to find freedom and equality for those seemingly lost in Scorpio’s clutches that you might (if the rest of your chart is not so Scorpion) consider hellish.

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus is in its Fall in Sagittarius. When a planet is in its Fall it cannot behave with its full intensity because it is like someone who is forced to live in a house where it can’t get on with anyone else living there and so cannot find the space to grow and behave as itself. However, if this house is one of the angular houses (houses 1, 4, 7 or 10) then this can cause the right amount of friction towards greater gain. So how is Uranus’ activities obstructed in Sagittarius?

At first glance it seems as if Uranus would be very happy in this intellectual sign of the Archer who enjoys all cultures and broad thinking and means harm to none. Sagittarius is about Truth. Uranus seeks fairness and liberty for all. The Sagittarian likes change and travel and Uranus will disappear out the door even faster than Jupiter when it suddenly decides to be somewhere else. Do we have too much sudden human impulse here? What’s going on?

Herein lies the difference between accepting opportunities or being overwhelmed. Historically, this position has produced tyrants who have created religions and ideologies because they have ‘believed’ (a Sagittarian trait usually positively optimistic) that the God of these ideologies is real. Jupiter expands everything it touches and Uranus intuits about group movement. Uranus also makes a person intuitively know that they are right. Unfortunately, if other influences in the chart prevail, the intuitive right of Uranus might actually be interpreted by a very non-intuitive influence rest of the chart. Check you main theme when assessing whether or not you may be misinterpreting Uranus in Sagittarius or not.

Uranus in Capricorn

Uranus can provide your Capricorn house with intuitive ideas for the best systems. Uranus works well with Saturn and Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn is the Co-ruler of Aquarius. How do these two work best together? Order and Chaos. In a perfect world imagine systems that are fair and equal for every individual within them, systems that provide every joy on earth. Uranus intuits the future trends and Saturn sets up the system or order to accommodate it.

But, what happens when either of these Gods seek to push the other out of their place? Uranus kicking Saturn out is bloody revolution. Capricorn kicking Uranus out is harsh restrictive systems based on scarcity and lack of intuitive possibilities.

Uranus brings eccentricity to order and system making activities in this house. Capricorn is moving earth and Uranus here will be obvious because Capricorn is obvious, Capricorn is public. Even if Capricorn falls in your personal houses there will be something public about it. Add Uranus and you have a notable eccentricity or rebelliousness to the normal order of those things associated with this house.

Uranus in Aquarius

Welcome home Uranus. In its own house of home rule Uranus can be itself. In groups it comes to the fore. There will always be people in this house. It will most likely be quite busy and if there are not adverse aspects to it a very exciting one too. You have free reign to play out your intuitive impulses here, you may be appreciated for your insight into all things to do with this house.

Are you an inventor? You could be. Are you in public relations? You could be. Are you an acknowledged public speaker? You could be. Check the house where Aquarius is in your chart and go for it. You probably don’t need to be told because with this free flowing Uranian energy it is unlikely that anything can obstruct you from doing what you want in this house anyway.

Uranus in Pisces

Uranus in Pisces is intuition mixed with divine psychic impulse. This is an enigmatic person or an insane one. Any Pisces influence can feel far removed from the norm. Uranus here is receiving intuitive impulses about things most people believe shouldn’t be questioned at all. The person who rebels against their religion may have Uranus in Pisces. The person who finds logic in illusion, or who can express a knowing of the illusive may have Uranus in Pisces. A Musician who is able to tap into what the public wants may have Uranus in Pisces. An artist who is able to communicate an intuitive leap may have Uranus in Pisces. The greatest way to Love uniquely may be the catch cry of the Uranus in Pisces in the fifth house of love and children and creative play.

What happens when we are awakened in places where others see only mist? Remember Uranus acting in Scorpio’s domain? Here we are dealing with Universal esoteric realities that slip through the fingers before we can even know they have touched our lives. Uranus illuminates in sudden bursts. Prophets may have Uranus in Pisces. How can you ground this miraculous gift? And how can you trust it as real? How will you direct this energy that you have no defense against? Uranian electrical impulses of intuition are very powerful and will break down your nervous system if you do not give them the respect and direction they deserve.

Perhaps you read the cards. Perhaps you are a great medium who not only receives but illuminates the other side for those on it?

The main thing about this placement is to maintain a perspective on it rather than try to fathom it logically and send yourself nuts. If you consider that just about everything in life is nuts and that all religious experiences can also be expressed in chemical reaction then the ‘illusive’ does not have to hold the taboos it may hold for you because of other factors in your chart. Uranus intuits us to be who we are – unique – for the group.

The Navaho Indians used to send their warriors out on their own so that they may make their choice to be individuals who choose to be themselves for the group rather than soldiers who are followers of leaders. Spiritual quests can be similar for Uranus in Pisces.