2.20 Uranus Intro

Set Four – The Outer Planets

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

We have seen how Jupiter and Saturn, our giant ‘boundary planets’ operate outside our ‘personal’ or ‘personality planets’ of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Yet even with these giants we are able to work with the energies and come to some understanding, Saturn itself providing the gift of understanding our world of matter.

When we move out past Saturn we arrive at what Astrologer Liz Green and others refer to as the ‘outer planets’. From a psychological perspective these outer planets are not integrated into our personalities and are difficult for us to embrace as our own. Uranus is intuition, Neptune is love energy or a musical muse, and Pluto is creative and destructive impulse that can feel at times to defy everything we thought ourselves to be.

For Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green, Pluto is very ‘personal’ in that it indicates to us our Soul’s evolution.

In any case, these three ‘outer’ planets are different to the others and are perhaps more accessible to us if we group them together and approach them from the position where we do not try to box them inside Saturn’s boundary but instead allow them free reign to ignite us with inspiration in their own ways.

Each of the ‘outer’ planets move very slowly and therefore it is likely that you will share the same placements in signs with several people you know. These outer planets reflect generations rather than individuals in many respects. However, the houses and aspects reveal a much more personal manifestation of these energies. As always the microcosm and the macrocosm are not exclusive.

Introducing Uranus


Will Parfitt writes of Uranus: “Uranus / Chokmah : Discovering the mysteries of purpose and initiative; increasing wisdom; realising the universal plan as manifest through the world.”

Uranus, we have already noted, represents an ‘illuminating logic’ and as a ‘collective’ or ‘outer’ planet cannot be grasped any more than the lightening that resonates to this vibration, only harnessed through means available to us. But even if we don’t do anything about it electrical storms can be invigorating. There will be an effect. More than any other planet in our Universe, Uranus strikes us suddenly, with the initial hit of coming from nowhere once we move past Saturn’s secure walls. It is the unpredictable urge we perhaps feared most. And yet it carries with it the opportunity for the greatest freedom imaginable. ‘Clarity’ resonates to Uranus vibrations. But it is a clarity beyond conventional logic and therefore wherever Uranus is in your chart there will be a tendency towards unconventionality or staunch Individuality. As ruler of the 11th house of social grouping you are still an individual within a group and have not yet moved towards dissolving into the Universal Love Principal of Neptune which is the music of notes, each one dissolving into the next in sweet surrender in Pisces’.

Uranus affects us through other human beings. The individual is forever reminded of Self and Other Individuals in their lives when Uranus is active. Uranus always acts through a human agent. And often during Uranus transits both wonderful and dreadful things happen simultaneously, as if the lesson of equality were truly being dished out at every level.

Uranus rules Aquarius. Aquarius stands at opposite poles to the fifth house of the Sun in Leo, the house where creativity is active, where creation comes from the individual. In the 11th the interdependence of individuals is focused upon.

During conflicts between these two houses the individual is faced with a choice of Self or Group; or can use these conflicts as opportunities to blend the two. If a Group is chosen, Neptune will dissolve the person into the group until Pluto comes along and shifts them out of their destructive consummations, for if the lesson of freedom is not grasped this time more lessons will follow.

You may get trapped into a cult, or into a relationship, but as the song goes “…there are 50 ways to leave your lover…” or anything in your life for that matter. Where one of the couple complains of the other never being there for the them (perhaps philandering with others or just ‘getting away’ because they need to) you can bet that Uranian energy has got under their skin. It might be a good idea to check you synistry astrology charts to see whose Uranus is on whose Saturn or personal planet so you can look at your own part in this equation and grow yourself while helping your partner grow.