2.12 Venus in signs


You can start to compile your own astrology reading by cutting and pasting as much or as little from each of the explanations for planets that follow from now on. All of this is made freely available to you for this purpose.

A good way of capturing this as you go is by simply inserting blocks of text, or short sentences, straight into your datasheet as you go. Or, if you writing it out by hand then copy the main points. Eventually you will have a full reading that you can refer to time and again to help centre you and help you make your choices more effectively, calling on planetary aid, which is always there for you – because it is after all – You.


In our example chart above the Venus Venus is at 25° (25 degrees) 51′ minutes of ‚ Gemini in House 3.

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries values active demonstrations of love and money accumulation. Therefore, this will often be expressed by behaving in this way, or drawing to you someone who will act this out for your benefit. The Value message of an Aries Venus is the Worth of the “I AM” Arian. These people give us all the permission to stand up and be counted, to run ahead where others fear to tread, to even be exceedingly clumsy in approach whilst still being able to maintain an integrity of “I AM” “Have you got a problem with that?” they say with attitude, because they simply get up and do it again and again, falling over sometimes, achieving greatness at other times. They may be considered uncouth but personally they are unperturbed by your opinion. This is the lesson Venus commences with as she begins her alluring travels through the zodiac, commencing with this first sign.

Having read the above it isn’t difficult to recognize a person’s negative Arian Venus. “He is so full of himself!” or “High energy no depth Don Juan – and what a clutz!” etc. Venus in Aries doesn’t make it easy for this person to understand themselves at the most fundamental level. Her gifts of propelling drive, Martian tainted pursuits of sex and maybe even war can cloud a person’s ability to appreciate these impulses as valuable at all. Venus is in her detriment in this her opposite sign of Aries. “Lust overcomes love in the impulsive relationships stimulated by this position of Venus”, writes astrologer Alan Oken. Aries is opposite to Libra.

If our thinking and talking and moving around is dictated by our value system then what values are we working with here? Check your Sun again and look for the signs. They will be there and you will be the one who will notice them. They are like the enemy in your face holding up the very weapon you need!

Venus in Taurus

Venus’ reveals her lessons here in reflective approaches to every thing encountered in your world. The Taurus Venus ignites things with value, taunts you to recognize the sensations (an earthy attribute) of what actually is. What is matter? Venus adorns herself and calls upon these people to ensure that they too adorn themselves. “Why do you need another lounge suite when the very expensive one you already have is fine?” Because there is a sense of quality which has its own Art form and is as important to our experience of Life as much as any spiritual pursuit. These people recognize and appreciate their own recognition of Matter far better than those with Venus in the other elements. Matter is a manifestation of every element and therefore, regardless of the negatives which we’ll look at next, matter is a real manifestation of what is going on around us and within us. Venus in Taurus knows this strongly and seeks material possessions in order to come to terms with the essence of this. They teach the rest of us that Matter has a place. Our whole world has been created and continues to be created by us imbuing value (or otherwise) upon it. What is inside is reflected outside. If you are not wealthy on the outside then you may not be valuing yourself on the inside. Venus in Taurus is in her Dignity since she is placed here in one of her two Natural signs.

Venus in Taurus may place value on one material thing only – money for example, as an end in itself rather than where it is placed in the bigger picture, and in the internal picture. A sense of Venus in Taurus can make one negatively think, by turning the argument above, that one is the things themselves and therefore if they don’t have something, rather than work on their own sense of valuing self to gain things, they work on gathering things outside in order not to value self and thereby experience many ups and downs around money and possessions. This is a lesson we are all learning in broader cycles. As always, everyone’s individual lessons help the rest of us too.

We need more Taurean Venus’ to communicate to us the relationship of ‘things’, human creations, with ourselves (the humans who created them) to understand where and why we have created a consumerist age at all.

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini teaches us that what and who we value are only the beginning to understanding value. She does this through maintaining such a comfortable social approach to things that, like Hermes, who not only saved Gods and Mortals but also destroyed turtles to make the first musical instrument she behaves as if every value is relative. The means is justified by the end goal – the essence of what it is to value, why we need to value anything or anyone anyway. Relativity is a logical fact and this is the gift of Venus in this Air sign. A Venus in Gemini who is fickle in relationships tells us that everyone is worth relating to, that we are all valuable. A Venus in Gemini is rarely overwhelmed by emotion, unless there is a strong aspect to Pluto or Neptune. We learn that we are not bound by our limitations. Like Hermes (Mercury) we may travel to Olympus or to Hades and back and forth to Earth and everywhere in between – this is our Right. We can communicate with everyone and we need never apologize, as long as we state (communicate, talk, give oath) for things pertaining to situations when and if we are called upon to do so – to play nice, in accordance with the needs of others. Venus in Gemini teaches us broader lessons about things and relationships which brighten up our lives by broadening our perspective.

Venus in Gemini then can cause all manner of strife whilst simply having fun. A Venus in Gemini may date several people at once without batting an eyelid and whilst simultaneously, genuinely, liking each one of them just as they say they do. However, this may be fine for the Venus in Gemini but any water or earth sign will have to deal with feelings of what can amount to intense rejection, while the Venus in Gemini has little idea that they are experiencing this, and may even tell them otherwise in many words! However, the Venus in Gemini can get stuck in negatives themselves which prevent them from taking up the opportunity to understand their own fickleness and can lose people from their lives because of this when they didn’t want to. At some stage they have to move through the relativity of everything to find some core essences from where they can logically aid their Sun’s development from their own Centre. Otherwise, such flighty movement can be an endless, though comfortable, distraction. There will be signs here of how the clever mind has distorted the Venusian value system to create havoc.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer’s values are centered around nurturing. They are loyal and romantic and caring and want to provide the band aids for those they have brought into their inner circle. Venus in Cancer are protective. They teach us that we all need to be needed and to need others whilst still maintaining a truth to ourselves. They give us the permission to be child and parent as well as adult by offering the child/parent opportunities and they bring to light the value of nurturing.

Cancer’s house is the fourth, our house of foundation. A child who is brought up with a foundation of Loving nurture grows into an empowered individual. Metaphysical writer Florence Schovell-Shinn wrote that as long as one person believes in you you will succeed. Her books provide nurturing for all of us when we need it and are truly based on the value of every one of us. Venus in Cancer people teach us that it’s o.k., in fact it is vital, to love and be loved when we are vulnerable, as well as when we are strong.

Venus in Cancer though may seek to over-protect, like the Taurean Venus mistaking the possessions for their value the Cancer Venus can mistake their ability to nurture with the value of themselves. A sure sign of this is seen in those who over-protect, over-control, and generally prevent the growth of both the person they are over-protecting as well as themselves. She, or he, is the overbearing mother or father who uses guilt to keep sons and daughters nearby. He is the man who fathers his wives who he considers as helpless, in need of him, in order to survive, which can turn into paternal slavery.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo shines from the Centre. If this person also has a Sun Leo then the entertainment industry may be an obvious choice. Venus in Leo shines from the creative centre – loudly – on show. I create therefore I am valuable. The arrogance from where these creations manifest teach us to respect ourselves as Kings of our own Jungles. A shining Venus in Leo is beautiful to behold. Adorned in the majesty of royalty these people can be great, and move each of us towards our own greatness. This is the Love Thy Self because there is essence in you which itself is divine, then, when you get the hang of loving yourself you can start to think about loving others – it will be much easier then.

Venus in Leo is overwhelmed by their own magnitude of being and rather than appreciating their arrogance as a divine gift they merely misinterpret this as a sign that they are better than all others, naturally, and that what they have to say is right and that they are here to lead others by revealing not what is important to them but by revealing what is important full stop! So, instead of offering their lessons of themselves in a fluid satisfying way they get bogged down with didactic responsibilities whereby they believe they must lead the world because everyone but them is a bit short on any sense of value. And of course this is done in an extravagant, boisterous, pompous manner as if theirs is an edict from God and others just don’t get such edicts.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo represents the Virgin herself, the Value of integrity of being. She holds the harvest and she spins the machines that discern the wheat from the chaff, naturally seeking the inner essence of everything so that she might offer this to others, saving them the labour of having to do so themselves. She refines the gruff and inefficiencies of others’ gardens so that the quality of the harvest can be enjoyed. Venus here in Virgo teaches that all the other signs above are vital, and it is now time to pull them all together and refine the outcome to become your own valuable self. She is the alchemist of the zodiac. She immediately recognizes (through her experience and mental aptitude) where something is wheat – the finer points and attributes of others, and where something needs to be let go of – the debris of insecure behaviour which can be left behind without effort (i.e. since Venus does not work with effort – she flows – keeping her dress in immaculate condition as she does so). Loving yourself and others is easy not hard. Perhaps because Virgo tends to make hard work out of the easy things because she works so hard on the hard things that others don’t bother with, and forgets that some things really are easy, then Venus here, demanding the easy flow, can often be found to be somewhat confusing to her. Venus is said to be in her ‘fall’ here in Virgo. That is, it is a difficult placement. However, there are exceptions to this if you scour some of the more serious occult works of scholars. Venus in Virgo in angles is one such exception. But there are others. The point is that all planets signs and houses are there for our aid towards our Will not to make it difficult for the sake of difficulty. And Venus in Virgo is a placement that might teach us this more beautifully and artistically than other placements might be so daring. Venus will have her way so that you can have yours.

A Venus in Virgo is a serving sign but she recognizes your faults so quickly she is compelled to point them out, just as she is also compelled to encourage your finer points which she admires. This happens because the lessons around Value are vital components for Venus and the essence of everything for Virgo. Venus in Virgo has to realise when to butt out of other people’s lives, regardless of her good intentions. And sometimes her focus on others is just an escape from her unbearable focus on herself, always humbly checking if she is in fact valuable at all. Here Venus is in her Fall position because Venus is not a serving energy, she is much more self-serving because you have to be to value yourself – you cannot bow down low to others in masochistic false modesty. Venus has no modesty, Virgo however is very modest. Venus pushes Virgo into situations she cannot comprehend and it is vital for Virgo to behave analytically, according to some reason, but a reasoning process which discerns as well as relates (as Venus in Gemini more happily resides) and Venus keeps throwing her whammies which cause her to squirm through relationships and possessions and then she lashes out, frustrated, with her acid tongue (Mercury ruled Virgo combination). It is interesting to note that Venus’ symbol and Virgo’s are so much alike. Esoteric astrology places Venus and Virgo in much closer quarters than modern rulerships reveal.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is in her Dignity so we find some powerful lessons here, flowing easily because she is in her own house once again. These value lessons are centered around the value of balance in relationships and the value of balance within the surroundings. Beautiful clothes, beautiful wall hangings of Art (as opposed to infusing things with Art as Taurus Venus does) all provide a balance to self, others and environment. Venus in Libra teaches us that we don’t always have to have intense, difficult relationships which require great effort. Sometimes we can balance each other out to such an extent that relationships become beautiful pleasures that harmoniously take on the existence of their own, each person comfortable and beautiful in themselves and to each other. Who said a relationship had to be a chore anyhow? Not Venus in Libra that’s for sure.

Venus in Libra can raise all manner of events through which this balance may be understood as a value itself. One of these is the proverbial love triangle, or affair of the heart with a married man or woman. Venus in Libra seeks you to find your value, not place yourself as a whore to another’s idea about how valuable you are. And she’ll ignite some interesting situations that force you to come out smelling roses or suffer the consequences. She tells you to stand up and put on a new outfit and shine, this is about a balance between two people not three and if it is a valuable relationship in itself then you really would be doing the other woman, or man, a favour by being as proudly you as possible in order to at least make it clear who you are so that the others may make the choice to rearrange the situation to balance. Either your focus will leave his wife or her husband for you or they will have to reveal whether they are able to balance the woman or man you are, since you won’t be giving them any more opportunities to subordinate such a dignified being as yourself. Vanity is inherent in a negative Libran Venus but even this can be a necessary negative in situations such as this one here stated. In actual fact there are no negatives, just interplays of weaving self and others through life itself in a glorious reality we all share. Venus Libra knows this and is happy to play the irresistible movie starlet, or the other woman (with the edge) to teach lessons of value.

These lessons are Libra’s for they announce balance, harmony and equality in Beauty.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio teaches that real value remains throughout the transformation processes. That you can change and still retain your value. That value is not a fixed identity even when your emotions seem so powerfully overwhelming that you fixate onto them!

Venus in Scorpio is a very enigmatic Venus indeed because Venus herself is an individual. How can she possibly lose herself to become another individual – made from two individuals? This is an esoteric question you may like to consider when you have time. If you have a Venus in Scorpio it is probably important that you do give it a little time to consider because your reluctance to understand that you do not have to devour something to transmute into something greater. In fact, if you devour something, or someone, then they are not ‘whole’ because no ‘whole’ person will allow themselves to be devoured by you or anyone else. How can you become something greater when all you have had is a small snack of someone who doesn’t value themselves or you anyway?

Venus in Scorpio has an intensity which can be difficult for those born with this placement. Venus in in her detriment here, therefore her lessons do not flow easily or obviously. Scorpio is another Karmic sign, like Virgo and Pisces, and if you read Virgo above (where Venus is in her fall) you will gain some insight into the signs that are being shown to you towards your Will and happiness.

They have to be searched for in this very deep erotic, sign which concerns itself with taboo areas of life. Venus doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, while Scorpio is happy to shovel shit if they believe there are diamonds to be found buried there. Pluto relates to Universal Welfare considerations and Venus in Scorpio can ignite these thought patterns which manifest as strong feelings since Scorpio is a feeling (water) sign. Venus here is erotic and deep. Sex is a transmutation of Scorpion proportions and involves at this level the petit mort (little death) through uniting with another person in this way. Venus’ value here is about the continuity of value of self whilst at the same time a developing recognition of relationships which now, after Libra, pass through transmutation processes themselves, whilst retaining their value. Venus in Scorpio teaches us that it is o.k. to be bad, or to choose to do what is warranted in order to process change. The magnetic quality of Venus in Scorpio draws seemingly positive and negative experiences that others have no opportunity to understand. But the Scorpion is equipped with what is needed for the journey. We all are. Your journey is exciting because you wanted it to be exciting. If we all choose our incarnations then you chose yours too.

Venus in Scorpio never sells her soul to the Devil, she just uses him occasionally to learn what he has to teach her. It may seem to others that Persephone’s rape was an ordeal she might rather forget but then she did marry Hades, and was happy to spend a third of her life with him even after her emancipation.

Venus in Scorpio can be as destructive as it is powerful. If someone is perceived to be getting in the way of the process that Scorpion Venus is pursuing then she can turn cold and ruthless. Her Scorpion vanity means that she may need to destroy you rather than simply dismiss you. Scorpio is a fixed water sign and therefore she isn’t about logic here and she isn’t interested in superficial value systems. She desires and the systems fall into line with her desires. (An important right of passage we all need to know we are able to access.) She may view these as detrimental to Universal Welfare and therefore consider her part is to destroy all those values, or the people themselves who have them, in order for real values to spring from the cocoons of many hearts. Because of such deep emotions Venus in Scorpio can be exceedingly jealous of competition in love and/or money – both Venus’ domains. Venus in Scorpio can get the two mixed up and marry for money or steal for love too. These people need to recognize their transformative, magnetic power which enables them to change and yet remain a continuum of valuable self and allow others to do the same at these very deep levels, even when they can’t use logic to understand what is happening but must rely on an almost psychic spiritual method to do so.

It is very important for all of us that Venus in Scorpio people understand themselves better because their ability to both create and destroy is enormous. And their penchant to move the oceans of the earth towards salvation is likewise formidable. Sorry to be so biblical but these people chose their timing on this planet. If your Sun is not Scorpio or another water sign then Venus in Scorpio will continue to show you people and places that might frighten you. This does not have to be the case. Remember, Venus likes things to happen easy – no toil here. It can for you too. Again, Liz Greene’s Jungian Astrology contains a great deal of helpful dialogue to help you through some stages that might prove difficult. Her website is www.astro.com

Venus in Sagittarius

From the depths of Venus in Scorpio now to the lofty heights of Venus in Sagittarius. Here Venus’ value system exudes a great joy. A wonderful Love of Life. A fantastic Love of adventure. An inquisitive exploring Love of Philosophy. A true Love of Human beings. And an innate Love of Wisdom. The value of everything and the need to experience everything of value in life itself through joy and great expectations is a driving desire. Everything is valuable, and the seeking and finding of everything is valuable in itself. The gypsy wanderer who sings whilst travelling brings with him a great joy for all to share. The excited explorer brings treasures to those who are situated further down the road on his travels. There is no question of finding value in self, this is already known by these people, and only ever doubted during difficult transits. These people teach us that the journey itself is sacred and there is much going on here to be embraced, rather than considered as a means to an end.

Countless movies and books retell romantic adventures of gypsies and explorers who find love enroute. Why would an anthropologist put their lives at risk to trust a group of people whose practices are abhorrent to their usual cultural group? There is a love of people that transcends fear in Venus in Sagittarius. Like Jupiter who is more powerful than any other God, even Venus, Venus is lulled into a sense of comradery here unlike any other placement for this vein Goddess.

Venus in Sagittarius can however work differently by projecting negativity to others rather than to self. One way of negative expression is a habit not committing to anything (possessions) or anyone (love) because of the fear of being captured and chained up, never able to move freely around the world or around academic studies, or around different value systems again. And a caged Sagittarian is a sad sight to behold. This is great Zeus hen-pecked by Hera only this time she actually manages to trick him into staying put. When he laughs so loudly his chains might break, she reinforces them tighter, forcing him to love only her, only here, only now. This is the wild horse forced to domesticate. It doesn’t have to be like this. These are just Venus’ lessons which can be worked with to find better solutions. Sagittarian Venuses are not meant to ever feel this way. Their spirit must never be broken. But they must also learn that commitment is valuable and this will help them attain the wisdom they seek.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn teaches us that when we all value each other we need to find ways for this to be expressed, publicly, by establishing a system, a Capricornian Order, which can accommodate Venus’ values. This is important for all of us. At present Venus’ values are not in our Earth system. At present we do not Value ourselves and each other and our systems of politics and trade reveal this lack in harsh ways. Saturn rules our Earth harshly at present, and is considered as the most malefic planet in the zodiac, always causing pain and drawn out effort towards achievement in an area of life he is invoked.

Venus in Capricorn knows that systems are built by us. We make systems through our cognition and our cognition, as we have seen already, is moulded by the values we hold. This book is written to express this one point if it does nothing else. Systems are created by us and we can change them. Individuals work together to create systems. We saw in Venus in Scorpio (read this if you haven’t already because it is important for all of us to understand each other’s plights) how nothing greater than the sum of its parts can happen if those parts are not ‘whole’ unto themselves. Each of us has to be ‘whole’ – or live in accordance with our true Will, in order for our combined effort to be able to create great systems. Venus in Capricorn has the ability to open the portals of current inefficient systems so that values may cause change to occur. Many politicians are to be found with Venus in Capricorn.

Structuralism has been much maligned over the years but ignoring it won’t make it go away. We need to befriend Saturn as part of us rather than project the responsibility onto governments and other cultures who fight with our own. Venus and Saturn make great bedfellows. Venus is not afraid of Saturn and neither should we be because we all have Saturn (as you’ll read in Saturn’s section) and if you have these two aspected then life can be quite wonderful and inspirational – and very empowering.

A Venus in Capricorn can be like the sugar daddy who wants his mistress to have everything she desires, and outlets to explore her days as she desires. Venus in Capricorn is Satan bowed down obeying God’s wishes. The Earth of Matter becomes the paradise once again for all those who value themselves, who are infused with God’s divinity. As you might expect we learn lessons about careful, modest, steps towards realisation of the best practice systems to put into place in cities, countries, and globally. Values of freedom and enterprise translate into market economies which contain controls against monopolies where possible. A value for the environment initiates a lawful system of control. Venus here is faithful and modest and serious. In this earth sign she is practical. She teaches us that this earth matter is again just as important an element as the others. A Venus in Capricorn marriage might be one which is arranged and controlled to the point that each partner must respect the other as in some tribal marriage arrangements and that this order might form the basis of long term growing to love because of this strong commitment at the onset.

Venus in Capricorn can be marriage for social status or arranged marriages where women become Venusian objects to be owned (in the Taurean sense) but Capricornian because these marriages are publicly sanctioned. Capricorn is moving earth and even though a slow mover has a powerful practical manifestation in systems that control once they are created by us.

Venus in Capricorn, more than any of us, recognises that systems are created on values (or desires).

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius is again public. It is interesting to note that Saturn co-rules with Uranus in Aquarius and so some of what Venus in Capricorn is also applies here but with a much lighter vibration. Many much liked politicians and leaders have a strong 11th house (or planets in Aquarius) in their charts. Aquarius has a group-oriented value system. Venus and Uranus can have a great deal of love and enjoyment together here with this placement. The Goddess of Love, owned by no one person fares well with the Aquarian who is often promiscuous due to their need for personal freedom. If Venus is in Aquarius in your 7th house of partnerships then you may know first hand what I am talking about here. If Venus is in Aquarius in your 11th house, and you have a pronounced 10th house too, then there will be a more worldly expression to Venus who can really make a difference socially and on a world scale – beautifully working with Saturn and Uranus towards not only emancipation at the price of non-commitment but a beautiful world to be created in this house of hopes and dreams and wishes (interestingly linked to the house of groups showing us once again that we never have to do it alone).

Freedom, Liberty and the Rights of every individual are the Values espoused within an Aquarian mind frame. Uranus came to light during the French Revolution. How poignant a sign that was! Venus in Aquarius is idealistic on a large scale. Venus in Aquarius is unconventional in that She is happy to revolt if necessary in order for every individual to be able to express there individuality within the larger group, but unlike her opposite, Venus in Leo, she is concerned very much with the Group itself. Everyone loves each other here. For Venus in Aquarius a structure of value cannot be imposed from above but must be dynamically regulated from within. (Saturn co-rules Aquarius in this way.) Venus’ sense of Unity operates upon the values themselves which bring together or prize apart individuals so that the Venus in Aquarius individual is able to intuit (an Aquarian mode) the game play of the whole group.

There is interchange between many individuals who, together, form a living whole of many parts but more than the composition of each part also, so that, at times detachment appears a little too dispassionate. Any misbalance between the individual and the group can make the Venus in Aquarius person negatively group proactive and cold towards their closest friends and lovers, or alternatively, this placement can manifest as an eccentric lover of the arts, or just an eccentric full stop, where Uranus (Ruler of Aquarius) can possibly overwhelm an unprotected Venus with this placement. Again all thee are signs for we learn through our mistakes as well as our gains – perspective is everything.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is the energy of Christianity which may be experienced. Neptune (Christianity and ruler of Pisces) is the higher octave of Venus and Venus, being a personally experienced planet allows this energy through in this placement. The values expressed within Christianity may be embraced so that the ultimate value of human beings, in relation to a Universe which is Love itself is possible to attain. These people teach us that not only are we valuable to our friends and lovers and ourselves, what we do and think and feel counts on a cosmological level of being. We are God-like or we are, as Jesus showed us, inseparable from God as we are, like him, the Son part of the Holy Trinity that makes up God. It doesn’t really matter what your religion or if you have none at all, Jesus’ Christianity is a wonderful example of how our Universe works and most religions and belief systems acknowledge Jesus in any case. Each part of us resonates with that which is a living breathing universe and even though we cannot know its huge, watery dimension in ways we have at our disposal here on earth, we can, though Venus’ value lessons, connect with a sense of our place in the Universe. We blend with all others and all is fine. In our scientific energetic Universe perhaps Jesus’ teachings are more easily made materialistically understandable. Venus is a personal planet. Neptune is an outer planet. Through Venus, the lower octave, or frequency, of Neptune, we can grasp the wisdom of Love.

Neptune is unconditional Love and Venus makes this real for us. If Venus is not alive in our souls then we cannot love ourselves and therefore we cannot love others. Our world lacks Venus’ gifts at this present time. We live in a dark age without Love, glimpsing only now and then through relationships we gain and lose, ignorant of the fact that Venus makes it easy for us to access unconditional Love. Very easy.

Would Venus, Goddess of Love ever doubt herself good enough for any of her paramours? Not likely. This is so important to each of us. Every person is beautiful because every one of us contains Venus and when we acknowledge her you will see just how beautiful we each become. Radiant Goddess powered beauty whether you are male or female!

These wonderful signs are given to us through Venus. Venus in Pisces is often ignored or made feel ‘bad’ to be punished because of Neptune’s influence showing itself greater in every way. However, you cannot house Neptune but you can house Venus and in doing so you will reach Neptune in its filtered form that will not destroy you from its almighty glory head on.

Venus in Pisces can also manifest on a very mundane level as a love of that which is Piscean such as shoes or water, embracing these things as adornment of ourselves, rather than appreciate these as gifts from God with whom we co-create as part of Him. Its all good Pisces Venus!