2.1 Which Planet

So now we know when we are likely to be stubborn, when we can adapt and when we might be with those out front fighting for what needs to be attained. But if we have to fight what weapons will be at our disposal? Will we use our tongue (Mercury) or our fist (Mars) or our beauty (Venus) or our ability to draw people to us in jovial servitude (Jupiter), or will they do as we want them to because they feel intimidated or reverent to our systems of order (Saturn)? Maybe our almost prophetic insight (Uranus) will astound them into assisting us or they might fall in love (Neptune) with the celestial music we make as we lull them into surrender. Or maybe we just have to deconstruct what is so that new seeds can be born (Pluto). Maybe a healing can take place (Chiron) and great things happen as if by magick.

If we are adaptable and hardy in our house of health then perhaps we have become so because we have maintained a good health regime (Saturn) or perhaps it is because we have been in so many scrapes (Mars) that our body has learned to heal quickly.

If we find ourselves passionate (moving fire) about religion in our 9th house which religion is it? Perhaps it is Neptunian Christianity. Or maybe it is a more eccentric type of religion or New Age (Uranus) energy that propels us?

Planets are the verbs of astrology. They are the doing words, the active means by which we traverse our domains.


Some planets are more accessible to us (like the doors of the maze) than other planets are. Some planets never leave us – always there aiding our every move. Such a planet is our Scout Planet – This planet is the planet closest to our Sun moving anti-clockwise. In the chart above Mercury º is the Scout Planet. The North Node is not a planet but is one of the Moon’s Nodes. This Scout Planet is like our guardian angel or our right hand helper. This planet has its own methods and means and allows us these methods and means first. Because it is so accessible we even get used to moving through our domain looking through the limits and attributes of this planet first, because we are so attuned to it. In Edgar Cayce readings this scout planet is considered the place where your soul may have last ‘sojourned’ just prior to this incarnation and therefore holds strong impressions upon you still in the way you live your life and the lessons you seek out to experience.

Another important planet for us is our Ruling Planet. This is the planet that rules our Ascendant Sign. That is, if you have Aries on your Ascendant (like the example above) then your Ruling Planet will be the natural ruler of Aries – which is Mars. Your Ruling Planet therefore will be Mars. Mars may be anywhere in your chart and wherever it is will be a major area for you, referred to as your Ruling House – because it contains your Ruling Planet. If you have a Taurus Ascendant then Venus (natural ruler of Taurus and Libra) will be your Ruling Planet. If Venus is in your fourth house then this will be your Ruling House. If you have a Sagittarian Ascendant then Jupiter will be your Ruling Planet and its house will be of key importance in your life – as if it is here in this area that you ‘live’. Of course, you will still ‘live’ every house, or area, of your life.

Planets become active, or accessible (or inaccessible too) by the way they are Aspected in your chart. If a planet is opposed or squared by another this planet’s attributes will work differently from the same planet in another person’s chart that either stands alone unaspected, is a Scout or Ruling planet, or trines (in aspect) to other planets.

Planets aspect each other in different ways, linking not only their own kinds of activities (action verbs), perhaps tempering each other as in a Neptune/Mars conjunction working together to mellow an otherwise fierce egoic Mars, but also linking different areas of our lives together. For example when planets are said to be in Mutual Reception to each other, this means that if they swapped houses they would be in the signs they naturally rule. That is, if Pluto and Mercury are in mutual reception to each other then Pluto would be in either Gemini or Virgo and Mercury would be in Scorpio. If, for example then, these signs fall in your 7th and 11th houses then these two houses would help each other – or mutually receive each other’s needs and achievements, etc. Your partner may introduce you to many groups of people, or you may find your marriage partner at your local interest group, etc.

There are times in our lives when one area of our life really does come to the aid of another area of our life. Perhaps a lottery ticket winning enables you to afford a trip. On that trip you meet your partner. In this instance, your 11th house of hopes and wishes and social gatherings has aided your 7th house of partnership (marriage and/or business). Such ‘helping’ factors are set off by the natal aspects in your chart but also by Progressions and Transits of planets.

There is a lot going on in your life and in your chart. Do not worry about any of this for now. All will be revealed. What we are looking at here in this section is simply getting an overview of how planets behave intrinsically themselves and how they behave in different signs and houses.

For those who thought that Astrology reduced human beings think again. Astrology contains a knowing that can be ‘known’ and better yet can increase our ability to ‘know more’ – or truly ‘Know Thyself’ as the ancient axiom goes – but it is no less complex a system than our DNA.

For now let’s keep it practical.