3. Aspects and Cognition

Well we’ve seen what should be happening with all the planets in support of the Sun. And we’ve viewed how we can make our task more difficult for ourselves when we don’t consciously attempt to get some perspective with the energies associated with each planet in different signs and houses. Next we will look at combinations of planets in aspect to each other so that we can locate some more definite information about what is actually going on and what energies are at play in different areas of our life at different times.


We saw above how planets are the verbs of the astrological chart. We saw how the signs coloured their mode of behaviour and how the houses represented the areas of life where they act. Now, if planets didn’t ever meet each other the story would stop there. But they do. They meet at different angles – e.g.. 90°, 1-8°, 120°, etc. These angular meetings add the dimensions of other planets to the equations we discussed above. Getting complicated? Or just getting unbelievable?

An interesting thing about Astrology, or Religion, or Politics, or any system used by any culture is that most, if not all, can be found to be unbelievable or even ridiculously stupid in many respects. When we have hindsight we can look back and see how our decisions seemed to be based on premises that we now find absurd, or maybe damaging. Oprah tells her viewers who sometimes ‘screw up’ to realise that they did what they did with what they knew at the time – now they know better.

Plato wrote several analogies so that Ancient Greece might be run by Statesmen who would be wise and willing. His famous Cave Analogy and his philosophy of the Ideal are both esoteric and/or allegorical. Yet they still ignite many of us today with inspiration and hope for ways out of our cave of shadows into the light.

The best way to view Astrology is with an open mind – that’s all. If you start by believing in it then you are simply allowing its parts into the cognitive panel already set up and this might make it more comfortable for you but it won’t allow you to practice opening up to new experiences. If you approach it with skepticism then you will block anything it has to offer. But if you simply ask: “What is here?”, without committing or refusing, then you allow yourself to enjoy the discovery of this subject.

All things new or different will either take on certain associations in your cognition or they will repulse you so that you do not consider them at all. If you have enjoyed learning about astrology thus far keep going. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day how much of it you choose to embrace or disregard. It is just another system. However, it is at least an all encompassing system that does reveal apparent correlations that can be extremely helpful in that it allows you to comprehend more of your world – cognitively.

To consider aspects seriously it is worthwhile associating this part of astrology with frequencies, some attracting each other and others repulsing each other. Some drowning out others and some colliding with such force that they are shaken up and motivate change to occur in our lives.

Aspects represent specific energy tensions. Different aspects cause different planets to affect each other differently. Sometimes planets assist each other through providing an extra boost, or a flow to each other, as in the Trines (120 degrees). Sometimes they assist each other by obstructing each other as in the case of meeting an obstruction just as you are about to head straight in to a situation that might prove too much for you, or an intuitive knowing about an accident you are able to avoid. However, because all things in life are there to assist you, nothing is an affliction regardless of how horrible it might seem. Honestly. Thomas Moore is not an astrologer but does have a similar perspective to Jeff Green. His publications about the Soul in Care of the Soul and other works reveal his view that our Souls seek out many experiences that our minds and bodies might consciously, if only we knew, stay a million miles away from! The astrological wheel in many respects illuminates the soul’s path where it may otherwise be hidden.

But back to aspects now. In his book Astrology Karma &Transformation, Astrologer Stephen Arroyo describes how aspects play your chart:

“The planets in the signs represent the basic urges toward expression and needs for fulfillment, but the aspects reveal the actual state of the energy flow and how much personal effort is needed in order to express a particular urge or to fulfill a particular need.” (pp110 Arroyo 1992).

This “energy flow” Arroyo refers to can also be found in Jeff Green’s work and works by other astrologers, especially some of the more Hermetic Astrologers and/or longer established orders such as The Brotherhood of the Light who carefully locate mathematics within astrological investigation.

Aspects tell us a story of stages of events in our lives, and how we are likely to meet different events at different times. Astrologers will tell you that people happen to events, not the other way around. And that your astrological charts allow you to reflect and work with how you are happening to the events in your life and even how you are happening to others (and they to you of course from their perspective charts) and what events are therefore likely between you. For example, imagine an event. Let’s say a British Hunt. Now, if you enjoy this blood sport, viewing it more traditionally, then you will happen to this event in a positive light (trines or conjunctions that affect you favourably). However, if you cognis that this event is abhorrent and should be banned then you will happen to this event quite differently (squares, oppositions or conjunctions that affect you unfavourably). In the latter you may be so disturbed that you fight with a pro-hunter and your life may change forever because the fight got out of hand, he knocked his head on a log and you find your life full of courtrooms and controversy. The end result may be that because of your conflict (squares) this blood sport finally ends.

When you start working with astrological tools later on and you become stumped because all the other tools seem to point towards peace and harmony between you and someone else on your team it’s time to take a closer look at the aspects that are formed in your chart and theirs and whose planet is activating whose aspect! We bring people into our orbit through the Law of Attraction and Repulsion (Alice Baily’s Theosophy, especially A Cosmic Treatise deals with this and other metaphysical “Laws”). Some philosophers have believed that there are lessons to learn. Others think we come to know ourselves through projecting what we don’t know outwards where we can see it onto other people. Unfortunately, when we view others simply as functional in this regard we fail to comprehend that we are not just here for each other for different reasons and are thereafter of no use. Venusian Astrology is based on the Value (absolute and unsurpassed) of every human being. And just because you may have had a fist-o-cuffs on one occasion, (Mars squaring something!) this doesn’t mean that you both can’t be buddies afterwards. The man you harmed above may come to understand that he can find what he needs in ways other than frightening small animals. Sometimes by finding out what it was you shared, besides black eyes, you can then look outside the experience more fully and realise you were both simply partaking in just one part of life. You both continue to live, whether you see each other or not. Forgiveness of others is necessary so that you can forgive yourself. But forgiveness is not a word with wonderful connotations. It implies guilt based on good and bad. In Venusian Astrology there is no such thing as good and bad – just energy and equality.

The table below indicates the degrees apart that represent many of the most popular aspects used in astrology, and what they mean.


In the example chart above there are a lot of aspects plotted in the inner circle. Let’s look at some.

north-nodeoppositionsouth-node North Node is opposite to the South Node. They always are. The opposition is exactly as it seems. In a circle of 360° for two planets or angles to be opposite each other they must be 180° apart.

In Astrology we also allow “orbs” of a number of degrees to designate that planets are in aspect even if they are not exactly at the degree specified. The table below outlines the aspects and the orbs allowed.

Look at the chart above again and see if you can find any triangles. They are blue lines with pictures of triangles on them. When two planets are in Trine to each other they are 120° apart. When planets are in Trine to each other, such as Jupiter and Mercury above, they are said to work harmoniously together, with ease, or with very little effort on your part for a harmonious outcome between the areas of life that those planets influence in your life. Of course there is always too much of a good thing and you can miss out on opportunities if you take your trines for granted. We write this aspect like this: MercuryTrineJupiter Mercury is in trine to Jupiter.

If you have had your astrology chart plotted you may well have something like the following on the page of data you received. This is a table of aspects. It is just a convenient way of capturing a snapshot of the aspects so that the connections between events can be quickly recognised.


The above has nothing to do with the example. It is just to show you how aspects might be depicted in table form. On the chart itself, lines connect the points with the shape labeling each line. Sometimes different coloured lines help to distinguish one aspect from another.

You can go to astrology.com and request a free chart if you haven’t already got one and take a look also at the information surrounding the chart and see if you can find the aspects table.


Take a few minutes to look at your own chart and plot your own graph of aspects if you haven’t already got one in front of you. Then read on.

From the above you can observe that the angles themselves are shown as shapes. For example, a Trine (120°) is written as a triangle.

Below are the Aspects we will be concerning ourselves with for practical purposes.

An “orb” means the allowed variant range. For example: A square aspect is equal to 90 degrees distance between one planet and another. However, square aspects, being fairly strong, are allowed an orb (or range) of 8 degrees. That is, if your Sun is square your Saturn then it may be 82 to 98 degrees apart, the closer to 90 degrees the stronger the aspect. Some Astrologers will differ in what they consider the orb of particular aspects, and there are some commonly held variations to the rule below. For example, if a planet that is strong in your chart is aspecting a planet that is in an Angular House of your chart then extra allowance may be made for the orb of the aspect. Sometimes, the orb before the precise hit can be greater than the orb after the actual point of meeting. This is because the energy often builds up a dynamic early and may hit with a blast, leaving only a slight trail after the actual point of contact. Where the contact moves back and forwards three times then the orb after the first hit will still be strong and build as it returns, bumping the planet but not hitting with force again until the 3rd hit when it hits direct, with the declining orb after the 3rd hit dissipating more weakly. For example, the first time you and your lover have an important confrontation and one of you leave it can be devastating. Then they return and you are happy but you feel the tension moving again forward and backward and forward again until the third time will either make or break the relationship and it will be a very different you and them after the third impact. The energy of the specific planets concerned will move on and make way for the influences that are next in line for you. The process of grief , and other emotional processes, can be described astrologically once you start to understand the manifestations of the energies involved. The fact that so many such processes are universal to all human beings only serves to support Venusian Astrology’s premises of the value and importance of what it is to be human, having all planets, signs and houses in every person’s chart.




Up to 8° orb allowed

Powerful Mix – straight ahead!

Both planets are at full force. You have 100% energy worth of each. For example, if Mars and the Sun then a powerful willful approach with much activity from the heart is possible. Both planets can move forward. They are in fact hard to stop as the energy will be optimum.



Up to 2° orb allowed

Referred to by some Astrologers as the “Seedling stage”

There is potential for growth but you might not notice it until you discover Astrology! Once attuned you can locate the energy available to you and make your decision to utilise it as you desire. It will not be enough on its own to cause an impact and other planets making aspects to one of the planets involved will reveal the energies available to ‘grow’ this impetus.

* Sextile


Up to 4° orb allowed


Both these catchwords have been used by Astrologers about the Sextile aspect. Two sextiles with one central point opposing another planet will form what is called “The Finger of God”, a calling towards what the configuration frequencies resonate to in terms of actual material manifestation of events.



Up to 6° orb allowed

Explosive until you get a fit. For example, the Producer and the Temperamental Artist. Both are necessary for the creative product but both clash – often. But what an event when they get the chemistry right! Like we were saying above, the fist-o-cuffs from one day might turn out to be the very person you can make Art with. Squares always erupt when triggered. This doesn’t mean it is good or bad to have lots of squares in your chart. It is just two kinds of energy frequencies that effect each other noticeably and blow together in order to become something else.


120° APART

Up to 6° orb allowed

Flowing bounty. Enjoy what’s easy for you. It’s a gift. Others have their own trines to appreciate. Value yours even though there is no effort involved. However, be warned that sometimes the trines can cause the challenges for you because flowing waters where harmony prevails often need some direction and it is difficult to get motivated when complacently happy with the status quo.



Up to 2° orb allowed

Rubber Band

Expand the planetary energies to widen your understanding of events. A few stings might occur until you learn to stretch properly. You’ll have more opportunities.



Up to 2° orb allowed

Annoying mozzies cause you to move, annoying events occur that shift you along. No complacency here – but nothing abrupt or drastic. Is this a blessing towards pushing you along to realise your Sun’s Will? Check this one out as a potential supporting motivation. Everything comes from desire and this helps build discomfort so that desire of something different is activated.


135° APART

Up to 3° orb allowed

Sudden collapses cause change Can’t be ignored. Parts of the very foundation of the areas affected are simply there no more. Might seem catastrophic and sudden but in hindsight will be seen for what it is. It’s a good idea to check your chart after the event so that you can take advantage of the next trigger to this aspect.


180° APART

Up to 8° orb allowed

Choices must be made. Some things just move in opposite directions. Sometimes this happens slowly. The occult meaning for sacrifice is very different to the religious one in that sacrifice is about choice. Sometimes, we can’t have everything because chaos would reign with all those energies and frequencies bombarding us at once. A manifestation of the opposition is almost like standing at the crossroads where you can take the left or the right but you can’t take both. Later on you might like to revisit and take the other but for now choose your journey.


So, if you have Jupiter in Gemini in your third house squaring (90 degrees) Mercury in Virgo in your 6th house then there will be friction between these two planets and perhaps these areas of your life. Perhaps you are always talking too much and you dig your own grave without meaning to. Perhaps your gossip prevents you from concentrating and this blows up in your face regularly. Starting to get the idea? When you track your aspects go back and re-read your planet’s descriptions and placements and then you can discover how these energies are operating in either free flow or clashing ways depending upon the aspect.

Return to basics:

Let’s remind ourselves what we are doing here and why we are doing it because the motivation to use Astrology will come about through your desire, which itself emanates from your Values.

In our world today there are no systems that encourage ‘free thinking’ and ‘involved participation’. This might sound harsh but the only way of accessing this is through universities and unfortunately university education is becoming a commodity rather than an encouraged right of passage even in Australia. With talk of axing Arts Faculties in preference for preferred overseas paying students’ choices the future looks dim for most people. ‘Conservatism’ has proven itself here in Australia and in the UK (previous Tory Parties) to be unable to evolve itself, rather it seems to fear that any igniting of people’s minds might render it threatened.

Religion today is probably at its worst pinnacle of degradation to human beings as more and more die like blinded sheep who happily give up their own human Free Will to those with perhaps impossible to dislodge restricted cognitive capacity, whose values are anything but the Value of Human Beings.

This book is called Venusian Astrology because the Core Value of Human Beings is the most important, and sadly lacking, value in our world today. If your core value is human beings than your nervous system would break down rather than go to war with another human being. If your core value is human beings then this includes yourself and you could not, cognitively, allow thoughts of degradation or castigate yourself in any way. Guilt and animosity would be well on its way to being replaced by Love and Creativity.

Astrology shows us how we might ‘Know Thyself’ and in doing so reveals to us that our cognitive system is not totally what a human being is although it is, as many have said before, a part of us that is like the most powerful computer on the planet. But we need to be aware that we only have choices when we maintain this computer, otherwise we run on archaic software and give up our Will to live.

At present, the core values of this planet are greed and power and money and and and … all things that might make us feel less impotent in our own self judgment. Astrology reveals to us that the thoughts we think and the feelings we have and the places we live and the things we desire do fit into a system, but a system big enough to allow us the freedom we all so desperately desire at this point in our evolution.

If a man looks at his wife as less than human he is doing the same to himself for he does not know what human is. Any religious dogma that encourages this is demonic in the popular definition of this word.

If a man or woman has billions in their bank account and believes they deserve this somehow more than the child in a country who is starving because of the very system that allows them these billions then this person does not value human beings and this person does not value themselves as human either. They are also sheep, locked into a mind frame of scarcity and inequality as they hoard their billions. Imagine if every capitalist was like Oprah Winfrey? Maybe her example is what they mean when they talk about the trickling down effect of capitalism in its healthy state. I don’t know any other Oprah on the planet unfortunately.

If a man or woman is poor, because they believe they have no power in this universe then this person too does not value human beings because they do not value themselves.

Being human is more than Order and Chaos. In Anthropologist/Philosopher Pierre Bordeau’s Praxis Theory, power is shown to be a game that is both elite and one with mechanisms to keep potential players from playing at all even while some might think they have a stake. This system is a perspective that appears to elucidate the values and type of system in existence today.

We are more than our cognition, even as our cognition is us. Biologically, our cognition is the filter that allows us to seek out information that we need. If it is blocked then joy cannot enter. Who blocks it? We do, with belief systems that are outworn yet so powerful that we cannot allow joy to enter our sleepy lives or we won’t even have sleepy lives for we might go mad or break down through intensive cognitive dissonance.

Tony Robbins runs Neuro-linguistic Programming courses all over the world that many people attend and sometimes more than once. He has a wonderful teaching: He says: “If you feel confused then be very happy because it means you are learning something new.” This reveals to us how new knowledge that has nowhere to fit with our current cognitive reasoning is experienced. It might be by square conflict or 45 degree semi-square niggling. Most of us run away at the first sign of confusion, or we look at others who are confused and think there is something wrong with them Tony Robbins is doing his part to counter this extremely restrictive belief so that our species can evolve.

Even Buddhist scholars concur that the process of recognising your cognition for what it is and actually working with it has dangers involved. Unfortunately, all the good work by Buddhist scholars is often tempered with a dislike of anything material, including human beings ourselves. Buddhism is not an integrated system of body/mind/soul/spirit but one that worships a universe of spirit only even as it advises that it is only in human form that growth can occur. But the enormous quantities of investigation by Buddhist scholars provides us with a great deal of experiential research as long as the different streams of varying dogma are appreciated.

And scientists of mind are investigating and publishing more and more findings in this area as they dare to question what was previously left to the restricted cognitive models of theologians.

Anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss worked most of his life to come up with a system that might explain what it is to be human. Referred to as ‘The Father of Structuralism’ he worked with myth that appears all over the world in every race that is by some amazing coincidence, or structure, very similar. His unrelenting intellectual approach to question the unknown – we human beings ourselves – led him to concur with the Theory of Reciprocity, that is the theory that every human being has an innate sense of the fairness of gift giving to each other. The gifts must be equal even if they are very different. To appreciate this simple theory in Straussian perspective a value for all human beings must drive you. Different situations are different for different people involved in the event. Postmodernism has shown us that history is perspective according to who is doing the looking and speaking. Your Sun might be squaring Pluto but your partner’s Pluto might be trining their Venus and your bust up might be viewed by them as a flow towards a more suitable partner, whereas yours is viewed as an out of the blue mammoth conflict. You’ll remember the fight while they thought the fight was long before this (when their Venus squared Mars or similar). Reciprocity is about Value.

Carl Jung was also an Astrologer. He had visions and worked with archetypes. Liz Greene and other astrologers founded and continue to grow the Faculty of Psychological Astrologers based on Jung’s work. The ‘plots’ of the tragedies of Shakespeare and Homer are as alive today in our aspects as they ever were. Yet we look to Mercury to logify for us, to have head rule over body/soul and spirit.

If our cognition is not everything then what is it? Our cognition can be said to ‘run us’ and it does daily, sifting through our surroundings in autopilot mode. But at any time we have the power to update and adjust its software. How? Understanding the interplay of astrological aspects allows us a microscope to look at ourselves differently, whilst still maintaining respect for all the parts of ourselves that make up body/mind/soul/spirit.

If we only make adjustments according to what our logical (and it has been proven that our ‘logic’ has more and more bugs these days) cognition self-regulates then we will be like computers still running on Windows 3.1 and we will be unable to load software that requires more up to date operating systems, perhaps a more technologically advanced Linux system. If we can’t install these then we cannot access the information that can only be got from the newer systems. In short, we cease to grow and we become old-fashioned and set in our ways.

For example, imagine you are a Lawyer and you firmly believe that even though you have experienced innocent people going to jail you know that the system (Order) itself will eventually correct itself and evolve. Your Saturn may be in your 5th house restricting creativity, or ordering it, and trining Venus in your 10th house desiring public authority. But what would happen if you asked new questions instead of slowing to the pace of the old software? If you utilised your Saturn in your 5th house of creativity in such a way that you might be able to decipher the think tanks of legal and ethical philosophers perhaps you might upgrade your own cognition to order their valuable input based on the Value of Human Beings so that it is not acceptable ever to sacrifice a human being for a system (order). People cannot be traded off for other people in a Venusian Astrology paradigm. Where this seems the only solution then new questions have to be asked.

Many people are ‘set in their ways’ because the programs they are running in their cognition are all set only to allow psychologically ‘associating’ input that justify the information already programmed there. So, if you believe that women are there for men to rule over then your decrepit computer program will only allow you information that will support your current program, or your current belief pattern. Such information might be instances of women committing crimes or women suffering post-natal depression and harming their babies, but of course you won’t be in the room for the part that reveals the post-natal depression but only hear the crime. You will also hear about many women who have been caught committing adultery and this will enable you to feel good about your beliefs about women needing the rule of men to be ‘ordered’. But you won’t meet those people or hear of those incidences that reveal these women had husbands who beat them and their adultery was a means of escape for their lives and their Wills. You won’t hear of the men who do not feel compelled to rape a woman simply because she is wearing a bikini or showing her hair. You will never know of any other perspective because your cognition will never allow the information in. Even in our global planet your perspective will not change. There is biological danger inherent in it changing. If you were to let information in that made you realise that most men in Western countries do not rape women yet live with many female friends who wear all kinds of clothes then you will look at yourself and grieve your own stupidity and cruelty. This will harm you biologically as the guilt sets in and like anyone who commits a crime, or loses someone they love, the grief can push you over the edge.

Astro-physicist Brian O’Leary, with others founded The International Association for New Science in the 90’s. O’Leary published a book that was sold through alternative, or new age bookshops that looked at the process of what might happen as we choose to open our eyes, admit we have hurt ourselves and others, and open to the new experiences and possibilities of a world where new science “…pushes the boundaries of cognitive or social acceptance.”

This is the area of Venusian Astrology at its level of aspects, where aspects are simply descriptive formulae for energy transmutation through different levels of impact or otherwise. All astrology speaks of aspects but when you value human beings first then the responsibilities shift in all areas of life.

Venusian Astrology is based on the core value of human beings, therefore any study of it requires a shift in perspective from cognitive rule to wholistic free thinking. To comprehend the simple English of the aspects described it is not enough to fit the information through limited associations. You have to ask more questions of yourself and of astrology.

In today’s world is there still time for us to remove our reliance on cognition to run us? Can we find a ‘space for the new input’ whilst protecting the biological nervous system that is still harbouring old files?

There is nothing new in this endeavour. It is what cultural, Religious and political systems have tasked themselves to do for eons. The big difference is that unlike all of these ‘conditioning systems’ Astrology offers a system that encourages Free Will and expansion of Life based on data that supports the Value of Human Beings. It isn’t a God and it isn’t a religion . It is a practical tool.

Jesus said the main commandments were to Love others as you Love yourself. In doing so you would, ipso facto, follow the 10. Shakespeare said to thine own self be true and in doing so, ipso facto, you cannot be untrue to any other. Astrology fits as a practical tool for Christians even though many Christians abhor it as the work of some Devil because of the old programs of conditioning that Christianity has tortured humans with for years.

And we come full circle back now to ‘why Venus?’. Venus, whose orbit is reflected in the pentagram, the five pointed star as it traverses above and below. To the ancients it revealed a heaven earth and hell. It shone over Jesus’ birth and guided the Magi, or three wise Astrologers to his place of birth. The falling star, Venus, or Lucifer the ‘light bearer’, whose name was guiled in order to make things black and white rather than the free beauty of Creativity that we all are.

When we start looking at aspects we are in the realm where there can be no black and white for it is simply ‘all’ energy.

Yes, we affect each other as co-creators. Yes, this does not mean there is no God but perhaps God simply is all of us together as One and God is us as we are God.

We have to ‘think’ differently if we are to survive. We cannot continue to appease the old programs just because we want to keep their advocates in our capitalist marketplace. The old programs that are based on a self-hatred of being a fallen Human Being, or an imperfect sinner, are not compatible with the new Value of Human Beings. They infect the new program as they continue to destroy a perceived unworthy human race through war, famine and economics of inequality. It won’t be through war and punishment that we survive it will be through individuals like you and me who program ourselves first with the Core Value of Human Beings and then ask questions to allow the answers to come. We don’t have the answers yet because we haven’t allowed the questions to be raised that might allow the new information in that will allow us to create a better world. Don’t waste time judging when you could be asking questions to create.

When we change our thinking we change our behaviour and our very reality because we will see and think and notice different things and therefore our desires and efforts will change. With a core belief of the Value of Human Beings, those who currently subordinate women and children will no longer exist either because they have individually been brave enough to reprogram themselves, or they simply cannot sustain themselves in the evolutionary leap we are individually and collectively taking. Today, those who do value human beings are paradoxically committing suicide because they cannot cognitively survive the horrors that humans do to other humans. The changes possible to our world that emanate from each of us individually are more creatively explosive than any campaigning government on the planet with bucket loads of money could ever hope to achieve.

This may not seem like Astrology to you but it is Venusian Astrology – active, practical, motivated and based on the core value of being human.

It is time to understand at real levels of our Being what we are dealing with in our Creative Selves. And it can all start very quietly, in your own mind in your own home, just by programming the base belief in the Value of Human Beings. Your auto-pilot will take care to ensure that you feel comfortable with any changes necessary after that. No Free Thinking individual can shut up and put up with the archaic lunacy and degradation of Human Beings – that’s us – that is happening today. Don’t kid yourself that you aren’t responsible every time a woman is made to hide her face because men think men are nothing more than closet rapists, or every time someone throws acid at another person because the poverty is so bad in their country they live at baseline raw emotions that require them to damage others to show strength to survive themselves.

The dichotomy between revolution and order can only be worked with through the use of a system that is based on the Value of Human Beings. Once we have that Value firmly in our minds, creativity on a large scale is not only possible, it is probable. If you only do this thing write down this core value and read it over and over and over again to yourself and watch how you change over the coming weeks and months even if you do nothing else – before your very eyes – like Magick.



This is the only basis for further investigation and use of really useful Venusian Astrology. Anything less is a waste of time. The aspects are the nitty gritty of our energy systems in that they correlate with our tensions and free flowing associations and dissociations in our neural cognitive network, via our nervous system. There is no positive and negative here, but there is ignition and free thinking.

Astrology, if you keep reading, can provide you with experiential evidence that a new system that allows each of us our right of passage is within our human capability. Astrology removes the veils of ignorance through respecting the approaches of all parts of ourselves, not just our mind (through cogent argument), not just our spirit (through alternative states of consciousness), not just our soul (through emotional experiences) and not just our body (through pleasure and pain) but is such a structure, or order, or system that all parts interplay with each other in perfect creative impulse.

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