3.1 Aspecting planets

Life is not static. We all have every planet and every sign in our chart and human beings are a group species – we live together and aspecting planets correlate with the interplay of these relationships with each other and with ourselves.

Neurally, energies that contain ideas may conflict with others and sometimes if we can use astrology to reason why this might be occurring we can grow with some step by step understanding of our journey.

Some astrologers, especially the more traditional, have created tables of ‘helpful agents’. These are planetary energies that may be antidotes for periods that are too difficult for us to fathom at different parts of our journey. Remember that all the early medicos had a grounding in Astrology. Nicholas Culpepper’s works on herbalist cures can still be purchased today. Herbs “under the dominion of” Mars for example may sympathetically (as in homeopathy) cure Martian ailments such as fever or rashes, etc. This is a whole other book and you can look in the bibliography to find some resources to start with if you are interested in Astrology in Healing.

Let’s look at the ways planets affect each other as they aspect in different ways.

Palden Jenkins wrote Living In Time and in this book he outlines every planetary variable and what they might mean. Of our core Sun in strong aspect to Pluto he writes:

“Thunderous rumblings, ‘this is it’ confrontations, heaviness followed by breakthrough, raw honesty, ‘stuff’ coming up, unwanted rubbish, potent power, charged encounters, secrets uncovered, blood, workouts, clearing the air, do-or-die, transformation. No escape! Issues here often involve fear of the abyss and resistance to change, and fear of deep powerful urges to really LIVE AND DO IT!

Imagine the Sun in the 10th house of public office Squaring Pluto in the 7th house of partnerships with this Pluto manifested as a marriage partner. The ‘square’ 90 degree angle means that conflict is likely. There will be acute tension that will blow up periodically and in order to clear it there will be a storm. If the angle were not square but sextile, say Pluto was in the 8th house, then Pluto would provide opportunities for a clearing and an impetus for the courage to make the most of the Sun in the 10th. If the aspect were in opposition, i.e. with Pluto in the 4th house, then home and public office might be kept quite separate, with home being somewhere for the politician to escape to when not in the public eye. The Trine would provide a free flow of opportunities. Pluto in the 6th house might be a large support base of employees for the CEO in the 10th house. Let’s set about building your profile based on the aspects in your chart now. The best way to do this is to cut and paste key words and phrases into your datasheet. There is a space in the house sections labeled: “Enter planets and aspects to this house here”. Enter those aspects that are occurring with the planets you have already entered. For example, if you have Mercury in your 2nd house and you have shown this on your datasheet, you will enter Mercury then the symbol or word for the aspect and the other planet it aspects and in what house this other planet is situated. For example: Mercury2H Sun6H (Mercury here in the 2nd house is in trine to the Sun in the 6th house). In the 6th house entry you would copy this or reverse it Sun6H Mercury2H. It doesn’t matter which way you write it. In the next column you are going to cut and paste the potential manifestations of the aspect, taken from the following list. You can gain more insight into what’s going on in your life by going back over the planets and what they mean. If you have already cut and pasted this information you’ll have it there above the line of aspects and you will be able to more readily recognise events in your life that might be these energies playing themselves out. Remember that nothing is forever and the idea behind all of this to wake you up to your own choices based on an informative viewpoint. Consider the planets and the tensions they form with each other your box of magic wands for different purposes. They are at your disposal. Enjoy them. If, like Mickey in Fantasia they get a little out of hand occasionally ask a question out loud, or write it down. The answers will come to you. They always do. You are much more than you imagine you are. Remember the planets are verbs so lets start here:

Sun – vitalises, indicates your core being, your True Will, what makes you happy. Acted upon by other tensions can manifest as someone or something affecting your heart or your inner sense of being. Romance, play, essence of life. The Sun acting on other planets can warm and illuminate, or vitalise, or make fun, or Love from the heart.

Moon – nurtures, changes, makes things less bright but puts a glow on things. Moon is habit, feelings, changeable moods. A new moon is ready to start something new. A full moon is ready to bring to fruition something that has been grown. A dark moon is a little enigmatic in that it has a sense of the unworldly about it. The Moon acting on other planets brings to the surface the natural responses of those planets through illuminating our habits, even though they are not shining as examples, they are under the light of the Moon and we have a window of opportunity to view them. Moonlight can make things look more beautiful, or feel more beautiful than the morning Sun might reveal and many a moonlight walk has forged a romance. Planets acting upon our Moon can affect our emotions more than any other placement, since it is through our Moon rather than our Sun that we usually sense ourselves. For example, if someone’s Pluto is aspecting your Moon in a Square angle or even a Conjunction then you may indeed feel overpowered and controlled by them or their actions or creations.

Mercury – thinking, transport, journalism. All these things may be affected when Mercury is aspecting another planet in your chart. Check the house for further clues. If Mercury is aspecting Mars then you may be good at martial arts, which requires more than physical strength and movement but requires the calculated thoughts that are intrinsic to this practice. Mercury moves swiftly so any aspects will make the things of the other planet happen faster. For example, Mercury in square to Saturn may produce events where your systems are continually pulled apart by a Gemini you work with and you are forced back to develop better and better ones.

Venus – If you consider poor Parcifal in the myth where he was forced by Venus to choose the finest Goddess amongst herself and other powerful Goddesses you start to relate to how Venus aspects manifest, and why this Astrology belongs to her. All the power and pain offered and threatened could never compete with Venus dropping her girdle. This isn’t so much sexual as it is a connotation of the Value of Venus and therefore the Value of You regardless of riches or poverty or cruelty or strength or or or. The most powerful thing about you is you. Venus will prove this time and time again as she aspects your chart by natal placement or transits and progressions. Like Parcifal you will not be able to wriggle out of the challenges. The mere fact that you are reading this work now proves that you are already within a Venus aspect/transit. Check your chart to see clearer the actual events that this reading is a part of for you. It will have a lot to do with raising your self esteem, finding your own worth and the worth of everyone else you know.

Mars – Mars heats up whatever other planet it comes in contact with. If it is the Moon then raw emotions may cause temperamental outbursts (to release stifled energy), or emotional motivation to act (to direct this same energy). If it is Jupiter then this bares very well for sporting competitions. With Saturn Mars can provide an enthusiasm to persevere, even when the going gets tough, or it can mean quarrels with an authority figure.

Jupiter – expands, makes everything larger than life! Any Jupiter transit can be wonderful. The more traditional Hermetic Astrologers state that the energies of Jupiter correlate to at least 1/2 of all wonderful events. It is the most benevolent planet in the chart. However, Jupiter’s expansion may not be as comfortable for some as it is for others who prefer not to be so expanded. You can gain weight under a Jupiter transit, or you can find yourself travelling long distances and getting to know many different kinds of people. You’ll either rejoice in this as the best time in your life or feel otherwise. Jupiter and Mercury aspecting expands the travel bug and/or the mentally active bug. Jupiter with Saturn, as we saw in the planets section, work together to expand and contract. Jupiter and Venus may mean a huge wedding feast! Starting to get the hang of this?

Saturn – systems, restriction, pain, authority. Authority figures come under the dominion of Saturn because they usually represent a structure or system personified. Saturn is the teacher and any aspect with Saturn will mean lessons to be learned. Look to the house where Saturn is and the other planet it aspects and see if you can guess those events in your own life where Saturn’s energy correlations are taking place. Do you feel like you lack something? Why?

Uranus – Uranus in aspect to your Sun or Moon or Ascendant may make you very restless and maybe non-committal. Uranus in asepct to Mercury can make you somewhat of an inventor. A Uranus transit accords with sudden change and is usually due to another human being entering your life. Uranus has a magnetic quality therefore in aspect this magnetism can infuse the manifestations of the other planets with a more profound quality.

Neptune – Love and/or confusion. Neptune aspecting Venus bodes well for romance. Neptune aspecting the Moon or Sun can open doors to playing the stock exchange or playing with drugs and alcohol or playing with religion. Neptune aspecting Mars can dilute your activities, draining you of the will to fight for what you want. Neptune aspecting Jupiter can mean the kind of great love that a parent has for their child, or a patriot for their country.

Pluto – The internal power packed into any Pluto aspect is unforgettable once you realise its manifestations. A Pluto / Sun conjunction can usually be seen by others looking into the eyes of the person who has it. Pluto has a willfulness unsurpassed by any other planet. Pluto aspecting Venus can mean destruction and rebirth in the area of romance and relationships where relationships are ignited powerfully and then destroyed with just as much power only to leave you understanding your own role in the event. Pluto aspect Mars is formidable for here the power is directed and shifted to its goal at a fast pace. A boxer with a strong Pluto/Mars aspect might frighten their opponents off long before any punches are given, and once they are the opponent will more than likely be defeated as long as the Pluto/Mars is vented by the person. Pluto will add a compulsive/obsessive quality to whatever planet it aspects.