4. Houses


As already stated, Houses represent the nouns of the astrological storyboard. They are the areas of your life, pigeon holed, linked together by aspects and dispositions (i.e. planets and their rulerships). You’ve already looked at each of your planets in the different houses. The table below is a summary of the houses themselves, complete with key words and “Natural Ruler”.

Following this table is a focused assessment on the houses as entities themselves rather than coloured by either signs or planets.




Personality / Self to the World / Initiating Projects.

Natural ruler Mars/Aires


Material possessions / Money earned / Value of Matter.

Natural ruler Venus/Taurus


Communications / Siblings / Short journeys / News / Transport.

Natural ruler Mercury/Gemini


Roots / Home / Foundations / Father / Real Estate / Mining, i.e. of earth as foundation environment.

Natural ruler Moon/Cancer


Creativity / Romance / Children / Play.

Natural ruler Sun/Leo


Health / Service (employment) / Consolidating You – Becoming Self, ready to move to 7th house of Relating / Magick performed.

Natural ruler Mercury/Virgo


Marriage / Relating to Partners, to anOther / Value of anOther.

Natural ruler Venus/Libra


Birth/Death/Sexuality/In-laws/Consolidation or Ending of Relationships formed in the 7th house.

Natural ruler Pluto/Scorpio


Higher Education / Philosophy / Religion / Long Distance Travel / Publishing / Public Relations



Public persona / Honour / Reputation / Mother / Business / Authority.

Natural ruler Saturn/Capricorn


Social life / Part of a larger group / Relating to Others / Hopes and Wishes.

Natural ruler Uranus/Aquarius


All as One / Subconscious / Institutions / Occult (meaning hidden) / Consolidation into Groups emanating from 11th house preceding.

Natural ruler Neptune/Pisces

Lets look at some examples now of how the areas of your life come into play according to the aspects between them and signs on their cusps.

You win a sudden trip to a foreign country – Jupiter (luck) acting on 9th house of foreign travel either by aspect, transit or placement.

Just when you think you are approaching a balanced life one of your children returns home and drops a bombshell – Pluto acting on the 4th and 5th houses.

You earn the respect of your peers after long tenacious effort. Saturn acting on the 10th house of public standing.

You invent something. Uranus influencing the house where the kind of invention probably influences.

You have a ‘clumsy’ day. Moon/Mars activity.

You find yourself in a three-way love triangle – Venus playing up in the 7th house.

You have an interest in journalism – 3rd house.

You end up at a Spiritualist church – 8th house influence.

You are overwhelmed by a sense of peace and contentment from drugs or alcohol or religion – Neptune influencing 3rd or 12th house.

You enjoy lots of alcohol at parties – Neptune influencing 11th house.

You excel at public speaking – 9th house.

You write poetry – 5th house with Mercury influence for writing.

You have deep phobias – 12th house placements and aspects.

Your partner seems controlling or you control your partner – Saturn in the 1st or 7th house or by composite charting between the two charts. Or could be Pluto aspecting one of the partner’s personal planets.

Your family life supports your public life – 4th house planets or signs supporting 10th house planets or signs by aspects or compatibility.

You are able to build great wealth – 2nd house.

You have lots of children – Jupiter in the 5th house of children.

You have one child – Aries in the 5th possibly.

A planet in its home rule by sign, or sign and house is a happy planet, able to express itself (as long as aspects aren’t too challenging). Alternatively, a planet in a sign that is incompatible with the nature of that planet is like a child born to be a Great Artist to a family whose values and ideals are bound up viewing all Art as simply self-indulgence.

However, if an ‘unhappy’ planet is in an angular house (that is in either the first, fourth, seventh or tenth houses), then it becomes accidentally dignified. The Artist is able to draw upon the wealth of his or her incompatible family to evolve their Artistry even more fully than they would have without this challenge. If you find, while doing your comparisons, that something isn’t right, you may find that your planet is in fall or in detriment in this way.

The following table illustrates which planets are happy or otherwise in what signs.


Note on your datasheet planets in ‘fall’, ‘detriment’, ‘dignity’ and ‘exaltation’ and especially note any planet in ‘fall’ that is situated in the angular houses 1,4,7 or 10 as ‘accidentally dignified’ from the following table.

Planet Planet in Planet in Planet in Planet in

Home Rule Detriment Fall Exaltation

Sun Leo Aquarius Libra Aries

Moon Cancer Capricorn Scorpio Taurus

Mercury Gemini/ Virgo Sagittarius/Pisces Leo Aquarius

Venus Taurus/Libra Scorpio/Aries Virgo Pisces

Mars Aries/Scorpio Libra/Taurus Cancer Capricorn

Jupiter Sagittarius/Pisces Gemini/Virgo Capricorn Cancer

Saturn Capricorn Cancer/Libra Aries Libra

Uranus Aquarius Leo Sagittarius Gemini

Neptune Pisces Virgo Gemini Sagittarius

Pluto Scorpio Taurus Aquarius Leo

Remember: If planets ‘fall’ or are in ‘detriment’ in Angular houses, i.e. the first house, fourth house, seventh house or tenth house, then they are said to be “accidentally dignified” in which case you are apt to utilise them most positively.

Planets also have helpful positions. A very helpful configuration for two planets are when they are in mutual reception. This happens when one planet is in the sign the other rules – in effect they have swapped signs. This means they help each other and the houses where they are reflect two areas of your life that aid each other by virtue of this mutual reception of the planets.

For example: If you Moon is in Virgo and your Mercury is in Cancer then your Moon and Mercury are in Mutual Reception. If the houses involved here are the 9th and 11th then you may make many friends (11th) on your foreign travels (9th); or you might find Religion (9th) through group efforts (11th), etc. In any case positive assistance is offered by each house to the other house through your Moon and Mercury in this case.

You can find out if any of your areas (houses) of life are helpful agents by looking at the following table and seeing if any planets are in each other’s houses, that is if they swapped places with each other (just the two planets involved) they would be where they naturally rule.

Aries Natural Ruler Mars

Taurus Natural Ruler Venus

Gemini Natural Ruler Mercury

Cancer Natural Ruler Moon

Leo Natural Ruler Sun

Virgo Natural Ruler Mercury

Libra Natural Ruler Venus

Scorpio Natural Ruler Pluto

Sagittarius Natural Ruler Jupiter

Capricorn Natural Ruler Saturn

Aquarius Natural Ruler Uranus


Note on your datasheet any planets and their houses that are in mutual reception. You can note down what this means to you based on the events of those houses in your life. You are your own best astrologer.