5. Ruling Themes


Ordering the maze.

Now that you have looked at many of the pieces that make up your chart we can now start to simplify your astrological reading. We do this by recognizing the theme of your chart.

The most important placement in your chart is your Sun but as we have already seen your Sun may be quite foreign to you and to others.

Your Ascendant will reveal to you what you look like and the personality that you show to the world, and maybe even to yourself. This is the ‘I am’ of your first house and we use the Ascendant to reveal the strong theme in our chart.


Look at your (1st House) Ascendant to find the Rising Sign on the cusp.

Find the Natural ruler of that (Rising) sign. This is your Ruling Planet.

Locate the house this (Ruling) planet resides in. This is your Ruling House.

Locate the Sign of the (Ruling) planet.

Locate the sign on the cusp of this (Ruling) house.

Check your Sun sign.

Check your Moon sign.


In the example chart, the Rising Sign is Aries ^

The Natural Ruler of Aries is Mars Mars therefore Mars is the Ruling Planet

The Ruling House is where Mars resides, which is House 3

The Sign Mars is in also colours the central theme. This is Cancer.

The Sun Sign is Gemini ‚

The Moon Sign is Gemini ‚

The Theme of this chart is Aries/Gemini/Cancer in that order, strongly emphasising the 3rd house of communication towards a Will in the 2nd House of Values. This focus is all the more strong because the Moon and the Ruling Planet are both in the 3rd House and the 3rd House is also the dispositer of the Sun, because the Sun is in Gemini and Gemini is the sign on the cusp of the 3rd House. The activities of the Sun in the 2nd House is encouraging and affecting the focus on the 3rd House. However, because the House where your Sun resides is of vital importance the journey back to your Sun (Will) will not end in the 3rd House but arrive back in the 2nd house of values. This example chart is about finding the value of both feelings and thoughts as somehow equal in a typical Geminian fashion of duality. The Ruling Planet Mars is in the water sign of Cancer and the Moon is in the talkative, thinking sign of Gemini. If you look at the most obvious aspect lines in this chart, starting with this theme you will see a Grand Trine (a big triangle) that links three trines together with one point being Mars (which is also conjunct Saturn). This is a wonderful flowing aspect that will come so easily – the only effort involved is to not take it for granted but realise its gift. Don’t worry too much about linking all the bits straight away. This will come. As you start from this main theme point and re-read what you have written thus far you will begin to see the patterns emerging from all the trees in your forest of life. You’ll discover as you work with charts that the basic theme more often than not can be found to be supported by the other parts of the chart. It is as if once you start to understand the strongest part of your motivation all the other planets can be seen to come to your aid to achieve your desires, or help you arrive at your True Will.


If you haven’t already done so, enter your Theme on the Datasheet where a space has been left right at the top for this purpose.

Now you have your fundamental theme that provides you with the vehicle of your life if you like. Let’s look at a few examples.

Rising Sagittarius (Sagittarius on the 1st house cusp / Ascendant)

Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius – therefore Jupiter is your Ruling Planet

Jupiter is in the 12th house therefore the 12th house is your Ruling House

The 12th house where Jupiter is placed has Scorpio on the cusp of it.

Your Sun is in Virgo

Your Moon is in Virgo

Therefore, the theme is:

Virgo (Sun comes first) / Sagittarius (ascendant next) / Scorpio (where Ruling Planet sits in your chart).

The combination of these three signs and the Ruling house will be significant in this person’s life. The house where your Sun is will point back to the True Will and the desired end achievement of this particular Journey. The way to this True Will will come about through 12th house activities and the aspects that are linking the Ruling House and the Sun’s House will be particularly significant.

Let’s try to materialise this theme in greater detail to really bring it down from the esoteric heights to matter because there is already far too much ambiguity in today’s philosophies and tools of living. Matter matters in Venusian Astrology.

You might like to start with the body you have. In this example a Rising Sagittarius has a different body type to a Rising Libra or a Rising Capricorn.

In The Cosmic Factor James Vogh provides a lot of information about astrological health readings and body parts. Some of this is précised below:

Rising Sagittarius: A rather long face, slightly long straight nose, large almond shaped eyes which are very expressive. Pointed chin, full lips, arched brow, fair hair common, tall, long legged but tending to slight softness of outline despite heavy muscularity – basically Mesomorphic.


Rising Scorpio: Dark and swarthy, dark penetrating eyes, bulldog set jaw – full and determined, heavy brows, strong voice, nose is rarely straight (roman or upturned), short upper lip – Mesomorphic.


Rising Libran are often identified by beautiful graceful necks.

Rising Gemini’s often have small aquiline noses and are Ectomorphic (tend to leanness and slight builds)

Rising Taureans are Endomorphic (generally heavy muscular or fat builds) with a firm mouth and pleasant smile.

Rising Pisceans can be identified by more white in their eyes or dreamy look about their face because of an added (often pale) fleshiness.

Rising Aries can have clear-cut features, high foreheads and cheekbones and decisive chins.

Rising Virgo has an Ectomorphic body type like the Gemini but will reveal a broad jaw tapering to a narrow chin, pronounced high rounded forehead and a well formed mouth.

Rising Leo often reveals a hook nose, commanding eyes wideset beneath a broad forehead and arched brows. Often the hair s red or gold.

Rising Aquarius will often make the person unusually tall where the chart (and family genetics) otherwise support a shorter stature. The men (this book states) are often exceptionally good looking!

Rising Capricorns often look thin, and lobeless ears are a sure giveaway. A distinguished but often unsmiling look is apparent.

There are several Astrology books that go on to describe the biological rulerships according to the signs that you can access if you want to look more into the “body” side of the body/mind/soul/spirit dichotomy. For example, Virgo rules the intestines and often those with Virgo in their themes will encounter episodes of challenges in this area. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and so those with this sign in their theme may need to be more diligent than most in their reproductive activities. Gemini rules the body parts that come in two’s pretty much, the arms, eyes, ears, legs – all those body parts that enable us to dart around quickly in order to stimulate our mental perception. The Sun rules the Heart so Leo Rising will need to retain a joyful happy outlook to guard against stress on the heart. Capricorn is concerned with the bones and bares well for a long life expectancy bodywise with ailments usually of the arthritic kind. Mars/Aries has to do with fevers. Uranus/Aquarius with Circulation, and Venus/Taurus/Libra with the throat, kidneys and hormones. Jupiter gets the large organs such as the Liver so Sagittarians might like to maintain a ceiling on their drinking and forget about smoking altogether – they are made for sports and a healthy lifestyle and may suffer more than most if they don’t take advantage of this. Pisces should always be careful with any drugs, prescribed or otherwise because Neptune can be very deceptive and they, Pisceans, have a penchant for addiction that they should recognise early in life so that they can gain clarity and control over their own direction in life rather than follow blindly either their mystical friends or their earthly pushers.


People have Ruling Houses according to which house holds your Ruling Planet. This is calculated from your time and place of birth. If you have your chart constructed it will be written for you somewhere on that chart what your Ruling House is. You work it out based on the placement of your Ruling Planet (the Natural Ruler of the Sign on your Ascendant).

Some houses are more active than others, that is there is lots of planetary activity. Your Ruling House will be a focus area of your life for you. Some houses are, literally, empty. However, a House is never empty because it always has a natural ruler and the position of its own natural ruler who is sitting in another area of your life, i.e. another house of your chart, will link that area to its natural one. For example, if your second house of possessions is empty and Taurus cusps your second house, and Venus (natural ruler of Taurus) is in your 7th house of partnership, then the accumulation of possessions will come about through a partnership. If Venus in in your 1st house then you will be the instrument directly of your fortunes. If in the 8th house you may find you inherit your fortune, etc.

If your partner’s most fundamental focus area of motivation is seen by them to be able to be fulfilled through certain behaviour and interests then an understanding of this will serve to illuminate their reasoning behind their behaviour. From this point, whether or not the interests between the two ‘blend’, several options for mutual ‘fulfillment’ can be considered. From this level effort can be directed more successfully towards establishing a partnership built on deeper affection and mutual support. You cannot make another person you. Even if the impulse to have them fulfill what you need to fulfill is so strong that it feels like they are your whole world and you would be nothing without them.

Sometimes there are planets very close to your ascendant. In these cases it must be discovered what relationship these planets have with your Ruling Planet and Rising Sign and ultimately with your Sun.

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