5.1 Nodal placements


North Node north-node South Node south-node

We’ve looked at a lot of data now, and you’ve plotted a lot of information onto your datasheet to work with. We have, in the preceding section, started to build a model of the best way to grasp such a large amount of information. Now I have to confuse you a bit and tell you that some Astrologers start at different points of emphasis. Often it is more a matter of the kind of reading you are after. For example, if you are looking at your life as one of many, reincarnation speaking, then you may prefer, like Astrologer Jan Spiller author of Astrology for the Soul, or Astrologer Judy Hall author of The Karmic Journey: The Birth chart, Karma and Reincarnation, place a stronger emphasis on the Moon’s Nodes. This is because the North and South Nodes of the astrological chart represent the past and the future opportunities. Astrologer Jeff Green also lays a strong focus on the Nodal placements, especially their relationship to Pluto and those planets they bring in by aspect to move from the South Node to the North Node. All these astrologers, and there are more, locate an importance on the Soul, which may point to a strong Water element in their own charts and an emphasis on the water houses 4, 8 and 12.

More pragmatic earth element types with houses, 2, 6 and 10 may seek in the nodes more tangible information such as experiential directives that reveal past reincarnations as male active in comparison to future realisations of what it is to experience a female responsive, or inactive, Yin energy. This might be even less across lives but rather show the start of life (south node) with natural tomboy expressions towards a realisation of what it means to be a woman, very much in body including the hormonal emotions implicated here. If you are not interested, or do not entertain considerations of several lives or dimensions of being, then you can still benefit greatly from getting to understand how the Nodes operate in your chart and in others by considering them in this more pragmatic light, within your one lifetime, with the South Node being what you start with and the North Node being what you are aiming towards understanding and becoming. Remember to maintain your consideration of your Sun as primary in this activity. There will be a Nodal connection towards this realisation. It may be that the North Node’s lesson learnt provides the final key to unlock the success of your Sun’s journey to itself.


In the example chart the North Node is in Taurus on the 1st/2nd house cusp and the South Node is in Scorpio on the 7th/8th house cusp. A reading would be based on all four of these houses and the two signs concerned. Particular emphasis would be placed on the point of crossing from one house to the next at each point, that is, those things that become highlighted as we move from being two people moving together to becoming a unit comprised of two people. This example chart, nodally speaking is very much about boundaries, understanding who we are and what we value based on our past experience of perhaps experiences where we gave ourselves to be enveloped by another rather than merging with some equality. This is emphasised further by the Sign of Scorpio that has a tendency to over-power or be over-powered by another. This may have transpired (in this life) through experiences of sexual domination or exploits that are grown out of (South Node past) into a more Taurean way of identifying yourself by understanding what you value and the reason these disempowering lessons allowed you your prize that enables you to become Self. Understanding your values, through this journey of boundaries enables the realisation of a 2nd House Sun’s True Will. Again. The Nodes therefore support the journey to Sun.

But let’s tally in the broader universe for a while with respected astrologers Jan and Judy. By using the Nodes we can move over vaster areas if you like, as if we are standing much further back from ourselves objectively and checking for some kind of overview rather than our more subjective in the moment approach to date. Often a broader context allows us to understand those things that are not within our reach when we are experiencing our journey first hand.

For this reason Jan Spiller, author of Astrology for the Soul, always starts with the Nodes. Her book reveals a rich volume of information on this journey. The following abstracts are taken directly from Jan’s book and are from the perspective of the North Node’s desired outcome. The key areas to be “left behind” illustrate those South Nodal areas that may be manifesting early on that alert you to your North Nodal quest. From an esoteric point of view, these South Nodal tendencies to be left behind might still haunt you from a past life experience. For example, if your North Node is in Aries and you need to define who you are more publicly rather than be too diplomatic, you may have been in a situation in a past life where diplomacy meant the difference between life and death and you had to understand this in order to survive. The “leave behind” of this life may very well have been the necessary need in the last. For example, a North Node in this life in Libra is a need to turn off your own channels of inner communication to allow others’ needs to be evaluated. This is a good lesson, but for people with the North Node in Aries this time around such a lesson is already inherent in them to such a degree that their Aries need has been neglected and the virtues of the Libran lesson now become harmful rather than healthy.

As in all things Venusian there is no right and wrong or positive and negative. There are experiences that are in accordance with your True Will and those that are not, although they will likely be in accordance with the True Will of someone else.

The following sections are taken directly from the key indicators at the start of each chapter for each Node in Jan Spiller’s book Astrology For The Soul, pub Bantam Books 1997. For a fuller explanation of the nodal story please purchase a copy of Jan’s book.

North Node in Aries




Trusting one’s impulses


Constructive self-interest

Moderation in giving


Leave behind:

Seeing oneself through others’ eyes

Debilitating selflessness

Being Mr or Ms Nice

Obsessive attachment to fairness and justice

Co-dependence: attachment to external harmony

‘Tit for tat’ mentality

North Node in Taurus



Awareness of boundaries

Taking things one step at a time

A sense of self-worth

Awareness of personal values


Honouring expressed needs of self and others

Enjoying the five physical senses


Awareness of nurturing from Mother Earth



Leave behind:

Attraction to crisis situations

Over concern with other people’s business


Inappropriate intensity

Judgmental tendencies

Preoccupation with the psychological motivations of others

Resistance to cooperating with what others want


Destroying something in order to eliminate one part

Obsessive-compulsive tendencies

North Node in Gemini


Healthy curiosity

Asking questions to learn how others think

Seeing both sides of a situation



Communication of internal dichotomies

A positive approach to life and other people

Purposely cheering up others

Using a non-threatening approach when expressing ideas


Openness to new ideas and experiences

Seeking factual information before making decisions

Leave behind:



Assuming others know ‘where they’re at’

Thinking one know what others are saying without really listening

Needing to be right

Espousing ‘truth’ without taking others’ views into account

Careless spontaneity

Taking shortcuts

Taking oneself too seriously: having a ponderous approach to life

Acting on intuition without checking the facts

Resisting ideas that are foreign to one’s belief system

Prejudging present situations on the basis of past experience

North Node in Cancer


Noticing and validating feelings


Nurturing and supporting others

Building one’s own foundation and security

Honest disclosure of feelings and insecurities


Accepting others’ foibles and fluctuating moods without judgment

Staying centered in one’s own feelings

Leave behind:

Needing to control everything and everyone

Compulsion to take charge without fully understanding the situation

Ignoring the process; being too focused on the goal

Feeling completely responsible for everything

Hiding feelings and fears in intimate relationships

Doing things to gain respect or admiration from oth4rs

Taking care of others’ feelings and neglecting one’s own

Doing what is ‘socially acceptable’ rather than what is totally honest

Thinking that things have to be difficult in order to be important

North Node in Leo



willingness to take ‘centre stage’

Following one’s heart’s desires

Strengthening one’s willpower



Taking risks

Relating to the childlike quality in others

Enjoying life – having fun

Looking at life as a game

Developing an “it’s up to me” attitude

Leave behind:

Yielding to peer pressure in order to ‘belong’

Detaching from emotional situations


Waiting for others to prompt one’s own action

‘Overlooking’ what’s really going on

Waiting for ‘more’ knowledge before taking action

Excessive daydreaming

Running away from confrontations

North Node in Virgo



Bringing Order to Chaos

Creating routines

Focusing on the here and now

Acting on feelings of compassion

Being of service tooters

Analyzing and categorizing

Gaining self-confidence through experience


Taking risks in spite of fears

Noticing and valuing details

Leave behind:

Being a victim (or having victim consciousness)

Confusion and disorientation

Avoidance of planning

Escapism/addictive tendencies (drugs, alcohol, excessive sleep, daydreaming etc)


Over sensitivity


Feelings of inadequacy


Vagueness (not wanting to commit) / inaction

Giving up

North Node in Libra



Diplomacy and tact

Increasing awareness of others’ needs

Selflessness: giving support without expecting reciprocity

Creating win/win situations


Seeing things through another’s eyes

Communicating self-identity

Leave behind:


Thoughtless self-assertion

Lack of awareness of others’ needs for support



Lack of good judgment regarding money

Expecting others to be like oneself

Indifference to how one is seen by others

Resistance to compromise

Outbursts of anger

Over concern with survival

North Node in Scorpio



Choosing constructive change

Releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy

Eliminating non useful possessions

Enjoying things without having to own them

Accepting support from others (ideas, money, opportunities)

Enjoying high-risk situation that make one feel alive

Awareness of others’ psychology (their desires, wants, needs and motives)

Openness to partnering supporting and merging power with others

Leave behind:

Attachment to comfort and the status quo


Over concern with accumulation and ownership

Questioning past decisions


Getting bogged down in sensual appetites

Repeatedly doing things one way (the hard way) even though another way is easier

Resistance to change and others’ input

North Node in Sagittarius


Reliance on intuition, prophetic abilities, and invisible guidance

Speaking from higher consciousness

Spontaneity – developing a sense of freedom and adventure

Direct communication free from censorship

Trusting oneself

spending time alone and in nature


Intuitive listening – hearing the meaning behind the words

Leave behind:

Second-guessing what others are thinking


Perpetually seeking more information

Saying what others want to hear

Invalidating intuitive knowing with logic


Impatience- wanting immediate answers

Trusting others’ perceptions instead of one’s own – including others’ perceptions about oneself

North Node in Capricorn



Approaching life from an adult position

Self respect

Staying goal oriented

Sensible approaches to problem solving

Keeping commitments and promises

Letting go of the past


Accepting responsibility for success

Leave behind:



Insecurity leading to inaction

Limiting self through fear

Using the past to avoid the present

Isolation- spending too much time at home

Lack of self-respect

Avoidance of personal risk

Controlling others through emotional overreactions

North Node in Aquarius


Objectivity seeing the ‘total picture’

Desire for friendship

Making decisions for he group’s best interest

Willingness to share unconventional ideas

Willingness to champion humanitarian causes

Active participation in groups

Awareness of equality

Relating to others as individuals, apart from their specific roles (gardener, doctor, lover, etc)

Creating win/win situations

Recognizing how others are special

Leave behind:

Insistence on getting one’s way

Making changes just too exercise authority

Attachment to taking risks (romance or gambling)

Willfulness and stubbornness

Attachment to the need for approval

Melodramatic tendencies

Doing what’s expected instead of following one’s heart

Unbridled passion – going to extremes

Unawareness of others’ importance

Prideful responses based on fear

North Node in Pisces


Being nonjudgmental


Surrendering anxiety to a Higher Power

Freeing the mind through meditation and self-reflection

Focusing on the spiritual pathway

Trusting in positive outcomes

Acknowledging connection with the universe

Welcoming change

Leave behind:

Hyper anxiety reactions

Over analysis

Obsessive worry

Exaggerating the importance of details

Critical first reactions

Fault finding – making others wrong

Excessive anxiety over making mistakes

Being Mr or Ms Perfect

Staying in unpleasant situations


In Judy Halls’s The Karmic Journey: The Birth chart, Karma and Reincarnation these traits can be superimposed over relationships with others who become the projections of your own journey. For example, relationships where the personal planets of one partner aspect the south Node of the other then one may be a fellow traveller karmically re-meeting in this life and the lessons revealed by Jan Spiller above may be highlighted in this union. Judy applies Karmic purposes to the North Nodal placements that are mostly compatible with Jan’s key indicators above. Judy also applies a detailed explanation of Karmic Astrology through the planets, signs and houses of the chart comprehensively, where Jan’s work here is a detailed expose on the Nodes specifically. Both authors are recommended reading for anyone interested in Astrology.