6. Working with Energy

Working with energy

– generating, stabilising and distributing.

Houses and their energy patterns.

Houses themselves form angles of energy. Houses 1,4,7 & 10 as we have seen provides “accidental dignity” for planets otherwise uncomfortable with the energy pattern expression of the signs in which they are located. In these angular houses energy is generated to propel through even the most difficult placements. These houses are referred to as Angular Houses and are always the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th only. Do not consider the signs. Only the house numbers matter here. Planets will generate much energy when they are placed in these houses.

In Houses 2,5,8 & 11 energy is stabilised. These houses are referred to as Succeedent Houses. If you consider that energy that keeps getting more and more energised, without being stabilised can be detrimental and overwhelming then you can begin to appreciate these succeedent houses.

In Houses 3,6,9 & 12 energy is distributed. These houses are referred to as Cadent Houses. After stabilisation occurs energy can be processed and given out where it is needed.

If you will remember our Quadruplicities from earlier, i.e. moving, fixed and adaptable, you’ll recognize that the Angular Houses are the natural positions of the Moving signs; that the Succeedent Houses are the natural positions of the Fixed signs; and that the Cadent Houses are the natural positions of the Adaptable signs.

Confused yet?

Where would you use this information?

Imagine a group of young boys, all Aries dominating themes with an emphasis on the angular (or generating energy) houses. What do you think these boys might get up to together – just being themselves?

Now imagine three sets of parents who were attracted to each other because they shared the same generational values that called for obedience to authority and children should be seen and not heard. Let’s make them predominantly fixed Leo’s. How might this group relate to the boys? What kind of ideological theory would they more than likely utilise in their communications? Conservatism – more punishment, larger police forces and tighter reigns on freedoms.

Imagine a woman is looking for a partner. Unfortunately, because this woman has been conditioned not to look further than the two distinctions men/women she really hasn’t given much thought to the kind of relationship she might actually find happiness in. Let’s pretend that she is a Cancer who values house and home, a good motivation for finding a mate, especially since she wants a large family. She’s very pretty and so it isn’t long before a man comes along and offers her anything she wants, knowing that once the ring is on her finger she’ll pretty much be at his mercy, especially once she’s pregnant, and since this is what she wants she shouldn’t mind at all. Unfortunately, he isn’t a Cancer – he’s predominantly a Scorpio/Sagittarius/Aquarius mix. He just happens to have his Moon in the fourth house so she fits nicely here according to his desires. But she doesn’t fit anywhere else because not only is she not interested in anything ugly or dirty in her home (likely when Scorpio’s investigative nature moves in circles others fear to tread) she also doesn’t give a fig for solving the world’s problems, she’s much more interested in getting the kids off to school and purchasing a new lounge suite. It isn’t his fault that other women become more interesting to him. It isn’t her fault that the providers of the meat and furniture and trade needs start to look good to her. And the story goes on and on.

You can’t change another person and even when partners oblige each other for a time eventually the Will will out. But you can look at the different energies involved in your relationships and start asking questions about what kinds of activities might allow their vent, or their stabilising or their momentous gathering. This same woman might be happy joining her husband in community activities once she finds a place that is comfortable for her, which means a place that provides for her family, in the community gathering. This may satisfy her. He may then appreciate her efforts, especially since this is not something he could do as well himself.

These hypothetical groupings, although seemingly naive and outdated are actually taking place everywhere in one form or another as we go on and on hurting each other because we don’t know ourselves and we don’t know how to know others. When you actually work with this data you will always realise, at the back of your mind at least, that the conclusions you draw at any particular time do not represent the whole truth of the situation, but only a larger portion of it than you were dealing with before you came across really useful astrology. This is to keep your own ego in check so that you can gain many benefits, rather than suffer embarrassing arrogance of failed hasty conclusions.