7. Changing Times Transits & Progressions

An Astrological Chart is made up of planets, signs and houses, which cover a 360 degree wheel, or full circle. There are several different kinds of chart calculations possible. The most popular, and the one illustrated throughout this book is the Placidus System of chart construction.

Astrology is a big subject and we are going to concern ourselves only with some practical really useful techniques to get you up and running and benefiting from astrology. However, some information is necessary to put you in the picture.

Throughout this course we have been working with the Natal Chart. That is the chart plotted for your birth time and place. This is the most important chart you will work with. However, if “all is change” as the Pre-Socratic philosopher Hereclitus wrote, then change is inherent in who we are and therefore important if we are to “Know Thy Self”. Astrologically, there are other charts we can work with to understand the multi-dimensional creative human each of us is.

Natal Chart / Birth Chart – based on time and place of birth.

Your Natal or Birth Chart is a representation of you at the time of birth. This is the wheel that forms the foundation of your potential. Your Rising Sign, for example, as noted by your Birth Chart forms a picture of your physical attributes, as we have already seen.

Rising Aquarius: physically, tend to be above average height, tending to muscularity; strong noses and wide, well shaped mouths; faces sometimes longer than average; jaw not well defined. (*…)

Now of course we can change our looks through plastic surgery but usually our physical attributes maintain a consistency throughout our lives.

This is how the Natal Chart works. It provides the foundation upon which all events (other charts) are overlayed. There are different methods of drawing natal charts but we have used the Placidus system throughout and will not go into alternative methods in this body of work.

Progressed Chart

Read in conjunction with the Natal Chart, the Progressed Chart reveals aspects that arrive and leave at certain times in your life. These provide an often influencing trend of events on your journey while active. The transits then mark the pivotal points in these trends, as they do in the Natal chart itself.

In the Progressed Chart instead of moving 1 degree each hour the Moon moves 1 degree each day. Instead of moving 1 degree each day, the Sun moves 1 degree each year and so forth.

The Sun is said to progress 1 degree per year in a major progressed chart. Astrologically, specific key events are traced to your Progressed Sun. For example, your Progressed Sun moving into close aspect to Natal (as on your Natal Chart) Neptune and Pluto very often denotes a birth. Progressed Sun aspecting with Uranus may bring a significant person into your life (Uranus being the planet of Human Beings – or events which happen through human agencies). All planets progress at different speeds astrologically, and make aspects with Natal Planets on your Birth Chart. Calculating your Progressed Chart at any given time may be used to understand the events that are taking place at the corresponding times. Stephen Arroyo’s Astrology Karma & Transformation is an excellent source for more information about the kinds of ways progressions and transits manifest for those seeking further reading on this subject.

Progressed Moon

At 1 degree every 2 hours the Moon usually only spends 2 1/2 days in each sign, taking 1 month to move around the wheel, x 13 (lunar months) of these and you have a year. However, the Progressed Moon moves only 1 degree per 1 day and spends 30 days in each sign. The Moon filters through those energies and events pertaining to the sign and house and because the Moon’s energy is that of habit and natural reaction, like the ocean we are swayed towards this sign and house during this month, or longer where the house contains more than one sign. There is a subliminal flow towards this area of your life during the progressed transit of your Moon.

Progressed Sun

Your Progressed Sun moves 1 degree per year only. To calculate where on your chart your Progressed Sun is at any time you need only count the years since birth and move anti-clockwise around your wheel. For example, if you are 30 years of age and you were born with a Taurus Sun at 2 degrees then at 30 your Progressed Sun will be at 2 degrees of Gemini. Experientially, I have found that it isn’t so much the sign and house of your Progressed Sun itself so much as it is the strong aspects made by the Sun that have the most impact. It is as though you come out and meet energies at your most fundamental level when your Progressed Sun strongly aspects. And of course there are always other things going on to push the impetus along.

Other Progressions

All planets progress and their impact will vary according in the same way transiting planets affect each other. We’ll look at transits now. If you would like to learn more about the massive use of transits and progressions to use an astrological model in health, or investigate the nature of reality by calculating the frequencies of planetary energies in this area then look for Hermetic Astrology texts.

The planets act in certain ways, in signs that provide certain ways of acting, in houses that focus areas, and the combinations of these together with the aspects concerned will adjust the frequencies of vibrations of these occurrences. Therefore, at these periods of time during progressions and the transits that are affecting these progressions, certain events are more likely than others. In this way, material changes can be predictable, or foretold, and/or manipulated. Working with an astrological model has opened up the metaphysical world historically for proponents of Magick who understand that the physical is not simply a garment to be worn by the mind or the spirit or soul and cast off as useless but is itself an integral part of the equation, made from pulsating energy at a certain vibration and density. There is no such thing as a body that is separate to Mind/Soul/Spirit and it really is about time that we cease factoring ourselves into different parts as if we are not whole. The Body has been more maligned than any of the other three throughout history and yet paradoxically nearly every religion states that it is only through the experience of Body that we can be higher than the angels or reach nirvana at all! But such is our cognition that we can say one thing and believe something that refutes the very thing we continue to hold as truth. (For more information about the area of cognitive self-lying there are several studies in Mind Science that provide masses of support for my argument. Some are bibliographed at the end of this course.)

The Astrological Universe is basically a model of the movement of energy and vibration expressed at levels that can be understood and used by all of us, because its discourse is not limited to one set of jargon but can be expressed through its corresponding myths. Claude Levi-Strauss, when intellectualizing an hypothesis about discovering what it is to be human found myth to be the common denominator. Astrology may have provided an avenue that may have allowed a useable order to be expressed. In any case bio-genetic structuralists and other neo-structuralist theorists continue work in this area. But it isn’t just in universities that the work is going on. Individuals work in different ways through different mediums. The psychic who has an expert understanding of finding their way around altered states is often in a much better position to investigate the nature of reality than the scholar too bound to working with a theory to become expert (as defined in current intuitive research as that something more than the successful completion of study into a discipline or action). The Kabbala contains a model of energy that expresses the nature of reality eloquently and enables individuals from many disciplines to meet and communicate their findings in the ways that suit them best. If you visit to www.theoldpath.com you will find there a descriptive of the Kabbala from its energy perspective. When we understand that our cognition is, today at least, limited by our programming of it, then it is absurd not to move past the usual models and theories and discourses of academia in investigating anything. Scientist Charles Tart founded a body of investigation into near death experience based on more contemporary research into altered states of consciousness and although now retired himself the work continues.

What does all of this mean to us and what has it got to do with progressions and transits? When you start to work with progressions and transits you are working with a model that corresponds to a dynamic universe. Most of our systems today are largely static in that they presuppose that by simply coming from one angle and employing some strict guidelines everything else will come in to place to strengthen the system itself, subordinating people to it. However, Astrology works differently. Astrology is based on the perspective, especially Venusian Astrology, that the primary value is Humanity, not Order, and that Order (or structure) as well as Chaos (or the counter pulling apart and mixing up of Order when it starts to get static) are there for Human Beings to Will Together (for Astrologically speaking there is no such thing as a Human Being who is somehow higher or more glorified than another Human Being and God is not external to Humanity).

If you cognitively maintain a static view of the universe then working with Astrology at this level will cause you quite an amount of stress because even if you approach it in a disbelieving fashion, the very fact that you approach it at all means that there is enough of an impulse there for you to investigate with the spirit of experimentation and open-mindedness and therefore a place, cognitively speaking, for you to let in the findings that there are timely events where different energy sources and vibrations come into play in your emotions and feelings and activities. This will then cause you to question some very conditioned responses to your own feelings and your life and then you will experience some cognitive dissonance (mini shocks if you like) until you actively pursue understanding yourself better. This is what Astrology is for.

To move into this area for reasons of prediction or power will always backfire and harm not because you become demonic but because you, and me, and us, and we, are all equal and divine in nature and to be stuck in a cognition that preaches inequality of the sexes or races or anything is to harm yourself, one way or another.

If you are ready to get into the shifting and transmuting of the energies then here is an introduction to the manner in which the planets act upon and are acted on by each other that will help you understand and enjoy your experiences in life.

Transit Charts

Read in conjunction with the Natal Chart, the Transits for the actual positions of each planet (as shown in the Ephemeris for any given day of the year) move around the Natal Chart and trigger off points of experience. Your horoscopes are drawn from the transits of the planets that are the same for everyone but affect each chart differently because they move in different houses and meet different planets in our Natal chart. They trigger different kinds of aspects as they do so. For example, a transiting Mars triggering a square in a chart where Mars is the Ruling Planet will trigger a massive event, whereas a transiting Mars in a chart where Mars is tempered by Neptune in a Trine aspect will bring into existence those events that exude this more mellowed energy or vagueness.

Like the Progressed Chart, events happen at different times. However, transits represent much faster movement, daily, even hourly (Moon’s transits) events. If you are feeling depressed count 2 hours and you may find the depression requires you to focus on it or it will disappear into another mood entirely. The first few times this happens you might feel a bit concerned that your own feelings (of sorrow in this instance) may not have the validity you have always given them. This can be a mini-shock to your system. We’ve talked about the lies our cognition believes to date but now we are also looking at the temporary or transiting nature of emotions. Buddhists train themselves not to respond to these emotions because they are transient only, arising often from past Karma. The process of waking up to the movement and shifts of our thoughts and emotions is startling for us at first.

When you start to learn and look and listen and really experience then these mini-shocks get more interesting rather than scary or confusing as they first seem. This is why it is so important not to try to cognis or fit all new experiences into your logical cognition. How can a new experience or something you have never learned about before be expected to fit with things you have? Not all things are the same. If you approach every new experience with a question then the answers will come to you once all the bits and pieces come together. You can pretend it is like putting together a jigsaw that you don’t have the picture for yet but are excited to find out what it is. The lessons about emotions inherent in this phenomena will surely wake you up!

Some transits have more of an impact than others. When you come to assess astrological data within Team and personal dynamics you can check for significant progressions and transits which may well represent the over-riding influence of your own or someone else’s behaviour which may presently appear destructive, or at least challenging.

The cycles of events represented by major transits can often be shown to have three high points where a planet will reach (aspect) a natal point, then turn around and go backwards (retrograde), direct again for a second hit forwards, retrograde once more, and then move directly for the third hit to the natal point. This movement represents a process that seems to take place for major events. There are numerological theories that can be accessed for the reasoning behind this for those who are interested. What this means, usefully speaking, is that usually three events will occur that are focused on the same experience. These will be recognizable events, especially if strongly Plutonian in nature. They might range from a strong impact on your emotions to the actual loss of a loved one. The experience and the reasons and sense of Being are all bound up and signified by these events.


Synistry Charts

Another person’s chart can be read in conjunction with your own Natal Chart in a similar way that you read the Transit Chart over your own. For example, you draw your own chart, with the ascendant where it goes in your chart. Outside this chart you place the chart of the other person. Their Ascendant will not be given right of place in this instance as you are looking at their influence upon you, not the other way around. Once you have looked at their impact on you why not flip the charts around, with theirs in the centre and yours superimposed on the outside and take a look at the areas of their life that you influence. In matters of relationships we can be often surprised about how, why and where we influence our partner.

Hermetic astrologers deem that the Moon of one partner falling in the 7th house of the other is a strong indicator of marriage. In fact the Ruler of the 7th house, as well as the planet Venus must be making strong transits and/or progressions for the relationship to become so significant as to lead to marriage. The asteroid Juno Å is also used by some astrologers to check for marriage potential between charts.

Saturn aspects are common in important relationships and Liz Greene’s book Saturn : A New Look At An Old Devil is full of explanations for this. Judy Hall writes of Saturn in the 7th house: “The soul with the seventh house Saturn will usually encounter a partner with whom it has direct karma from a past life, old debts and obligations to work on or a promise to be honoured…If it has in the past tended to opt out of relationships as soon as the difficulties began…then this may be a valuable opportunity to see a relationship through…” (The Karmic Journey: The Birth chart, Karma and Reincarnation).

Combined Chart

The combined chart is different to the comparative synistry charts in that the Combined Chart is one chart made up of two charts. The new points of planetary configurations are taken from mid-points. For example, if your Venus is at 2 degrees of Gemini and your partner’s Venus is at 30 degrees of Gemini then your Combined Chart will place Venus at 16 degrees of Gemini, the mid-point between the two. In this way you are reading the relationship as an entity in itself.

Horary Chart

The Horary Chart is different to any of the above in that it is more a tool of divination. Historically, this chart was used for such purposes as locating missing people or objects, or foretelling the potential for establishing the best times to start projects. It was also used to ask questions and find answers based on the exact moment the question was brought to your mind’s focus. There are books written by those who investigate this area with great commitment and I could not do this subject the justice it deserves.

Conception Charts

Charts can be plotted for the time of conception rather than for the time of actual birth.

All the above are drawn as wheels but there are even some methods of astrology that use squares rather than wheels. A popular one hails from Indian traditions.

For a Kabbalistic Astrology reading the planets most focused in your chart can be plotted on the Mystical Kabbala and read according to the energies and path working activities that are illuminated through this method. For example Path 27 astrologically is energy as it moves from Venus (desire/value – or “Active Biological”) to Mercury (Cognitive “Passive/psycho-biological”) and the path itself is Martian and corresponds to the Tarot card The Tower. This path kabbalistically falls within the personality level and its explanation as given by Will Parfitt is “Exciting path, the nature of existence”. If your chart reveals a strong natal, and triggered transit to Venus/Mercury then you may very well be experiencing a period of The Tower. This will be obvious because just as the Tarot card reveals your whole world blowing apart with only the foundation remaining intact the events of your life will not need any belief or dogma to enable you to experience.

There are many Kabbalists who have not worked with Astrology and visa versa, however, understanding the Kabbala is a pre-requisite for using Astrology to understand the Magickal universe and well worth the effort of discovery. The Kabbala enables not only Astrology to be understood and experienced usefully but also other systems including Tarot and more dogmatic Religious instruction. The Golden Dawn (Magick) provides extensive data on the Western Tradition of Magick based on the Kabbala, especially “777” tables by Alister Crowley at the turn of the Century. A more recent relationship between Kabbala, Astrology and Psychology is available by …… www.theoldpath.com also has some very descriptive insight into the Kabbala written from an energy perspective that those interested in Astrology will resonate with.

Getting acquainted with how the astrological wheel commences, and progresses, and is affected by transits; and how others’ charts affect your own, will provide a story board which will allow you to better understand some of the reasons behind the attitudes and actions of others in relating to you, and visa versa.


Enter the degree, sign and house of your Progressed Moon and Sun and any planets which have just, or are about to, enter a new House or Sign by Progression or are coming up to or are strongly aspecting one of your Natal Planets or Angles.