8. Venusian Principals

Our cognition is an Order that we both inform and that informs us. It’s “over-ride” switch, or main program is what we Value. Anyone who has ever looked into positive thinking, hypnosis techniques or neuro-linguistic programming will be aware that it is our core values that dictate the neural change possible to our cognition, and therefore to our behaviour. Imagine if the key core value of every human being was to value human beings above everything else? Then there could not be war and our cognition, individually and collectively, would be open to, and actively seek, alternative creative solutions, and these would present themselves because we would look for them.

Venusian astrology is based on the core value of the value of what it is to be a human being – able to create our system of cognition so that our possibilities are endless. It does not move esoterically outside as in a trans-metaphysical capacity such as that perceived by Buddhist nothingness but combines, in Virgoan, 6th house fashion the integrity of everything it is to be human – body/mind/soul/spirit combined.

Astrologically, each of us contains in our charts every planet and every sign, differing only by the emphasis of the planets and houses at different times. Being human means having the right to understand those parts of ourselves as they compel us to understand ourselves and although these emphases differ for individuals in any generation, to pronounce only one or two as sanctioned for experience is ridiculous, and harmful to the primary creative principal that being human is. This is Order stifled, or the Capricornian mountain goat told he must graze only on one unsteady rock up the steep mountain slope – doomed to fall as history shows.

Think about your core value. We learn early at school that our core value is survival. Yet we cognis that it is okay to destroy the food we eat and the planet we live on when we all know that we are threatening our own survival and that of others by doing so. Our core value then is not and has not been ‘survival’ although it is unquestionably a powerful biological motivation. Neither has our core value been to value human beings or else we would find ways to nurture the enormous creative impulse that is what being human is. If our core value were survival at a biological level only then the very real rise in suicides amongst those who have enough food and shelter would not be our reality. Human beings do not live simply to survive but for something more.

What is it that drives us today, at our core? If it were the core value of human beings then our world would not be one in which we sacrificed each other, functionally, as if humanity were second to a higher order where something or someone “not human” was valued “above humans”.

If we value money then we value a tiny rock up the slope of a very high mountain, and space on that slope is scarce. If we value humanity then we find that we can have all the money we desire, along with every one else, but money will no longer be an order of control over us but an expression of our creative brilliance. If we do not believe that humanity is worth valuing then we will create a God – greater than humanity rather than pulsating through humanity, and we will sacrifice humanity for that God whatever creed or persona it takes on. Like the person with the lowest self-esteem the entire race reflects a low human worth.

Venusian astrology is not relative – it is wholistic. Every human being contains every planet, sign and house in their chart. Each piece contains wisdom and in this way Venusian Astrology is knowable by our current cognitive capacities. Our bodies are not garments to be discarded and neither are our minds jail cells to be transcended. Our bodies, minds, souls and spirits are an integrated part of ourselves that are both the vehicles and the results of our evolution into our full potential. We have hardly begun our journey.

When you read the 12 lessons that follow consider where these fall in your own chart so that you can understand better their manifestations through others’ lives. Then ask how could things change to accommodate both yourself and one other person in each area (house) you are looking at. Then ask how systems might work for a group of people, including yourself because if you do not keep it personal you detach yourself and in doing so devalue your own humanity. And you cannot devalue yourself and value others because it is yourself that you have the opportunity to ‘know’. How can you value without knowing? Next ask yourself what orders might work for many groups of people with different cognitive realisations? You don’t have to worry about finding answers, just questions. Being Human means that you are only required to ask the question and this will result in your effortless receivership of answers. You may have forgotten this fact but if you remember those times when it has worked for you you will remember it is your Truth – so ease up on yourself. Asking is easy and this is all that is required.

You are a human being. Therefore you are of value. I am a human being therefore I am of value. You have a voice and I have a voice. I value you. If you value you then you also value me. Welcome to the human race. Now Love can grow where there was none before.

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