8.1 12 Lessons

Every planet, sign and house is contained in every one of our natal charts. Therefore the lessons from each of the signs are pertinent to every one of us. Here is a table that reveals a little about each lesson.


Aries I’m O.K. You’re O.K. No questions asked. We are here, moving, making mistakes, living.

Taurus What you own (earth) and what you value (venus) points to you, but isn’t you.

Gemini Your thinking, speaking, writing allows your expression, which allows you to create what you value/own, which realises who you are at any given moment (Aries) in the process of change.

Cancer We need to base ourselves even if our ‘base’ moves (e.g. 4th house Sagittarius or Pisces). We contain our roots. We are linked to our genetic (family) Karma and we evolve this too (for ourselves and our family, or our nation) through what we think, express (Gemini), value (Taurus) and do (Aries).

Leo Aries through to Cancer results in us realising something unique about us that we, as individuals, are able to realise through our creations – through love and play. Our creations identify us (Aries) at any time. Our children and our Art (fifth house) are born and contain a part of us and our cycle continues.

Virgo (Karmic Sign) We look back at all that we have experienced and we integrate our Self, to become Self. No more recycling within Self only. We arrive, ready to join with anOther at the next stage.

Libra Harmony allows us the time and environment to really ‘tune in’ to another person, who is always different to ourselves. This person has also gone from Aries through Virgo. Learn, listen and relate.

Scorpio (Karmic Sign) Transmute. Join. Become a new entity – a couple. Petit amort. From the ashes, the Phoenix rises. Sacrifice is not virtuous in itself – change requires bravery.

Sagittarius Develop awareness of Universal Laws. Now you have learned to be aware of the variety of others. Encounter the Love principal.

Capricorn Form Orders that allow individuals the opportunities to travel from Aries through Sagittarius as you have enjoyed. Publicly sanction the Orders that allow this, but like the mountain goat, keep carefully treading up the rocky path for stifled order cannot help anything grow for all growth is change.

Aquarius Join with Others to make Group Leaps of consciousness for the whole is greater than the sum of individuals. Use Order’s gifts wisely but receive intuitive leaps of understanding too so that new order is informed by intuitive knowledge. Understand freedom and originality as the seeds of your creative input into your group, rather than a trend for others to follow.

Pisces (Karmic Sign) Know now that we are all from the same source and merge together as one people, one sacred Universe. Part of everyone and everything. Harming another is an illusion for it is ourselves that we harm. The Aries “I” we perceive is the Leo creative expression of the “I” that is all of us as one. We co-create ourselves and each other in each moment.