9. Datasheets

You are your own best Astrologer because you are in the process of co-creating you and your world. Today is a manifestation of yesterday’s efforts and tomorrow will be a manifestation of today’s. There is nothing to lose face over about today because today will soon be over. Co-creation will go on whether or not you consciously participate.

These datasheets are provided so that you have somewhere to start building your own understanding of yourself and others so that you can make more informed decisions about your own journey, my journey, all our journeys. What you do affects me so if I can be of assistance let me know. What I do affects you so if you can be of assistance to me then I welcome this.

You cannot separate the waves from the ocean – they are the ocean. If you lose self respect then you lessen mine and everyone else’s. If you shine according to your own Will then as Nelson Mandela wrote, you give the rest of us permission to shine too. Venus is not shy about adorning herself with jewels befitting the Goddess of Beauty Herself. Whether male or female your Beauty lies in being yourself. You can never be as good at being me as I can be. I can never be as good at being you as you can be. You may be an astrologer and a very good one but you will never bring to your craft what I bring to mine – me. And I will never bring to mine what you bring to yours – you. All paths lead to the same place.

Love yourself and shine then you will love the rest of us too, for which we will be happy to return the favour!


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