Datasheet 2

Bringing the Team together After the presentations covered in Step 10, “Planets behaving in Teams”, you can bring the team together by using a game analogy model below. PLAYING FIELD: – The Goal (or Mission Statement) for the Team. Start to draw as you write so that you express pictorially as well as in language. Preferred positions: (Each individual chooses where they want to be regardless of normal duties) Astrological self assessments: After taking a few moments to debrief astrologically on the presentations ask each team member to consider the planets they are happy to resonate to to decide their place on the team for the particular objective today. Let them know that this is not binding and that follow up meetings will take place if this approach proves successful. Company creativity: Look at the the ways that the company can move forward now as a group, containing all the areas given. Encourage cross fertilisation. Challenges and Opportunities: Outline some challenges and opportunities based on astrological jargon of the planets. Remember this is now a team of creative people, not a business entity reactive to a marketplace. This Team (Business) dictates the Marketplace based on the value of their team members’ ability to cross fertilise creatively. Venusian Astrology Team Building in Real Time: Draw some conclusions about today’s team building and how it might fit with the business, its industry and its customers (who are themselves other individual human beings of high value). Set some real business goals and commit to trying to work from people to business rather than reactively from market to function for at least three goals. Nominate three people in your team to remind everyone of their commitment to creativity – human value Venusian Astrology style.